Missing My Baby

Hey Guys.

Just a quick hello. I'm up in Townsville, far north Queensland, Australia at the moment viviting my mum. She isn't doing too well and have taken some time off to come up and see her. I also suprised my sister who made her Debutante on the weekend. I have attached some photos of the night. Wish Ange could have been there. Missing her so much right now. Hopefully she will make it out here for Bruce and Louises wedding. This picture here is of my mum and yours truly. This picture was taken at the north end of the strand, right opposite the beach at the north end of Townsville.

This one here on the left is my sister, Courteney and of couse once again, yours truly. the night went pretty good. All the debutantes looked beautiful, but I'm not about to post images of every one of them. Baby I miss you so much. Hope these pictures cheer you up a lil. I'll try and get some images of the local area and post them. Til then, Hooroo. Love you Angel.


I was made for you
You were made for me
Everybody used to say
We were meant to be
And that's all you ever really need to know
I was made for you

It's like a poison - just one cure
You're my remedy - for sure
There's an angel - at my door
I don't wanna feel like this no more

I'm in the dark and you're my light
I'm going blind and you're my sight
I feel alive
You set me free
I hold you tight
You're in my heart and I'm the knife
I feel alive

You belong to me
Like I belong to you
If you're not satisfied
Tell me what I gotta do

I think it's time we set the record straight
Cause I want to know if I should be afraid
Cause you belong to me

It's like a poison - just one cure
You're my remedy - for sure
There's an angel - at my door

I'm in the dark and you're my light
I'm going blind and you're my sight
You set me free I hold you tight
You're in my heart and I'm the knife
I'm in the dark and you're my light
I'm going blind and you're my sight
you set me free I hold you tight

Rainy sunday...

its another rainy sunday. sigh!!!

Sorry u had to wait so long for an entry but we were quite busy. Scott is at his moms right now sorting out some things. Quite difficult time for him. Life keeps us busy. Ya all know what i am talking about right?

so days go by so fast and u are running to keep up.

I got a shock today when i opend my mailbox. There was a mail from jai. well it didnt say much but i guess i sat there staring at it for quite some time. I would have never expected that. But then i was glad to know that he is alright.

Scott is at his moms. he flew there 2 days ago. he will spend some time with her and his sister.
he went to the deb ball with her. Sweet. He dressed up and went with her. cant wait for the pics.

Andi and me went to the movies last night. We saw The Da Vinci Code. I read the book already and didnt like the movie too much. Tom Hanks wasnt the right choice to play robert in my eyes. Did like audrey and of course Jean Reno. He is a wonderful actor. Well i went to see it with andi and we had a great time.

Today we had the idea to go to a football game. Yeahaaa we thought, lets see some sexy guys ( i guess i thought that lol) and i think andi thought about the cheerleaders. lol. sorry andi babe. hi hi. it started raining but it was ok. they lost though. been some time since i saw a game. last in miami. the miami dolphins. so we home now and wait for the sunday to end.


Had a short conversation with Jaff. Or did I ? He couldnt read what i typed. so if u got my message...

HI JAFFY !!!!!
I missed u too. As soon as found your email addy i let u know what u want!
Julia is great. Growing up so fast.
Hope u are ok jaffy.

Love and miss you
Your fave waste of time :)

Everything will be fine



Found the coolest song.. we sing it so much... over and over again !!!

Scheiss auf Freunde bleiben!!!

Du siehst heute morgen anders aus
Und du wirkst auf einmal fremd
Du sagst die Luft bei uns ist längst schon raus
Das Bett auf deiner Seite ist gemacht
Allein gefrühstückt hast du auch
Ich glaube alles hier ist gut durchdacht
Du sagst du hättest drüber nachgedacht
Und würdest alles jetzt verstehen
Und das es für dich keinen Sinn mehr macht

Du fragst ob wir uns denn mal wieder sehen
Vielleicht in irgendeinem Café
Es wäre für dich an der Zeit zu gehen

Und dann schaust du mir in mein Gesicht
Und sagst, "ich hoffe ich verletz dich nicht"

Pack deine Sachen ein und raus
Du bist hier jetzt nicht mehr zu Haus
Und scheiss auf Freunde bleiben!!

