My webmaster and good friend...

I would like to say a BIIGGGG thank you to Pj... he has been the brain... the designer and the webmaster of this blog... we went through a few designs and he was always patient with me when i screwed up something... he is a talented man and i am really thankful for his friendship...
thank you PJ.... mwaha

Honey sayz....

Is this the way it's really going down?
Is this how we say goodbye?
Should've known better when you came around
That you were gonna make me cry... !!!
It's breaking my heart to watch you run around
'Cause I know that you're living a lie !!!


.... Tom... he has the pleasure to take me out on the first date as a single woman... he will pick me up soon... i put my sexiest outfit on and i am all ready to be spoiled with everything he can offer me.......

3 bottles of wine...

uuuhhhh.... three bottles of red wine... and then we gave up... we had a fun evening yesterday... Sabine, Andi, Silke and me... wohooo... i was ...well... a bit drunk... it was ok...i haven´t laughed this much in a long time... and i slept damn good yesterday night... julia woke me up around 10 am... today i feel so lazy... gonna spend the evening infront of the tv... or accept the invitation of that cute guy?... i have his phonenumber... i am not 100 % sure if i am ready... he said, call and i am there.... hmmm... let´s see what this day brings... let´s see...
There are times I can leave my heart wide open.
There are days I believe I can heal wounds on me.
There are times I could come to you and hurt you.
I could easily bring you tears!!!
I could send you to hell, I know you!!
have a good weekend ya all !!!
everything will be fine

Mother`s day....

oh... another year passed already? ... wow... yeah... one day julia has to be nice to me lol... nahh... just kidding... a big YAY to all the mothers out there... and after reading Felines blog... RESPECT TO YOU GIRL !!!... wow... i cried reading your entries... i am so so so so damn proud of you...
this goes out to all the moms... thank you for all you do... Sabine... we will get through this... and you are a wonderful mom! U better believe me !
to my mom... up in heaven... i miss you very much... every day....

Since your childhood you have watched your mom washing and ironing your clothes,

keeping your school uniform sparkling and spotless,

and your jumpers without a single crease.

You have been lucky enough to be picked and dropped to and from your school every single day right form your first day at school.

Whenever you had a fight and for the slightest reason or if you needed a reason to cry on someone's shoulders,

your mom was the one giving you the comfort and patiently listening to all your heartburns and grumbling.

Just remember the innumerable times you wanted a fresh new set of designer clothes and your mother dug out her pocket money to fulfill your wish.

The food world in which you gorged ever since you were a child and grew up on, was cooked day in and day out by your beloved mother.

Just think of the hundreds of incredible dishes she prepared for you, the tasty lunchboxes she fixed for you, the cakes she baked, the snacks, the cups of tea and delicious suppers.

It surely makes your mouth water even now.

Your mother is always there for you through every thick-and-thin of your life. She is the person you can depend upon to stand by you anytime you need her.

Remember all those difficult undecided moments of life and you needed someone who could make you see reason and pour some worldly-wise advice in your ears. It was surely your mother who lent you patient ears and then pulled you out of the mess in your life.

Think about the tons of love she professes for you everyday through all her acts, big and small. It can't even be measured. It can only be felt.



this will be the last time you will read this name on this blog.....

Everything will be fine