Plane by Jason Mraz.....

heya all! how u doing? xmas sucessfully behind ya? what presents did you get? are u happy? hope no family feud turned up or any fighting was going on....
now the new year is approaching real fast..... arghhh 2009 .... i am home sick :( havent left the house since friday ..... hope i will feel a bit better to start into the new year ....
and guess what...... i got my jason cd......YAAAAAAAY!!!
and theres a DVD included which i viewed so many times already... ya i am sick what else to do.... but i tell u something... i even love his music more now... he is such a talented musician.... he loves what he is doing and u can feel that.... i fell in love with a bunch of new songs from him... this one is on my player list right now........ plane..... it is the first song on the DVD ... sung live at a concert.... i just sat there and listened.... it was so amazing.... gave me the i wanna share it with u..... my speakers dont work so i hope this is a good version of the song.... if not email me please and i put on another one....... enjoy the incredible MR. Jason Mraz!

Merry xmas!

Merry xmas!
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Merry xmas to all my faithful readers!
Have a wonderful time with all ur loved ones!

Everything will be fine!

jason mraz...... winter wonderland

Merry xmas from Jason Mraz !

heya all! how are u guys doing? in xmas stress? ya? here is something that will make u laugh and forget the stress for a bit!

These holiday wishes from jason Mraz are hilarious... i just love this guy!
Have a look.......

Thomas Godoj .... fabulous !!!

heya !!! back...... tired but back and happy... we had a great day in Munich and the concert was fabulous! it was great to see him perform... u could see how happy he is making music ... he talked a bit too much inbetween lol but the concert was wonderful. i´ll blog more about it later... tired and need to sleep!!!!

here a video from yesterday... performing "chasing cars " .... a song that means a lot to him... he had tears in his eyes singing it yesterday... he was so moved by all of us singing with him... it was touching... he is very talented and he deserved to win !

everything was sooooooooo fine!!!
have a great weekend ya all!

Thomas Godoj........ here we comeeeee!!!

so we gave Sabine concert tickets to his concert on her bday .... she was so happy .... she is so looking forward to it and its so cute ... cant u just love her
this thursday we go to munich to see him live ... of course we go to a xmas market first ( and hopefully go easy on gluewein to not be drunk already before the concert lol ) and spend the day in munich before we throw ourselves into the Godoj adventure ;)

i am really looking forward seeing him ... he has a great voice and we will rock the place with him .... and NO!!!! sabine i wont learn all the lyrics on our way to munich in the car NOOO lol he he

Thomas Godoj - Autopilot

Music .........

i´ve been asked in a mail what kind of music i have on my mp3 player.... oh well........ as u all know by now i love music and its a part of my daily life .... i dont know why u want to know pete but i will give u an idea whats bringing me through the day ;)

Jason Mraz - Sleeping to dream

Chaka Khan - Ain´t nobody loves me better
Thomas Godoj - i´m not ok
Sugababes - lost in you
Laith al Deen - bilder von dir
Herbert Grönemeyer - Land unter
Jason Mraz - Live High
Jennifer Lopez - i´m real
Sunrise Avenue - Heal me
Pussycatdolls - How many times

so here we go! enjoy.....thats just a sample
listening to jason right now......... of course ;)

Did i do or say something wrong ?

there´s a certain person in my life who means a lot to me. i got her through a lot the last 1.5 years. always there. i tried my best to be there.
it took a lot out of me. emotionally too. there were many times when i went back home crying.
i was always being the strong one. somebody had to be.
i did it cause i wanted to. i cared. always told her one day u´ll be there for me when i have my breakdown.
but when u cross a line. when u say one word too much... even not being aware of it.
i have honestly no idea whats going on right now. have i said something wrong? did something wrong? or didnt do or say anything wrong ?

honestly i had a lot on my plate lately... an awful lot. i was busy with myself too.
putting that back i called her, i visited her.... felt strange
then a few things happened..... with another couple.... that made me think....
i feel that she feels ashamed .... the way she acts towards me.... hard to discribe :(

those people live next door to me .... she comes to visit them or her... no knock on my door
not even a short ring saying....... hey i have no time but a short hello........... she used to do

today i left.... they were there again.... yeah it hurts ..... i came back home and i cried
i really feel bad about it ... Andi warned be about it .... i sit here with swollen eyes and a headache... and i dont know why i am so emotionally... yeah the way she treats me fucking hurts .... and its not jealousy.... and i dont know what to do... there is the concert we all go to together next week .... i´d wish i could look forward to it .... i will keep silence
smile....yeah i can do that...... smile though i cry inside .... andi told me to talk to her and adress everything ... why me? sick and tired of always being the forward one ....

i am way from being perfect ... i am so full of faults .... i am trying to be the best i can be... for everybody .... but pleasing them i am getting lost along the way....

she hurts me with her behaviour ......

everything will be fine

my fave xmas song this year!!!

so there is one song i play up and down.... and bug julia with it lol
i sing along and that with lots of pleasure.... so i wanna share this song with u all!
sing along with me! ;)

What to give a girl who has everything
All i want for christmas you
Here’s my listI checked it twice
Wasn’t good, wasn’t bad
I was naughty and nice.
Had my eye on you all year long
And now i know for sure
I wouldn’t even have to try you on
No need for gift return.

It’s going to be a cold winter
But i wont need the heat to keep me warm
As long as you wrap yourself around me
On christmas morning
Whether it’s now or later
As long as it’s before you go,
you know My love is always in your favor
And now you know that
All i want for christmas...Is...

Sweet like a candycane
Hanging from the tree
I will stripe you red and green
When you hit me like a sugar rush
No need for the other stuff
This season you’re all that i need.
They say wishing for you
Is like wishing for snow in california
But you know that i can prove them all wrong
Cause my love is true
I simply adore ya.

It´s gonna be a cold winter....

Can’t say that i’ve been good all year
But I've been making resolutions to get you here
And if it means being better than whatever, no sweat
Well I bet my halls that i deck for the cause
And santa claus, he knows what my intentions are
Even dismissing mistle toe
So I get to know ya, first of all
Singing oh my god
You’re the reason that i decorate my yard



thats how i feel right now!!!!!!!!


i actually went into my bathroom and screamed so loud and was good but not enough i guess!!!

dont know how to fix this right now.... figuring that out.... trying to... but i get so much weight being put on by others that i feel i am drowning!

Andi put his shorts on and jumped into the water with me....... holding on to me... keeping my head above water.....