Du sagst dass du bald andere Freunde hast
Wenn du die Stadt verlässt
Du hättest bei mir viel zu viel verpasst
Du würdest sicher noch mal wieder kommen
Wann weißt du nicht genau
Es gibt ja aber auch noch Telefon

Pack deine Sachen ein und raus
Du bist hier jetzt nicht mehr zu Haus
Und scheiss auf Freunde bleiben

Und wenn ich in mein Badezimmer geh'
Und deine Flecken an meinem Spiegel seh'
Dann merk ich dass ich mir nicht eingesteh'
Dass ich zwar nie richtig alleine war
Keinen Tag im letzten Jahr
Doch deine Liebe keine war!!!

Mothers day...

Mothers at the edge of an identity crisis?

If u have kids u will know what i am talking about. If not, then u dont know such a crisis.
Unless u are the wife of Steven Spielberg or Tony Blair.
Those women are just "the wife of Mr. Spielberg" or "the wife of Mr. Blair".

Maybe i am way off but my problem is a similar one.
Nobody ever calls me Mrs. Prime Minister ( has a nice ring to it though),
i am " Julias Mom".

A lot of things are kept from you when u expecting your first child!
How to treat highly pubertating girls or lil tv or pc junkies.

And ... that u will lose your identity when kindergarden begins.
From then on u are just " the mother of ...".
I used to be Angie or Mrs C.Gomez.
Long gone.

A phonecall in kindergarden times was like this:
Ring ring...
Me: Hello
A woman: Hello, this is Matts mom, are u Julias mom?
Me: yeah
Matts mom: Matt wants to know if he can play with Julia tomorrow after kindergarden. Is that
Me (trying my best to figure out who that woman might be!): Yeah, sure.
Matts mom: Then u will pick Matt up with Julia tomorrow?
I dont even know what the boy looks like or his mom!!!!
Me: Yeah, sure. No problem!
- i promise, Julia will know what he looks like!

The next day i am pushed into being Julias personal assistant.
She wants to play with Laura.
HA ! Now i wannna know!!
"Hello, this is Angie C.Gomez" i say proudly on the phone.
"Who?" says a confused woman.
"Am i talking to Mrs Meir?" i ask back, because I WONT GIVE UP!
"Hmmmm" she says. Probably she hasnt been called like that in years.
Silence... i get weak.
"Are u Lauras mom?".
"Yeah!" she yells with relief!!
Now she rememberd who she was.
She sounded very happy now.
"And you?" i hear, " u are the mother of..?"
GRRRRR. I wont make it easy for her now!
" I am Angie C.Gomez!"
"Ahhh" she yells out, "so u are Tinas mom!"
I get sour.
"no, i am Julias mom".
"Why didnt u say that from the beginning?" is her answer.

And 2 women without names, without identities made a play date for their kids.

In other cultures its different, kids are named after their fathers.
So it would be " Julia the daughter of Byron".
Not very motherfriendly either.
They´ll never say: " Hey, there goes Julia, the daughter of Angie!"
And that isnt too bad, then u dont give your kids a name for nothing.
Even i was given a name years back, and my name is ignored for so many years now.

But its ok.
It´s natural. We are somebodys mother.
That´s the meaning of life! Being a MOM.
Maybe one day i will be the grandmother of someone.
Maybe i am overdoing it a bit.

More power to ya!!

Happy mothers day !!!


Honesty is never wrong. It hurts, but it has to be said. I am not mad. I feel loved.

Everything will be fine


Your still the one...

When I first saw you, I saw love
.And the first time you touched me, I felt love.
And after all this time, you're still the one I love.

