It´s gettin hot in here...

Phew man i tell ya. That bday present was whoaaaa. Scott didn´t see it yet so i am still safe. LOL. Nah he knows. He doesn´t mind.
Birthday over and damn i was drunk and tired. But i am ok now. The unfortunate thing is that tomorrow is Byrons and Manfreds bday! Saturday is the carneval parade. Ok i promised Scott to stay so sober that i still know that i have a boyfriend. Sheesh i always do. It´s just a party time right now. After the 28th carneval is over and i am a nice, well behaved girl again. But now Partyyyyyy!!!
Scott is my alarm, waking me up when i need to. He is the sweetest. oops forgot, no scott. Ok.

Thanks to everybody who called, who sent flowers and gifts and mails, the ones who came to visit. Thanks to everybody!!!

Happy bday to Scotts bro Daniel! He has his bday today (23rd).

Happy bday to Manfred!

Feliz cumpleanos Byron!

Everything will be just fine

Happy Birthday my dear!

H A P P Y - B I R T H D A Y - A N G I E ! ! !
This is your birthday present! Yeahh!
Please stay at home. "It" will be delivered in the evening.
I wish you a nice evening gg

enough about me...

Hey Guys. This site must be boring the dust off you guys with, Angie goin on about me all the time. You'll think she will have something better to talk about other than how sickly sweet I am. But its all good. Ange is fantastic. She really is. I received a parcel from her yesterday ( the day after Valentines) and it was chock a block full of goodies. Now I am gonna have to out do her and send something else back. In it was a couple of pictures of her and Julia, a T-shirt, a book of the province she lives in, a couple of LOVE LETTERS!!, My birthday present ( It rattles ), a drawing from Julia ( Thank You Julia. It was very nice ) a CD single with some love songs on it ( Blech... sorry Peaches ) and that just about covers it I think.
Now.... What to put in hers?? I bought her two cd's of an artist called Alex Lloyd. one of his old stuff and the other his latest. Its a two sided disk. The other side has a dvd interview with Alex himself. Its a very good CD. Also, I got her the best of Blue compilation. I never heard of them til now. Then I realised this group are featured on the sing star game I have at home for Olivia and Mitchell when they come over to stay for the week end. I sing with them, but that song remains unsung. ( thank goodness ) I am going to have to find something else to put in the bow before I send it over. Just what to put in it?? Can I send Vegemite overseas?? I guess I could write her a letter or two, only I never know what to talk about. just like when I come in here and I make an entry. Ange has asked me to do it, so I am doing it, Just have a block on what to enter. Otherwise I just ramble on with crap...pretty much like now. Guess that is my que to piss off and go home. I just finished night shift andd I am getting rather tired.
So its Hooroo from me, and I'll be back again soon.
Scotty....AKA Madness.

This is a rose from the flower arrangement that I received from Scott yesterday.

More pictures will follow.

My Valentines Day ...

My Valentines Day, i woke up to some lovely sms from Scott. He had sent them while i still slept and i tell u he is a romantic guy. So we smsd a bit. In the morning i went to get some flowers for Julia and for Sabine. Afterwards i got a nice friendship sms from her.

At lunchtime my big surprise came...
Scott has sent me flowers. Beautiful red roses. He is so sweet. THANK U SO MUCH SCOTTY. They are special to me. He made the effort to go and organise it all. I was so touched. He does those lil things for me, makes me feel so loved by him.

We do this thing sometimes, i or he write a line or vers of a song and the other one completes it.
"Ocean apart day after day,
and i slowly go insane.
I hear your voice
on the line.
But it doesnt stop the pain!"

he answers...

"Wherever u go
Whatever u do
I will be right here waiting for you...
Whatever it takes or how my heart breaks
i will be right here waiting for you!"

Anybody knows that song?
Richard Marx- Right here waiting

We talked a bit on the phone, its so wonderful laughing with him. Although he was very tired.
He came home late at night. He said he was surprised about how much i like the flowers.
I said" Hell yeah!". He said this side is new on him. The romantic, caring, showing how much he loves the woman in his live. ME! lol. It wasnt appreciatet before. It damn is appreciatet by me.
What woman doesnt like to be treated as a princess? Spoiled. With words not only gifts. I sure do. And he is good at it. so live it out baby.

Oh and then i had a valentines date at night. Sabine and me had dinner and we took our kids.
Nope scott, i didnt flirt. No worries. He told me to behave. Duh. I am always behaving.
We had a nice evening. Ate too much though. burp. Sowwy. Now we home, looking at some yummy valentines men. Oh some were yummy.

