Jason and me

Jason and me... what can i say... first row... a few metres away from him... brilliant concert... had eye contact with him... still in Mraz heaven... thank u to my beautiful friends who gave me this wonderful experience as a bday gift... i love you guys!
Andi, Sabine, Silke, Manfred, Sabine..... Thank you
Angie is going to see Jason!!!!!! Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!
hey ya all!!!!!! how are u doing? was the weekend ok? missed me? lol
i had an interesting weekend... and due to some well... circumstances... i was online sunday morning... i never am... so i log on and i see........ JAFFFYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
my dear dear dear friend Jaff! a guy so close to my heart... he is just the warmest nicest guy i have ever met. Know him since... hmmm how long? is it 8 or 9 years? and that got me thinking of Jason Mraz. Don´t know why i did.. honestly... so i asked Jaff ( yeah i know u all will laugh but i did... ) ... jaffy... do u know jason mraz? and he answered... no... oh wait... i interviewed him ... cool guy!
Me.......... :O:O:O:O WHAT?

you all have to know jaffy is a journalist. travelled all world. interviewed many people. but now Jason!!!!!!!!!!! and he told me what i already knew...jason is a cool guy. sighhh jaffy.... why didn´t we talk earlier... you could have given Jason my phone number lol damned
but its all good... i calmed down .... breathe angie breathe.....

it´s wonderful i got to talk to jaffy... a very wonderful man... married to lovely woman who had some major health problems... and when he talked about it i just knew why he is so close to my heart... he loves his wife so much.... and i know they will get through it and come out of it stronger!

to jaffy ! want u to know that u mean heaps to me and to julia too... we have to activate the post card sending again... she loved her post cards from uncle jaffy! ur a wonderful guy and it shows... my love to u and ur wife.... hugs ( ur fave waste of time ;) )

and to that... a bit of Jasons wonderful music... "LIFE IS WONDERFUL" ... isn´t is ya all!!!!

It takes a crane to build a crane
It takes two floors to make a story
It takes an egg to make a hen
It takes a hen to make an egg
There is no end to what I'm saying.....

a HUGE HUG and hello to Pj!!!!! miss u around PJ! really do!!!!

everything will be fine
Him : Hi
Me : hi there

Him : i wanna kiss you
Me : ...
Him : can i kiss you ?
Me : why?
Him: cause u are hot and sexy !
Me : ...
Him : can i lick ur boobs?
Me : my boobs are allergic to tongues ( ty for the fast witty reply Mr ex HP india! )
Him: can i lick ur pussy?
Me : errr ... my pussy is allergic to your tongue and i only do humans !
Him : i am human baby!
Me : ... (damn he is persistant.. doesnt he get it ? )
Him : if i fuck u u will be so happy baby!

thank god for the delete button. why do we girls always have to go through this???
u say hello and end up with a pervert on the other side. really makes me wanna scream. Facebook is giving a lot of those lately. gonna close up my friends list again. Just cause i say "hello "... doesnt mean i wanna end up in your bed!!!!!

and a big thank you to Mr. ex HP india who comes up with funny answers for those perverts ! love spending that "quality time with u"! and we do have to work on it! councelling baby councelling!!! but i dont give up on us!!! lol hugs and kisses

???????? Pictures, Images and Photos

lol heheheehehe
everything will be fine
And then she'd say, it's Ok, I got lost on the way
but I'm a supergirl, and supergirls don't cry.

I heard this song this morning... a song i used to love... a song somebody played when i entered his world... when i entered his life... wonder if he thinks of me... i pushed him away... he knew me so well... why are we doing the things we do? why did i do those things? why did i say those hurtful things to him? when i close my eyes i can still see the painful look in his eyes... the look when i said things just to hurt him... i can be such a bitch at times... i wanted to protect myself... but from what? from being loved?

All i have to say to you and u know who u are... I am really sorry! i didn´t mean to hurt you. I didn´t want to break ur heart. I am sorry.

so how u are all doing? i saw Danny saw Jason in Singapore. I AM OFFICIALLY JEALOUS!
gosh Danny.... but i am so glad i got u to go ;) so all my babbling about jasons music and how talented he is worked lol

i do hope i get to see him too. my friends said they got tickets to see the sold out concert. pretty expensive ones. but they arent here yet so i am not getting my hopes up.
i am glad Danny had the pleasure to see this talented man perform. i am sure he had a blast.

Jason still gets me through days and nights. Just knowing what his music means to him makes listening to it more fun and exciting.

hey tomorrow is womens world day !
celebrating all those beautiful heros of everyday life. we are all heros in our own way!
it´s the little things that count!
here in austria all women can use railway for free.. so we gonna hit the train and make a nice trip to innsbruck... i´ll post some pics for u... if i dont forget lol

You can tell by the way, she walks that she's my girl
You can tell by the way, she talks that she rules the world.
You can see in her eyes that no one is her chain.
She's my girl, my supergirl.

so with this song i will leave into the weekend!
everything will be alright!

Angie ... is letting Jasons Music heal me ... float right through me... touch me..

Haven´t u ever listened to music that made u cry? It’s like the melodies reach in through flaring nostrils and caress your skin from underneath making all your hairs rise at attention, they too trying to listen. And then all the tingly sensations, the unnamed emotions, culminate at the dam on your eyelids until they fall from your body like a stream flowing over the top of a mountain. I liken it to a musical detoxification treatment; freeing yourself of non-required thoughts and feelings and returning to your inherent self - a being made of love and light.... Jason Mraz

there can be nothing more said... he brought it to the point