Looks like we made it
Look how far we've come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we'd get there someday

They said, I bet
they'll never make it
But just look at us holding on
We're still together
still going strong

(You're still the one)You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're the one I want for life
(You're still the one)You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night

Ain't nothin' better
We beat the odds together
I'm glad we didn't listen
Look at what we would be missin

They said, I bet
they'll never make it
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong

You're still the one)You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're the one I want for life
(You're still the one)You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night

I'm so glad we made it
Look how far we've come my baby !

Sophie Delezio


I dont know if many of you all out there have been keeping in touch with the news but if you do remember the story back in 2003 about little Sophie Delezio being burnt by the car that went through the wall of her pre-school. Well little sophie suffered burns to 85% of her body & took a while to recover. Well on friday this little girl was hit by a car whilst crossing a pedestrain crossing mind you little sophie was in a parm being pushed by her mother. for this little girl to suffer so much heart ache in her 5 years is just harsh. i ask of you all out there to visit the website set up to send the Delezio Family all your well wishes & prayers as this little girl needs all the well wishes & prayers we can give. for those in Australia i also ask of you if you see someone collecting funds to help this family please donate as every little bit helps the Delezio Family. Sophie is only 5 years old & has suffered enough.


Please remember the Delezio Family need all of our prayers & well wishes. please leave your kind words on the above website.

