And whatever u do ----

And whatever u do don´t forget to ...

with love,

50 shades of Grey !

I am back. Vaca time is over.
went by too fast and i stumbled on a book.
i heard and read about it a few times
whilst in Innsbruck i ran across an
english version of the book and bought it.
what to say... i was hooked.... awed!

LOVED it. i ordered part 2 and 3 on Amazon 
and the wait felt soooo long!
sure theres a lot of sex in there but i 
liked the changing, growing CG.
so sexy, protective, jealous grrrrr

As i could see online many , many fans are very active out 
there in the world. love it. And the tweets of the characters on 
Twitter... fab.
go out and catch ur 50 shades of grey darlings!

i have #1 book beside my bed, #2 in the bathroom and #3 in the living room.
so i can pick up one whenever i want and start reading.
yup thats how affected i am with the story.
50 shades of awed ;)

share some love darlings, 
be kind!

with love,
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