Ok ok i am focusing. Scott, scott. I am okay! lol
so here we are. I had a nice valentines day. thanks to scott!

Happy valentines Day baby!
And of course.
Happy anniversary!

Valentines Day...

To Scott...

Happy Valentines Day!

It´s been a year and u are still treating me as your queen!
I hope u feel how much i love u too.
We´ve been through so much and we never thought we
end up were we are today. But we showed them all.
I hope i can make u as happy as u make me.
U are a kind, loving, passionate, funny and honest man.
I´d marry u any day Mr. Missen.

You're a song
Written by the hands of God
Don't get me wrong 'cuz
This might sound to you a bit odd
But you own the place
Where all my thoughts go hiding
And right under your clothes
Is where I find them

Underneath your clothes
There's an endless story
There's the man I chose
There's my territory
And all the things I deserve
For being such a good girl honey

Because of you
I forgot the smart ways to lie
Because of you
I'm running out of reasons to cry
When my friends are gone
When my parties over
We will still belong to each other

I love you more than all that's on the planet
Movin' talkin' walkin' breathing
You know it's true
Oh baby it's so funny
You almost don't believe it
As every voice is hanging from the silence
Lamps are hanging from the ceiling
Like a lady tied to her manners

Underneath your clothes
There's an endless story
There's the man I chose
There's my territory
And all the things I deserve
For being such a good girl honey

Snow, snow snow...

Snow snow and more snow. Sheesh. I really love snow but it´s enough now!!!!
I want sun and colours outside.
My bday coming up. Wondering what to do. I don´t want any work. It´s my bday!!! I don´t wanna cook or anything. sighhh. I probably dissapear. Or go out and tell everyone to be there or be square. Oh well. It´s on a monday so it wont be too bad.

I am tired and i need to cook some food for julia.
Scott is out in a pub with james. Hope he has a good time.
I´ll lay in the bathtub in the afternoon and read a book. Yahhh. i got a plan.


Jealousy is a funny thing. It can destroy relationships. Can kill love for a person. I never even thought about it till it hit me. Scott was jealous. I never thought he was. To be honest i always thought I am the jealous one in our relationship. I think i have a healthy bit of jealousy. I don´t control what he does or who he is with. Although a few ppl thought i shuld. But why?

Trust is important in a relationship. He trusts me. And believe me i give him a lot of, hmmm, work. LOL. I told him i am not a girl who says " yes honey, no honey, whatever u say honey".
He said "yeaaaahhh finally a woman like i want her to be." Oh he doesnt know what he gets himself into. LOL. No i think he is gettin it bit by bit. Ah its all good.

He loves me the way i am.

So i was surprised when he confessed his jealousy to me. I would have never guessed. Who can have a long distance relationship and be jealous? He never showed it. Well once. Yeah. He says he is controlling it. Being asked if Scott was overly jealous i would have said NO WAY! He is such a gentle man. But u know what. I don´t care that much. He loves me enough to trust me although i am far away. That is BIG! I understand completely what he says when he exlplains his reactions. And it will be all good.

To valentines day...
today my friend asked me. Angie what would u think? Her hubby asked her if she can take a day free next week on the 14th. YAAA she thinks, Valentines day. He has a plan. He didnt forget. Smilingly she answers, i dont know? why? U can come to strassburg with me, to the big demonstration!!! WAHHHHHHH
I asked her, well do u need an alibi? have u killed him right there? did u start to laugh? cry? or just stood there with mouth open?
Well, he survived it.He didn´t know how close to death he was. lol
It´s all good. Another woman alone on Valentines day! Lets get drunk!

Happy birthday PJ!

Happy birthday PJ!!!

I wish u a nice day, although yours already over. Mine not, so i will celebrate a bit for you. Good practise for mine. Hi hi hi. Couldn`t catch u online. So I hope u read it here.

Happy fucking bday man!

Love u and sending a hug to you.

Found me...

Scott found me. Or should i say, he found his way back to me!
He wanted to b e happy and found happiness in my person. He made that decision long before i knew it. Long before i realised that he wants to come back to me.
I hope he is ok with me sharing a few personal sms with you.

Would u marry me when i ask you?
We were far from being together again. I guess thats when he began to change.

Babe, I want u to be happy.
And i´ll do whatever i can to make
sure of that. Even if it means
u date other guys! I love you!
That just blew me away. Wow.

Hey baby! You have no idea how much i love you!
i am sorry things get complicated but never give up hope!
Yes, i had no idea. Still now i am amazed.

