how was your weekend? fun? hope u had a great valentines day!
it was snowing here on the weekend and it was wonderful. ya i love it!
on saturday i went to a carneval concert here ... monsterconcert lol. hard to explain to you all. but its fun. i will try to get some videos for u to see!
so on sunday we decided to take a winter walk and we even made snowangels! lol

today i am strangely tired ... i dont know why. this week my bday is coming up and everybody asks what i will do. i hope to spend it with my friends... although Manfred told me on saturday he wont come cause he will go to a ball! WHAT?? ya right.... thank you so much ... and then he tells me he comes before he leaves for the evening for me to put make up on his face... a pirate... ya i will make ya a pirate grrrrrr
everything will be alright

ok... found a video from last years concert... but now u have an idea what a guggamusik is ;)... carneval yaaaaaaaaaaaay

hope the sound is good... couldnt listen to it... ;)
Happy Valentines day to you all!

i really do hope u are spending the day with people u love... or with the person u love!
sending u lots of love and positive energy! thank you for ur love my faithful readers!

hugs and kisses

Happy valentine Pictures, Images and Photos
its thursday .... valentines day on saturday.... arghhh :(
somehow i hoped i spend it with that certain someone ... but he is far from me... far from my heart.... yesterday he messaged me saying he talked with his friends about me and they took his phone and sent me that message ... sounds so unreal and he keeps trying to explain it ... but it do makes me wonder what he told them about me ... he said nothing bad ... ya right as if there was ... i would have kicked his arse all the way to Timbuktu!

I am trying to get into touch with Pj! we keep missing each other... i left a voicemail on his phone... hope he is doing ok!!

then my phone beeped again in the middle of the night .... gosh i am getting used to it... i tried to read it and saw it was from Aims! AIMSSS!!! are u and Brian ganging up on me to keep me awake at night? but luckily i went right back to sleep.... Happy Valentines day to u too! hope u spend a wonderful day with Andrew!

everything will be ok!
i really start to hate saturday nights... i went to sleep with the feeling i would get a message from Brian... thats how it is lately... last week it was 5 am and yesterday night it was 2 am... i know i should just turn my phone off ... i should... but i can´t... last week his message was worrying me... yesterday night it was ..well... i heard the beep and looked at the message with one eye only... decided though to not message him back and go right back to sleep!

i had wild dreams though... i saw him with another woman... in ran from room to room and all i ever saw was him with a girl... gosh... GOSHHHHH ... he accused me of cheating but i never thought about if it might be him who is doing it? got rid of me saying i cheated cause he was...hmmm... well i dont wanna think like that... thats not me

then i got woken by another beep... 8 am .... ok ok... i had to use the bathroom anyways... so i got up and while sitting on u know what i opened my messages...
gosh i better open both eyes... Brian... I knew... oh... wow... now i was awake...

at 2 am...... "If i come and i am the one, will u marry me?" WHAT? wait.....
at 8 am....... " Sorry, someone played with my phone."...... WTF?

and all that while i slept?? now i was wide awake... still my phone in my hands i thought about what to say.... what to think.... oh man
OH MAN!!!!

didnt even have coffee yet and darn it was too early to have to think bout such things...
i decided to not message him back... yeah u heard right! na i am not lying!!!!NO, i am not! oh u shut up!

i really think he wrote that message and when i didnt respond he got scared and said someone played with his phone. cause that cant be the case. who knows about me? just his sister. bullshit. he got scared i could say yes.

i honestly thought he never thinks about me. he is so cold. he just remembers me when he drank. and that is once a week lately. saturday. so i dont think i should follow up on this too much. wonder what it will be next week? darn thats valentines day... arghhhhh

everything will be alright!
arghhhhhhhhhhhhh.... tonight i really meant to blog... been on for 2 hours now and people keep messaging me ..... i have 5 conversations at a time.... one with webcam... how do i do that???
and then Andi too lol... well thats fun ... spent a fun afternoon at his place... cant talk bout it though sorry !
now its late and i am too tired to blog... hey blame all the ones wanting to talk to me online!
but i had good intentions... well new try tomorrow!

have a good night ya all!

If it´s a broken part replace it....

If its´s a broken part, replace it ... it if´s a broken arm then brace it... if it´s a broken heart then face it !!!

heya all! whats new? doing alright? sorry i have been a bit unfaithful to you all... i have been asked to to a blog for the social party here in town... guess they want some fresh blood to get more votes this year .... ya lets see what we can do ... it´s quite different though ... have to behave there lol
but... i did hit them with Jason mraz already hihihi ... yup
Mr Mraz is going with me everywhere ;)

my birthday is coming up .... ahhhh... wanna go away and just escape .... be alone... but i guess that wont work this year either sighhhh

PJ messaged me today! PJJJJJJJ !!!!!!!!!!!!! i messaged back but silence then arghhh... common mr Pj.... u like keeping me worried dont ya grrrrrrrrrrrrr

A big shout out to Aims! Miss u too girl! But u know as long as u are happy i am too! hugs hugs hugs

Everything will be alright
and.... what a surprise... i got an sms at 5 am today... anyone can guess from who it was? ... common think harder u know it.... ya ya? Brian .... ya there we go u all knew it... guess out drinking once again... sending me a message that worried me... gosh.... i want off that emotional rollercoaster!!!!!

Butterfly by Jason Mraz

ya the wonderful and talented Jason Mraz still accompanies me through the day and night sometimes... and I wanna share yet one another one of his beautiful songs... he is life in concert so darn good... hope i get to see him next month in Zurich!!!

everything is fine

new layout...

sooooooooooooo.... i have been wanting to change my layout forever... and now after i dont know seeing how many different ones... i thought what the heck and chose this one.... feel free to leave a comment.... i know the shout box is tooooo big.... but i am not a professional and i am working at that... so have patience... i am doing my best!

since my fave Web master "mr i keep dissapearing on angie and worrying her PJ" is M.I.A once again... now somewhere in glasgow as far as i know!... i had to do it on my own... at least he cant yell at me for messing it up... arghh i even miss Pj yelling at me... PJJJJJJJJJ!!!!!!