Once again... Scott....

i know u have been mailing me again with questions to Scott... i haven´t been answering cause i wasn´t here and a big part was that i didn´t want to... U gotta understand i am trying to move on... my time with him was wonderful... i don´t regret our time together... but it is over!

i do have to admit that i cried on the way to vienna ... we were sleeping and i was laying there... looking out seeing all the stars and i listened to love songs... and yes i had to think about him... i did miss him... he always knew when i was in a train... wanting to drive it... old memories... it was a full moon... i was emotional... sorry... i don´t regret my tears... it hurts...

And i am not upset at him thinking he cheated on me... NO! i know he didn´t cheat on me while we were together... it was that he couldn´t stand up for me... old topic that i don´t want to warm up again... i will gladly answer all your questions but i think when u followed the story reading my blog u will know what is going on...

I wish him all the best... he is in a new relationship and i am too...and yes i still have feelings for him... i can´t deny that... but i am doing just fine...i am just so tired talking about him! i am sorry!

Snow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snooooowwww!!!!! Ya ya ya... sorry Sabine! It has been snowing and i love it! Early snow! Even more up in the mountains. So ski season will start soon i guess, as early as this upcoming weekend. i love snow. It´s a heavy snow though, very wet. Would prefer some dry snow but hey i am not complaining... its´snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julias bday was good. Lots of people. Her party will be this weekend though.Because of the snow! So we will spend this saturday in an inside pool. yay! gotta find my bathing suit somewhere in my closet.

My girl is 12 now!!! wow... sheezeee.... she says THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO SENT HER BIRTHDAY WISHES!

Happy birthday !!!!!

Hey ya all! Sorry i haven´t been blogging but life is keeping me busy! Hope all of u are doing ok!
I promise to update u on our vienna trip! I will, i promise!

Tomorrow is my girls birthday!!! YAYYYY!!! she will be 12... damn, time goes so fast! I am the mum of a 12 year old! Cool!

I love her so much! And i am proud of her! she is growing up to be a wonderful young lady!
Have heaps of things to do! Cakes to bake and Bday parties arrangements.

We will celebrate with friends and family tomorrow and on saturday she will have her party with her friends !

Happy Birthday Julia !!!!
I love you!


Honey is back!!!

Hey ya all! I am back and i see i have been missed! i missed u too! i won´t be able to blog long now but i will update u on my trip and also add some pics!
am so tired and have to wash loads of dirty clothes lol!

everything is so fine!