A grateful Journey: Jason Mraz with Toca Rivera and Friends

happy thursday!
As my man is at work and
i have some time to go online
in the evening.... i was lucky enough
to just discover this new vid
from Jasons and Tocas Grateful Journey!

As fabulous as it is that we can hear
J and Tocas magic again what more can u ask for
when u get a serie of vids from the tour!
And i did see Tricia!!!!!!!!
The wonderful Joyologist Tricia.
A wonderful woman!
I wanna share this video with u guys.

So thankful for His music!
and sharing his talent with us.

We're excited to reveal the first of several trailers for "A Grateful Journey: Jason Mraz with Toca Rivera and Friends." Over the next few months, we'll be giving you a series of video sneak peeks at Jason and Toca's worldwide journey together. Click the video below to watch clips from Jason's recent visit to Morocco, where he caught his biggest wave ever!

with love

Ten secrects - 10 day challenge

Happy humpday!
how is everyone???
Spent a nice day with my darling
Got treated like the queen i am 
for him lolz!!

so todays the last day of the challenge
and i should share a few secrets.
well i cant tell u all of em lol
but lets see... what can u handle about me??

1.I read when in bathroom.
2.i often go back and check if i really 
turned off stove etc.
3.i had a time as kid when i prayed every single night.
feeling some bad would happen if i dont.
4.I used to write a diary.
5. i want a private concert 
from Jason Mraz
6. i dance pretty rad!!
7.my Julia looks so much like my mom.
it makes me cry... and i do!
8. everybody thinks i am so strong....
often i am not!
9. in the beginning i often asked myself why my
man adores me so much... self esteem was down
10. i love all my friends... even the ones who
are not that close now ( and u know who u are cause
i know u come here still reading my posts!)

much much love to you my darlings

with love,

Nine loves - 10 day challenge

Nine loves
Darlings... happy tuesday !
Hope all of u are well.
another sunny autumn day here.
My man is out on his own and 
i have some time 
for myself.
Watching How i met ur mother as
i write this new post.
And now i just remember that ystd
was the 2nd THM on with 
Ashton.... gotta look that up
on youtube.
Sheen got 25 million dollars now as settlement
and 100 millions will follow the next years!!!!!!

my daughter
my man
my friends
being happy

with love,

Eight fears - 10 day challenge

8 fears 

Failing my family
Loosing my daughter
Loosing my Man
Loosing a family member
Fear of leaving the comfort zone

with love,

Happy monday and some Mrazzie love! Jason Mraz

Happy monday darlings!
yup monday is here yet again.
my man has some free days so 
we enjoy our time together 
with a lot of UStime.
Oh i cant tell you 
how good that is.
we are married 3 months now.
and i dont regret one single day.

My lovely daughter is doing just fine
in her job.
She loves what she is doing and
i am really glad for that.
Our friends around us are
a blessing and this week its Manfreds time
to spend time with us lol.
Just kidding but we will see him 
and i am glad.

So there are a lot of events and bdays 
coming up.
Lots to do and lots to celebrate.
we have the most lovely
Autumn weather here and i will post some
pics soon.

but today i wanna share some more Mrazzie love with u.
Hope u dont get bored with it but
This mans talent and voice just pulls every string in me.
From laughter to crying.
And some pretty rad vids are showing up
on youtube from  his lasts concerts!
In Prague, Amsterdam, Berling and
in USA.

Here i wanna share a few musicial 
treats from last night in Merriweather.
my darlings.

some sound may not be suitable for sad people lol

An "oldie" .. Beautiful Mess...

for more Mrazzie pleasure please go to youtube and
enjoy some more Mrazorgasms.
thank you for all the fans for uploading the
magic for us on youtube!
thank you!!

Have a good start into the week my darlings!

with love,

#jasonmraz #merriweatherjasonmraz #beautifulmess

Seven wants

Seven wants-10 day challenge
Happy saturday darlings!

3.always that loving look in my hubbys eyes when
he looks at me
3. a private concert from Jason Mraz
4. just to talk one more time with my mom
5. for my daughter to be happy happy happy in life
6. win the lottery
7. love love love

with love,

TGIF !! in love with a song... I wont give up - Jason Mraz

TGIF darlings! 
how are u ?
Friday finally here.
Look out weekend here i come :P

Jason played in prague and berlin and
some videos already showed up.
and i gotta say i love
this mans voice.
and tocas of course!
I could listen to them all day...
well i do lol

It´s so wonderful to wake up
and see all those tweets from
my Mrazettes being so happy.
seeing new vids.... and pics.

