good morning! are u ppl today? me is doing fine. tryin to avoid heatwave its SO DAMN HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!
it sux. all u wanna do is drink water.........and stay home....shezzeeeee we need rain.

NEWS: my baby is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk............julia is finally home. am so happy.she is still havin jetlag.

OTHER NEWS: i am NOT PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

and it really sux that i always miss pj. wanna chat with you man!!!! its been so long lah. hope u doin ok pj..hugs and kisses to ya!!! mwaaaaaa
we goin on a ship today. and later we gonna have a good time. i enjoy bein with jaiveer. so does julia. ohhhhh guess what ppl.sami requested to see me . lol. so i guess we gonna make hotel tour again hahahhaa. nahhhhh. i will let him spoil me. lol. lets see what he is up too this time. i am glad to see him again. maybe i talk him into visiting basel. he loves shoppin anyways and we spend some time with jaiveer. will be strange though to stay in the hotel and not with jaiveer. hmmmm . anyways.what else is new. got blisters:( from heat. no sunburn yet. at least that. andy will have his bday this month. so gotta go find present for him. maybe i book a stripper for him. hahaha. he will kill me:P

time: 8:35 am
drinking: wiener melange
eating: nothing
wearing: bra and string
missing: jaiveers massages
will do today: write some postcards
hearing: tina turner on radio
person i last talked on phone to: byron
will kiss: julia and jaiveer today:P
last big think i bought: shoes that were too damn expensive but i had to have them
smelling: still havin jaiveers smell on me from last night
need to: shower and get ready, and make brekkie for them
last night i ate: indian food made by jaiveer
i wanna chat to: PJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ
last cute guy i met: salvatore an italian friend of J...wohooo nice guy but too much ego