so my friends... thanks for coming here and reading... sharing my life... i am sleepy now... i will go watch some tv and then fall asleep probably... i opend my blog for you all again... have fun... good night !!!

everything will be fine



was spending some time reading in my blogs archive... amazing... to read things, feelings, emotions i forgot about... good ones and bad ones...

"This is so unbelieveable. I dont think I have felt like this ever in my whole life? Ange woke me this morning just before she went to bed, like she always does, and told me that she sent me pictures for me to look at. I was excited to see what they were. They were pictures of Julia. A very beautiful young lady she is too I may add. there was also a picture of her ex husband in there also. Why she sent me pictures of her ex I will never know but I appreciate the thought all the sameI have to go with Ange on this one. we are so in love. I cant describe how I really feel about Ange, but if I dont get my daily dose of her each day, surely I will go nuts. And yeah. I love here big boobs. lol. Just fantastic. not the reason why I love her so much. I loved her even before I knew how wonderful they were, but will certainly make our sex life more exciting. So if you are reading this Karen, sucks to be you. I'm in love with a real woman, not a fake wannabe without a brain in her head. I love you Angelica. Always.

Better go. things to do today. Talk to you all again soon.Everything is fine. and always will be. Hooroo Scotty"

hmm hmm....

babysitting tonight... for sabine... they went to a ball... she looked fabulous!!! Hope Ishak is keeping an eye on her lol... so i am reading in my old postings... from 2003... oh wow...

SIGHHHHHH.....ok now to the q to scotts and my first date....hmmmmm its was wonderful, unique...he was sweet .....i was looking sexy ( to make him drool)...he did everything to make me feel comfty....we were friends b4 our first we already knew a lot about each other...we felt comfty with eachother....i thought i knew him well..till to that fatal day....i still remember.....OMG...nobody ever did that to wonder ppl ask me how i stil can talk to him and like i said ppl....I FORGAVE HIM SO U CAN FORGIVE HIM TOO!!!! he really put me through hell...heaven knows i have been crying a lot...but what a surprise.. ...his own brother (BRENDON ...thank you miss you my sexy grrrrrrrrrr woof woof friend) helped me a lot.....ya and there was petmystupidblonde ass......groooowwwwwlllllllllllllll......i lost against a ugly old hog....damned....uhhh i better stop !!!!!. anyways sarah..and all the other ones asking bout scott and me......leave me the q and i try to answer it/them. will ask scotty to answer them too for ya all!!!

brings back so many memories... so many emotions...

time: late... don´t know...back hurts
Wearing: black pants, olive shirt...
Drinking: ice tea
Eating: nada, nothing, gar nix !!!
Feeling: tired, annoyed, moody... pick one
Listening to: Brad Paisley "Rainin´ you"
Spoke last on the phone to: Byron
Kissed last: Julia, good night kiss
I need: a hug, a hug, a hug, a HUG !!!!
missing: yeah... you all know who i am missing huh...
need to: well well... sleep, shower, have a drink, have a good yeah you know what...

close to home...

