here i am again. was a beautiful day. we had much fun. it was sunny. i talked to scotty who had to work ( nah nah nah nah nah). sorry. i do miss u baby.

for the record. scotty and me are not a couple. NO. i am not saying we wont be in future. but we are not so naive to pretend something. we are best friends. i am just single again and pheww it was hard between 2 men. i ended it. but...scotty is still there. and he will be. i love him dearly and accept all his moods and bad sides too. he saw mine already. thank god he still talks to me. he hangs in there. and i am proud that we didnt rush into something. we are handling it pretty good i think. sheeze i had too much sun. hope i dont sound too confuse.

i am glad i talked to pj!!! he is still the same. at least on the phone with me. glad he is in my life. even though he is far away.

my political life is going well. tiring, boring but sometimes fun. uhh.

had a romantic date with andreas. was wonderful but the wrong guy. he is so sweet and i am proud to be his best friend. we talked forever and ever and late at night went home. we gave the stars new names. well we didnt know what we were looking at. drank wine and were scared of the noises in the forest. hope he gets a nice girl one day. he really deserves it.

julia had her second concert and she was fab again. summer vacation starts soon. we´ll be in vienna and 2 weeks at a beach somewhere. i am so proud of her. although its not cool to hang with me anymore. sighhhhh. i am not cool to her. oh well. a mothers destiny.