Happy 1. Advent ! let the xmas season begin ;)

My darlings....
how are u? 
With the 1. of Advent
when we light the first of 4 candles
we ring in xmas season...
yeah a jolly one ... especially in this
loving home spent with 
friends and laughter and
joyful moments.

We usually meet to create our
xmas decoration and 
drink lots of hot wine and eat
sweet cookies.

this year i was NOT in a xmas mood.
i was not in a mood not so ever.
not even the alcohol helped lol.
So my friend made an "Adventskranz"
for me and my sis and sophie 
decorated it.
so i still ended up with one.
otherwise my place was on the couch beside the
eversocharming Senor Gonzales ;)

hotwinemadness !!

but they managed to come up with some nice
decorations... and cleaned up the mess
so i was a happy camper lol

and of course like every year we popped the 
xmas cd in and listened to xmas songs...
so... the xmas season has begun!
Glad to have my beautiful friends around me!
Love every one of you!

share some love people!

with love,

Guess what... TGIF !!!!

guess what.... it´s friday!
oh weekend is here.
mighty fine.
weather is gorgeous.
Advent coming up
Xmas mood is not here yet
lets see what happens...

with love,

Happy humpday....

Yes! I am braver than I believe, stronger than I seem, smarter than I think, and more loved & love filled then I can comprehend !

with love,

Jason Mraz in Sydney - Mrazalicious

does he ever fail to amaze me with his talent?
NO... looking at these newest  vids coming out of
Australia my love for Jasons music
grows even deeper.
I already fell in love with " I wont give up"
and now listening to 93 million miles...
achhhhh u guys... love love love.
Even start to love this Kenny G. look lol.
Oh well... really hard to get used to.

And ohhhh hearing those harmonies... Toca and Jason.
Love Love Love is all i can think of.
Pure Joy!!!

so in love with this song.....

with love,

Under Eye Dark Circles - Lisa Eldridge

Finally weekend is here!
Oh my gosh there is just no end on my
to do list.

Having a maid doing housework and ironing
never sounded so good.
We women are so underpaid
for what we accomplish every
fricking day !! 
And it starts to get to me.
Not only do i hardly see my man...
i also get under eye dark circle at times.
And NO it´s not from partying...
probably lack of sleep and stress?

So i was more than glad when 
the fabulous Lisa Eldridge posted
a vid about the topic.
She is such a classy 
natural beauty and i loooove hearing her talk.
that accent is just so sweet.

so i wanna share her video with you.

"The only one in control of your life is you. No one can hurt you, stress you out, overwhelm you, judge you without your permission."

with love,

Jason Mraz - The incredible surfer

Darlings i want to share another stop in
Jason Mraz in search of incredible... the incredible surfer!
The world as we see it is a remarkable place...

with love,

Baaaaaack !!

My darlings,
hello ... i am back !
sorry for the lack of posts but life keeping me busy arghhh

I wont have to tell you about
being a working mom and wifey.

But i promise to post more often.
i do promise.
hope all of you are fine!

with love,