oh well... that stuff hits close to home... ok ok... i can deal with it...i am a pisces and i am ok with it.. if i repeat it i will feel better... hell i didn´t have problems till now... and i won´t get any now... i am who i am... scott loves me the way i am!!! i found this (well not so good pic of me cause i think i was drunk at the time... thank you so much Andi!!!) pic of me... well i will publish this... even though i don´t like it... nah... oh oh oh...
Being ultra-sensitive can be a burden to you. In reading your partner's thoughts you have to be careful or you might pick up something you'd rather not deal with, or feel that you are infringing on your loved one's privacy. It's also important to verify this information, as your emotions can colour your impression. To use your gift well you must remain sensitive as well as highly principled, and avoid the temptation to be manipulative. Building a close and tender relationship is your life's dream. By being sensitive to your partner you can develop a satisfying communication and a wonderful intimacy that other signs must struggle to attain.
does that sound familiar to you BABY??? remember when i say " Don´t analyse me!""""
You are highly sensitive and vulnerable, reflecting a natural kind of innocence and naiveté. You are a romantic and hopelessly in love with love. With your dreamy ways, you easily fall into a false idea of what love is. Rather than having the patience to develop a relationship with real intimacy and commitment you jump into extremely exciting scenarios, without much forethought. You form relationships that rarely correlate to the ideal mate that you consciously or unconsciously desire and really deserve. You often settle for less, picking someone beneath you socially or people that have serious emotional problems. You rationalize your choice by thinking your partner is really good inside or that he will change - if you love him enough. Inside you know the truth. You can hold on to your fantasy only so long before the truth will come out and you become totally disillusioned. If someone on your level comes in, you hide because there is a deep fear that if they knew you they wouldn't love you.
wohoooo.... i think i should stop reading this now... it´s getting hot in here !!!
The most important lesson a Pisces has is not to be a victim. With your self-depreciating attitude you can find a reason to be unhappy at every turn. Your love life can be a constant drama and you can set yourself up to be on the losing end with your helpless perspective. You must learn how to take the risk of being hurt, which is underneath every love choice, and still live with an open heart. Sorry, there are never any guarantees.
oh man... oh oh oh...
You have the ability to tolerate and learn from your life struggles and you can move out of a helpless state of confusion and stagnation into great serenity. With consideration for others, dedication to beneficial projects, and learning how to make definite boundaries, you are boosted into positive and productive dimensions of living. It is not selfish for you to be healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilled in life; when you help yourself, you help the world. Your hard-won battle over victimization brings a sense of well being with all its outer manifestations. This abundance releases more light into the race consciousness for the benefit of all.
phewww.... ok... feeling better now... gotta close this site... reading things you know but don´t wanna think about or deal with... I am strong, I am Angie...


Ok Ok Ok... i know... Pisces and Pisces grrrr... we know that... we don´t mind... love is stronger !!!

You are sensitive; basically you are creative and self-sufficient. When you enter into a relationship, you must see your partner's soul. Your largess is intuition and faith; leave the tears behind. As Shakespeare says in Romeo and Juliet: "Venus smiles not in a house of tears."

yeah yeah... i can live with that lol...

PISCES Man You are sensitive and passionate but somewhat unstable. You are attracted to strong voluptuous women. You can be extremely changeable, saying one thing to your lover and then turning around and doing exactly the opposite. You are very intuitive regarding acquaintances but quite blind to the defects of those you love. You love to go first class and will over extend yourself in order to Shower your mate with expensive gifts.

PISCES Woman You are feminine, intuitive, responsive and sensual. You are drawn to the creative or occult subjects. You are empathetic to those who have Problems; therefore, you often get used. You are a great one For Fantasizing and, in fact, acting out your desires. Your biggest problem is that you tend to pick the wrong mate, resulting in the need to have extramarital affairs in order to receive the affection necessary for your survival. You are also prone to tears and extremely good at using emotional blackmail.

damn... are we in trouble now??? Scooottttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok ok... i am calm...i tend to pick the wrong mate? are you kidding me?? good at emotional blackmail? i can just hear scott laugh out loud... oh man... why me? and i am not having affairs !!!!!!!!!! hell NO!!!

Get here...

A few days ago i heard a song on the radio that made me stop what i was doing. It hit home. Felt like it was written for me and scott...

You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway
You can reach me on an airplane, you can reach me with your mind
You can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man

I don't care how you get here, just - get here if you can

You can reach me by sail boat, climb a tree and swing rope to rope
Take a sled and slide down the slope, into these arms of mine
You can jump on a speedy colt, cross the border in a blaze of hope

I don't care how you get here, just - get here if you can

There are hills and mountains between us
Always something to get over
If I had my way, surely you would be closer
I need you closer

Where is the snow ??

there is still no snow here in the valley !!!!!!!!!! we had a green xmas ... oh yeah u heard right... thats why i didnt get in any xmas mood... wonder when we will get some white powder... oh man... sigh... am babysitting tonight... just had to smile about a phonecall i got yesterday... or was it two days ago already? well scott called me before i went to bed and he made fun of me saying "common"... but the best part was hearing him laughing and be in a good mood... i love you baby !!!

Everything will be fine