Being absent....

Hello darlings,
gosh i know i have been absent and i am sorry. just still havent figured out how to blog from my mobile. same excuse i know, i know. i changed the layout and somehow the written posts are gone?
pfffff see i come online and mess things up. dont know if i have enough time to fix this but bear with me. 
all is good here. we are one happy family. julia has grown so much and her big day tomorrow.
her big test in her profession. she is so nervous but i believe in her.
my hubby and me just came back from our vaca in mallorca.
it was the first and probably last time there but i try to explain in another post.
stay safe darlings
much love,

Blog is in work....

Hello my darlings,
as u can see there are some changes on this blog.
I have been wanting a new layout for quite a while now.
Been cruising in the interspace looking for a new design.
very nice layouts floating around.
i got stuck at Soratemplates .
they have some really nice layouts there.

so please bare with me while i screw... oh 
i wanted to say... customise my new layout.
cross your fingers i wont screw it up too badly.
still trying to figure things out and not all the
links etc are already working.
hang in there with me!

have a fabulous monday my loves.

with love,

I do miss you mommie!

Hello my darlings,
do excuse my absence.
i still find it hard to blog from my phone.
and my laptop is off most of the time.
i will have to figure out how to do it
cause i do  have a lot to blog about.

for instance... my little one,
okay big one (turning 18 this november) 
is on her first alone vacation.
without mommie!!!
well she went with a friend but still...
i missssss heeerrrrrreeeee.
ok ok i am whining too much but hey...
they grow up too fast.
so she is alone in spain and is having fun.
trust is the word.
and i do trust her.

with love,

Pic post

oh so true!

with love,


Hello my darlings,
we are not drowned yet.
Still raining and raining.
achhhhh when will it stop?
One will be sure, if it doesnt stop for a bit
there will be floodings around here.
Hope u are in a better weather when reading this.
I am missing sunshine.
i feel so blaaaaaaaah.
Now this rainy weather gives me time to 
attend my blog.
i am not happy with the layout anymore.

and i am not that talented in creating new ones.
so i copy lol.
there are a lot of cool sites with
free layouts.
but i cant seem to find what i want.
so my site is still work in progress.
i miss PJ really. hope he is ok!!

with love,

Friday filler

Happy friday darlings!

It's raining and cold brrrrr
time for some blog time.
Friday filler.
Haven't done it in a long time.

1. Live can be so wonderful
2. It's june and still so rainy and cold
3. I love to be alone at times
4. Sometimes too fed up listening to other
peoples problems
5. Honestly, at times its so hard being head
of department. 
6. Smile smile smile

With love,

being alone is not that bad

Hallo meine lieben!
Hello my  darlings!

Another bankholiday here
and the last one till my 2 week
vaca in august.
It's gonna be
a looong time.
since we changed our weekend
plans i am stuck here.

getting a visitor i tried 
to avoid for some time now.
do u have people in ur life
who suck u dry? 

Emotionally drained.
my daughter always suggests to bill her
since i seem to be her therapist.
Ithers would say piss off u are getting
on my nerve.
i say... oh of course i have time for u.
ih somebody help me with that!!

Honestly i love having company
but i also love to be alone. 
Does somebody understand?

So i would rather work on my
extremecouching skills than listen over
and over to the same whining.
oh gosh i sound like a bad friend.

pffffffff i am gonna spread some love
i promise.
send me some positive energy my darlings.

with love,

Jason Mraz - 3 things

a sunday treat for u !

with love,

passwords passwords

hello my lovelies!
how are u doing?
i know i have been absent.
just no time to get my laptop out and blog.
and i couldnt figure out how to do it
through my phone.

and having all acct always open on my phone...
oh well... i forgot passwords.
my man got me the new samsung galaxy bla bla
and to install my email accts i need the passwords..
but... oh well.... i cant even remember the security question.
my favorite movie... errrr i answered that over 10 years ago 
and i forgot grrrrrrrrrrrr
so no access to my hotmail acct.

on other note...

its so cold. its not funny anymore.
what the hell is going on? where is the sun?
its so cold. and its not gonna change soon.
common may!!!
send me some warm thoughts!! lol

with love,