I was going through a difficult time.
I didnt know who i was.
It took me that long to discover myself.
And after all that, u message me
out of the blue. I don´t believe
in fate. I believe you make it what u want.
I must have really wanted for you
to contact me again after so long.
He keeps on apologising for what Karen made him do to me.

Baby, I didnt want to hide this from you.
If i did and u found out after
then i would have lost u for sure.
I dont want to loose you.
I have come too far to fuck this up now.
I love you.
I had to tell you.
the day Karen messaged him, he was honest and i love him for that

Plans for the future? Yeah.
Was hoping to spend it with you!!
Don´t u just love him? I love you Mr. Missen!

Sounds like everyone
wants a piece of MY heaven!!
That was so touching. He considers being with me heaven.

Under section 10 a of the crimes act,
I place u under arrest for
possesion of good looks
and sex appeal!
One of my faves. He is so funny. And a guy with humour is an A+ !!

Why are u having breakfast
by candle light?
And that reminds me.
Who was that message for last night?
And why did u blow him a kiss?
Yup girls. Be careful when u talk to more than one person at once!
I had to learn the hard way.
Mwah sabine mwah! mwah! LOL

Oh baby!! U really know
how to give me...(Censored)
Good u dont see me turning red!
Yup! I know how to give my man ...!

Everybody gets to
take MY girl out but me!
So depressing!
It´s just Andi baby, just Andi!

Ok. sorry.
You are mine.
Cause i own you! LOL
Smart arse!

I talk about u all the time Ange!
All the time!
So sweet. But i hope he is not boring ppl with stories about lil old me. lol. i love you!

Well, those were just a few statements of my sexy and wonderful man.
There are so many. sorry i had to censor too.
But, well, damn. Turning red again!

Through the barricades

I discovered an old song i used to love so much. "Through the barricades" by Spandau Ballet. I bought a "Love songs" Cd for scott for valentines day. But when i discovered the song i decided to keep it. It´s all good. No worries, got something else for him.
So i ripped it open and played the song. Turned it up real loud, closed my eyes and just dat there listening to it! Tears running down my face. Shit, that songs brings up so many emotions and memories.

Something that popped up was meeting with your girls on saturday night, gettin ready for a party. Singing loud "Girls just wanna have fun". Wondering if HE will be there. Shy looks.
Will he have the guts to ask you to slowdance?
Dancing real close. Knowing, feeling that he will kiss u real soon. His hand wandering up and down your back. Making out in a corner. Sheese. Funny to think about it.

Andrea and me were always big busted girls. What was a burden years b4 became fun when we knew how to use our boobs. LOL.
Oh those young boys, we made em drool. Ok i wont go into details now. But who doesnt wanna be sweet 16 again for a day!!

When i meet this guy on the street once in a while, we chat and laugh and go our ways. Funny to imagine his tongue in my mouth now and his hands on my behind. Wonder if he thinks about that too?

My friend B always thought of her big boobs as an disadvantage. Hiding them. i always loved mine. Sure, they used to attract stupid arseholes, but u learn.LOL.

Scott loves em. And julia loves em as cushions. I am her soft and cuddly mom.

So girls! Dont let anybody tell u that u are ugly! We dont need to look like models. Look at the DOVE campagne, those are real women! I am proud of my curves. My man loves my curves.
Love yourself and u will be loved!
Dont change, especially not for a man. If he doesnt love you the way u are his love is not true. And u will find the right man. He will come along. Dont look for him. He will find you!
wednesday. already february. woke up and smsd scott, his bro bruce was replying. quite funny. talked a bit to him cause scott was driving him to the doc. poor bruce. he sent me some pics. and the first one was wooooooo damn i was scared. he had that " tell me or i shoot" look. real serious. makes u wanna yell: i admit it officer, i was drunk but he said he was over 21!!
Hi hi hi. its all good. bruce is okay. he is a nice guy.

valentines day coming up! 1 year!! we made it!! yeahhhhh. we so happy. we talk more about it later.

Scott is really in need of some free days. we had a long conversation yesterday. he misses his kids so much. it hurts him not bein with him. i understand him. he works so much and doesnt have time. his shifts are killing him. but we´ll work something out. its all good.
he got so much going in his life. he´ll make the right decisions. if he just not wudnt be so nice to everyone. ppl just take from him and hardly give back. he has to learn how to say NO to ppl!!
that upsets me, they shudnt take advantage of his niceness. GRRRRRR.

Hello to Hawwy!!!! havent seen him here in years. yeah its been years huh hawwy? but glad u still remember me. whats up man? whats been goin on in your life?

Gotta run. Julia needs to go to sleep.