addicted to jason mraz songs.....

finally i have to admit........ i am addicted to the songs of jason mraz right now... playing them up and down on my mp3... and yeah i think i am developing a hearing problem caused by too much mp3 listening arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
but i love those the lyrics ! he is a great entertainer.......and....

my doctor... my fabulous funny black sheep.... takes me to a concert of jason in september ! ( actually smiling a huuuuuuuuge smile !!!)


so i got a visit from an old friend....jai :-)

we met to spend the day together in Lindau ( Germany ). i wished he could have stayed for a few days but he couldnt .....but i got the promise out of him that next time he would.

so julia and me took the train to meet him. it was like we never said goodbye. we didnt talk lots about the negative things that happend.... but we did talk a lot about the positive memories we had. its funny how someone remembers something about u or something that u said and u dont have any clue. i instantly felt close to him again.

he had a long and exciting journey in the last 4 years. i am sure it wont be long till we see each other again!

we had a very pleasant time in a park by the lake. wont go into details. but i finally got my massage..arghhhh neck and face and ooooooooh so nice!

glad u are back in my life! ;-)

Hello ;-)

now i formally have to say Hello to all of you! sorry i have been away for a bit but i hope i didnt lose all of my faithful readers!
i can see Aims was here! MISS U TOO !!!!!!
actually had a nice but short conversation with aims 2 days ago. ya i promise to stay sane and not go nutty on you! i think that will be an easy task for me to do lol he he
but u promise to stay away from these nuts over there! no going down on their level!!!
well u know what i mean.
sometimes friends just turn out to be something totally else as u hoped them to be. i made that experience too....sadly but true. u trust someone and they stab u in the back. it will happen and u cant do anything to prevent that. if u lay ur heart out to someone u always have to be prepared that the person isnt true.
i do have a lot of friends... but just a few know all of me.
i had a bike accident last week. we were out on a tour at night and Andi drove into me. it was an accident and it hurt me quite a bit. silke of course instantly started laughing as always...grrrrrr....
i knew he was feeling very lousy and i bit my tongue got on my bike and continued cycling. i was happy i had sunglasses on cause i cried all the way to the little lake. they knew i was hurting and i was being stubborn. Andi couldnt even look into my eyes. i knew he was feeling bad.
i didnt want him to feel more bad and smiled. but damn i was in pain.
i hardly made my way back und for the last part silke went to get the car to bring me home. we stopped at sabines place and he even wanted to help me on my way to the toilet.arghhhh ....didnt sleep too well the next days and was grumpy! sorry to all of ya :)
i gave the responsability of organising silkes bday to sabine. and she did a good job! got through that with medication.
he is such a sweet heart! love him to pieces. and hey ....if u have an issue with me to me and dont bump into me with ur bike ayyyyyyy lol he he

i did send an sms to my dear doctor in vienna who i knew was on duty... i asked for medical attention and he thought i was playing replying 1 day later :(
yeah i was not his fave patient.......he dont love meeeeeeeeeeeee :((
he tried to make it up by wanting to send medication by mail lol......isnt he funny.......i said i´ll survive......... yeah i am a survivor!

everything will be fine........ouch ouch oooooh ouch auaaaaaaaaah


yaaaaaaaaawn........oh sorry..... didnt get too much sleep last night...... but pssssssstttttt dont tell sabine!!!! he he
all i wanted is to talk to him for a minute and well....... well u know.... whenever he says.....can i call u back? i know its gonna be a long looooooooooong night lol
i told him he will hate me when he sees his next phonebill but he says its a good investment! smiling a biiiiiiiiiiiig smile..... well he is a head physician......makes enough money so i guess he will survive it lol
time flies so fast when we talk to each other......nights go by so fast lol
but it never gets boring and i like that
he challenges me and gives me vibes i was missing for so long..........and i dont mean in a sexual way so dont even start lol
its just so refreshing to talk to him and we feel similar in so many ways.....i find it very exciting to have such people in my life.......and it is so nice to see how protective my friends are!!!!

Brian ......
i sat a while by myself and thought about saying hi to him ..... finally i did and it didnt go too well .... i do understand that he is working a lot and that his energy goes towards his family... he did thank me for still being there ...... but its hard when there is nothing coming from the other side ......... its frustrating and a bit humiliating and he doesnt understand .... it has gone bad when he said he will message me when it is all over..... i said dont make promises u cant keep and he was upset then...saying to leave him alone and that he doesnt need any negative things in his life ...... oh well.......... i think i have been more than good to him and patient .... but i will of course accept the way he feels ... when a sms or a short call is too much for him to handle i will accept that ... yeah.......i sit here crying as i write this and it hurts ......... but i have seen another side of him and i´ll be ok ........gotta go cant see screen cause of tears !

oh....... Aims is an aunty! welcome to this world Jackson! congrats to the family blackmore!!

another nightshift???

friday i got the order to sleep instead of keeping my black doctor sheep company on his nightshift.......yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... :P
so could i ignore his sms??? awww common....... his messages are so refreshing... so unique... cant ignore that cant I ? ok.........we ended up talking again.......but hey i went to bed around 3 am.... we didnt talk that long this time... since he has been called to a patient.... my luck lol.... i would be sooooooooo dead today....dont know how he does it.... well he is used to it i guess... so my dear worried ones.....i did get more sleep than last week....ty for ur concern and hey!!!! I WASNT THAT BITCHY !!!!!! lol ur complaints to mr blacksheep doctor!!!

*nasestubs und fellkraul*

wishing u all a wonderful weekend!!!


Brian .....Brian....Brian.... u know how people come into ur life and change things that u thought are working out fine.... that make u see new sides of life.... make u smile ... make u cry.... he has no idea how he has touched me ... it was him who messaged me ... who whirled into my life... his charm .... i wasnt looking for the feelings he brought my way... and now i sit here worrying about him ... he works too much ... and.... new is that his niece is sick and has to be in the hospital ... he loves her dearly .... the last 2 weeks he spent every night with her sitting beside her hospital bed, keeping her company.... HOW CAN U NOT LOVE A GUY LIKE THAT? he makes it fucking hard for me .... only seif knows how many times i sat here crying cause of him ...
Brian....... a guy thats rare in this world!
so tell me readers....what am i supposed to do???

My summer song !!!!!

wanna know what Angie does a lot lately???? he he
its wonderful sunny here....summer has arrived..... so i am in a sunny mood!
i listen to Jason Mraz " I´m yours "..... i even infected my friends with the Summer song virus lol....ya i love u all!
so turn up the volume and dance with me my faithful ones..........