Jason Mraz - The freedom song

Happy weekend darlings!
Hope all is well with u!
i started my day with Jasons
Freedom song.
A catchy tune.
Originally from Luc & The lovingtons.
I love it!
has so much meaning.
have a great sunday and smile at someone.
make their day ;)
with love,

Postsecret .....

One of my sunday rituals is
to read new secrets on
I do this since a few years.
love it!

Heres a secret.... i feel it.
let´s do this too.... 
go <3

with love,

Jason Mraz - I won´t give up .....

happy sunday!
I wanna share J´s new video with you.
I loved this song from the beginning.
I fell in love with this song.
I cried listening to this song.
I just felt this song.
but... i dont feel the official video.
I do understand the video and intentions but
i don´t feel it.
I watched it over and over and i just cant warm up
to it.
Still in love with the song and cant wait for
the cd release in april!!

heard the song for first time watching this video.
loved it and still rather watch this
than the official vid.

with love,

All u need is love.... happy anniversary darling hubby!

3 years.... time flies.
and i am happier than ever.
thank you my man .
for being a man.
for being you.
you complete me.

with love,

And 3 years later....

hello my darlings,
please excuse my lack of posting.
i have been superbusy.
i am head of department now
and i was superbusy for some time.

But now i have some air to breathe and
time to post ;)
hope all of u are fine 
and started this year in a good way.

we are all doing fine.
been sick a few times but the weather was 
really hard to handle at times.
it was soooo cold.
but now the sun is back !

this month my darling hubby 
and me celebrate our 3 year anniversary.
time flies so fast.
And we are still in love .
maybe even more.

other news was my bday.
yup another year. spent the day with friends and
got lots of love and presents!
i will post pics soon.

i wanna share a  mindful smack from
the inspiring Elena Brower
i thanked my friends and made a lil speech
on new years. no i was not drunk lol
i just wanted them to know how important they are to me.

it´s so easy to spread love.
just do it!!

with love,