No turning back....

have u ever felt u are at a point of no turning back  
in a friendship? I have been there and it took
me a while to accept it.
But do i think there is a point of turning back?
my friend who is in the same situation thinks there
is none for her. She doesnt want to give in now.
do i? Can i? is there a way?
right?..... i really dont know....
with love,

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Happy sunday !
How is your sunday going my darlings?
Ours started out rainy, then sunny, now rainy oh well.
Lazytime for me.
yup i ignore the laundry that needs ironing ...
as u all know... i HATE ironing! 
oh well sooner or later i have to do it ...
i know i know... :P

[Saw] hubby bought Mission Impossible 4 - ghost protocol and i actually loved it!
[Heard] Jason Mraz covering Sade... sexy song!
[Read] a lot of reports at work ... oh my! wish i would have time to read a book after another!
[Did] work, laugh, cry, sing,watching last episode of Desperate housewife as i type this.
[Ate] too much, chinese, veggierice, fruits, oh gosh my hubby cooks too delicious!
[Drank] water and way too much lemonade at work sighhhh
[Thought] i need a vacation i need a vacation i need a vacation!!
[Bought] shoes, camel peeptoes!
[Needs] a lot of tlc from my hubby!

with love,

Jason Mraz - Lovers Rock - Reprise de Sade

Oh happy weekend my darlings!
How is everyone?
I just stumbled  across this video...Jason Mraz covering a Sade song. Oh my what a treat. do u know the deliciously warm and sexy voice of Sade? go google her darlings. u will love her! and what a nice ending of this sunny afternoon hearing sexy Mraz doing Lovers Rock. Thank you Mr. aMraZing !!

here the original for you....

U r not supposed to Love alone.. But if u can't  love yourself  alone first, you won't be able to Love together.
with love,