Happy easter to ya all!

wishing u a wonderful weekend
with lots of happy times
with ur family and friends!

sending u into the weekend with a wonderful solo performance of Jason... u can hear his voice so full of emotions, love... enjoy the talented Mr Mraz ;)

i'm taking a moment
just imagining that i'm dancing with you
i'm your pole and all you're wearing is your shoes
you got soul, you know what to do
to turn me on
until i write a song about you ...

Hello my darlings!
Hows life been treating u? Missed me a bit? A wee bit? awwww... i missed u all too... and to those who didnt even see i havent been on that much...shame on you lol
well... i have been with MR. Mraz.... well i managed to be first row at his concert... with no hassle at all... thank to the laziness of swiss people...or thats i think what it was... i had a great time... even had eye contact with him and was to shy to keep looking at him then... ya dont laugh... too shy to keep eye contact... arghhhhhhh
we had the best time ever... he was amazing... i made some good pics... thanks to my friends who made this possible and gave this wonderful bday present to me...love u all!!!

la la la life is wonderful....

everything will be alright



Jason Mraz