Am I wrong or am I right

Hey Guys.
Yeah its me....Scotty. doin the best I can out of bad situations. Stressin out over nothing. Having arguements that sometimes need to be had, others that should never have happened in the first place. But, of course, they happen. Today, Angie wished we had a nice day. No arguements. Sounded great. Who needs them anyway, right? I certainly dont. Thats one of the reasons I try to avoid them. But, I also try to avoid them if I know that I have done something and I know I am at fault. Angie does it to. Only difference, Angie will try her best to avoid giving me the Answer I am looking for, or... change the subject. SomethingI have found she is very good at.
Which brings me to tell you about an arguement that I, I have to admit, started. Thats right. I started an arguement in the event that we both would tell each other what it is exactly that is on our minds and hopefully fix the problem. So , Knowing that Ange is a self confessed instigator of the common arguement, took full advantage of the fact that I was one way or another, going to get an answer out of her. But.... You guessed it, she pulled a Scotty and avoided it. Not before givin me an answer you would expect from a person who doesnt want to give you the answer you were looking for. " Because I dont " was the response I got to my question of " Why??"
So by now you are probably wondering what is the question? It doesnt matter what the question was. That isn't important. It could be anything. But this is about me being persistant, and Angie starting to get annoyed at my persistance.
Remember not too long ago, Ange blogged about an experiment we did, where she graciously accepted to fulfill a fantasy of mine, only to have it completely backfire on us and almost destroy what we have between us? Well I promised Angie that I never ever, would put her into any situation like that again where her safety is at risk. That little experiment only heightened our love for each other and earned us more respect between us. But it also changed the way we saw each other, and what we meant to one another.
So with the thought that my baby would do anything for me, and taking into consideration I would never risk her safety again, asked her for something else that I thought would not be such a big deal. So I asked her to do something for me? Well, the response I got was not what I expected.
Okay then, no big deal. She doesnt want to do it. Don't make a big deal out of it. I love her, right? I can respect that. Or can I? Don't think so... You see, Like a majority of humans, it is in our nature to ask, why? The answer I got was, I'm sorry babe. I just dont do that. I accepted that for a while, wondering why she had such a problem with it since she willingly participated in the first experiment. What was the biggie with such a small request?
So a few weeks later, when things were actually a whole lot better between us, I took another opporunity to ask her again. I got the same rehersed response I got last time I asked, only this time, she said she will think about it. Now you are probably wondering, Why doesn't he just accept her wishes, respect her, and let it go and stop asking. Good point! Why didn't I? Well, Like I said, Angie didnt exactly give me a reason. I got what I consider, an excuse. I wanted to ask her why? I wanted to beg her to change her mind. Even use the pathetic line, If you love me you would do it, but it didnt do anything to make her look at it in a different way. Angie even admitted to me that she felt bad for not doing it, and that I must be very disappointed in her.
I did feel a lil cheesed off that I wasnt gonna have her change her mind any time soon. But I was more determined to find out why? So I started asking her questions about her and her past. I wanted to know why she was keen to make me happy one minute, then adamant I was not gonna get what I wanted this time.
After all that, I then used that information against her. I know. I am an arsehole. Why can't I just forget it, let it go and just get over it. Well because I wasn't happy with the answer I got. I cannot accept the answer, Because! I thought about all the things she told me. I thought about that experiment. I thought about how keen she was to make her man happy. And I was starting to get pissed off because it seemed to me that she would only make her man happy if what I wanted suited her.
From that point on, there was no stopping me. I admit, I gave it to her and I didnt let up. I upset her. I made her cry. And for a moment, I felt terrible. I didnt give a shit about her or her feelings, and was so intent on getting what I wanted, that I was gonna do anything to get it. Well Ange just stopped responding. I was not gonna get my answer today. I then turned into a 2 year old who had his lolly pop taken from him.
I didnt know what to think. Why wouldn't she tell me? Apparently she did tell me, only I didnt want to accept her answer. I didn't consider it an answer. I wanted closure on this because I couldn't understand that, "because I dont want to, and I just dont do that" is the reason. Full stop.
I felt cheated out. I wanted something from her and Ange was not about to give in. So why then did she agree to fulfil my fantasy earlier? I considered that worse than what I was actualy asking now. I bombarded her phone with messages, and no doubt when she wakes up and reads al the messages I left her, She is going to be very upset. I apologised for sending them. I told her that I had to send them because it was what was on my mind. I felt like she didn't really love me enough, otherwise she would have done it. I mean why the heck not right? it just didnt seem fair.
So when your lover tells you that they love you so much that they would do anything for you, is there a threshold as to how far you will go to please the one you love? or do you reserve the right to decide if you want to do it or not? They way I see it, Providing your partner is not asking you to do something that he or she would not do themselves, dont just make your partner happy because it is what you want. You do things to make your partner happy by doing for them what is pleasing to them. After all, you want to make them happy.
Well I guess I have just signed my own death warrant. I cant exactly say that Ange is going to be thrilled to read this. But I had to put this down. I hurt her feelings and really upset her, but I also had my feelings hurt. Not making excuses for what I did, but sometimes ya gotta step on a few toes to get what you want.
Sorry folks. Talk again soon. Hooroo.
Time: 7:15pm
Drinking: nada
Listening to: Deniz talk
Today i will: have a relaxing movie night with Sylvia
Cried last: this afternoon
Talked last on phone to: Byron
Tomorrow: i´ll bake a cake
This week: i had fun going out to the cabaret
Missing: hmmm...wait...mmmm....yaaa...scott
I hate: jealousy
I laughed last: with deniz, he is the cutest, mwah, i love u too!
I am proud of: Sabine, she looks fineeeeee!!!


thank god its fridayyyy.......ya another week over...was a short one though...weekend gonna be relaxed....yay yay yay its a beautiful day...and nothing can make my day go bad...NOOO...lol...scott is sleeping...i will have a movie night with sylvia...sabine is happy with her new bought clothes, and she looks pretty in the jacket...julia is doing wonderful...andi is having a fun night tonight at the "Mittermeier" event...yay for you andi...dont forget to bring the eggs and tomatoes...lol...i did not have a romantic picnic with andi...nope... u should read my blog more exactly...u know who i mean!...jealousy kills a relationship..thats nothing new huh...but it can be survived...i am happy...i will survive...i will sleep b4 i leave tonight...gonna write more next time ppl...been a lot of traffic here...wooooo...sorry u missed me...tired...tired...tired

everything will be fine