I got stuck with I wont give up.
oh i love it love it love it!!!
I know i posted this song
before but this one is from
Berlin and uuuuuuuuh..
please listen and enjoy
the incredible talented
jason and toca!

with love,

#jasonmraz #berlin #passionskirche #iwontgiveup

Six places...

happy humpday ;)
Wednesday... and weekend in sight. yay!!
I know i been missing here lately but i try to 
post more often... i promise!
Welcome to all the new readers coming
from Bloglovin!
Have a seat and a cup of coffee and enjoy ;)

so ... Six places....
1. is of course HOME
home is where the heart is right? 
my home is where my daughter and
my hubby is.
we have a lovin home
and we work on it every day ;)

2.my mans chest.... yes thats
a place i am every night lol
i need to cuddle and feel him.
ya ya :P

3. Miami.... oh i love looking back on
my time in Miami. 
We were young and we had
so much fun.

4. Vienna.... oh i just love 
that old historic city.
i cant understand why my neighbours moved
away from there... i wanna
move there !!!

5. my bathtub... oh yeah.
i just looove taking bubble baths.
thats the time when i have peace
and quiet and can read or listen 
to music.

6. Jason Mraz´s Music...i love all the places
Jasons music takes me.
His talent is so wonderful and i enjoy it all 
the way.

 To deny the reality of things is to miss their reality; to assert the emptiness of things is to miss their reality. The more you talk and think about it, the further astray you wander from the truth.

Stop talking and thinking and there is nothing you will not be able to know.
~ Hsin Hsin Ming

with love,


Hello my darlings!!
How is everyone?
Hope u been missing me!
I am freezing my behind off here.
It´s gotten so cold brrrrrrr.
The mountains are covered in snow already.
Well i do love snow but i would 
love a bit of autumn b4 that!!
But that means away with shirts and out come
sweaters and nice warm shoes.

Darlings i discovered something new..
well it´s not new i saw it on a few blogs b4.
I browsed around there and found some nice
And decided to join too.
Go try it out!!

with love,

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Jason Mraz - I wont give up !

oh so much love love love... heart melting...
Toca and J at their best!
got no words!
wonderful, moving, touching.
heart melting

with love,

A little Mrazzie love...

with love,

Day 05 - five foods and T.G.I.F !!

T.G.I.F !!
It´s friday ... lookout weekend here i come!
Rainy morning but sunny afternoon!
La la la la life is wonderful.
There is a fair here this weekend.
Might be going.
My darling daughter is doing just fine!
So proud of her.

Day 05 - five food
ui i love eating. and cooking with my man.
or with friends.
Isn´t that much more fun?
Cooking with my man is my fave and
errrr sexy ;)
Fruits- freshly cut.
cold melon on a hot summer day.
strawberries dipped in choclate.
grapes, pineapple... yummy.
The smell of freshly baked bread.
watering mouth.... drooling!
Aftereight, malteser, walnut, lemon....
since my man is in this biz
i have tasted the best!
Oh a yummy burger!
lettuce, tomatoes, onion,
a delish patty.... gosh i am hungry now!
Eggs.... sunny side up or hardboiled.
We love eggs!

gosh i am so hungry now i have to go eat now!
Stay beatiful darlings!

with love,

Day 04 - four books

Kalimera darlings,
It´s thursday and that means
we is almost here!!! yay!!!
Hope u are all doing well!

day 04 of the challenge- four books
Oh my. As u all know by now i
love reading.
And i have so many books.
It drives my man crazy lol.
Nothing better than reading a book when
taking a bubble bath.
I end up being in there for 1.5 hours...
or more! ;)
so i try to think of 4 books that
stuck with me.
Michael Moore
I have 3 of his books.
Scary, sad, informative and
i wish the americans would 
wake up!!

It was in Oprahs book club years back
and it didnt let me go.
It took me quite a while 
to watch the movie.
I didnt wanna spoil all my
feelings for the book.
I was dissapointed when seeing the
movie, although Mrs pfeiffer was
but there was too much missing.
I snug in a cookbook.
I have about hmmm 3 of 
the funny sexy Jamie Oliver.
and i did try a few recipies.

oh i cried so much reading this.
a touching story. 
tragicly it still goes on.
Cruel :(

with love,