Too funky - George Michael

ui i used to love that man waaay back then !
he still has a lot of talent and a very sexy voice

with love, Ines

Happy thanksgiving !!

Happy thanksgiving everyone!
Hope u have a great time with people u love!
what are u grateful for?
I am grateful for all the people in my life that make it better, the ones that challenge me to become a better person!

with love, Ines

All i want for xmas is, us

Get into the decorating xmas spirit with this lovely xmas song sung by the lovely Tristan Prettyman with the fabulous Jason Mraz !! Enchanting

with love, Ines

Gratitude girl

Let's change the world one breath one act of gratitude at a time!

Have you ever felt like you really don't make a difference in the world or that maybe your
small actions, or your one vote does not change anything?
I know I have sure felt this way at times. and at times have allowed this belief to limit me or the contributions that I make.

When in reality that could not be further from the truth. You are like a violin in an orchestra, and the entire orchestra sounds better because of the tune you play, or the song in your heart.
We can convince ourselves that we are not worthy or capable and yet that too is completely false. With every word you speak, every action you take, and every deed you make you have the capability to change a person's life, and you may never even be aware of the impact you had on another.

We have all heard of the phrase that throwing a rock into a lake will change the shoreline and that is how our lives are. We all live in a magnificent universe that radiates with energy. Each moment we impact the energy field around us, the energy field around the lives we come in contact with, which ripples out into the community, into your city, into the nation, and into the world.

So I invite you to consciously choose gratitude, to think of ways that will bless those around you! Just a few ideas to dwell in the land of gratitude:

Take the time tell someone you love that you love them today.
Make an effort to practice random acts of kindness in your community.
Hold the door open for a stranger.
Smile or wave at the guys on the street holding signs.
Go play with kids at the park.
Allow another in front of you in a line while waiting to check out at the register.
Leave a kind note on someone's car, or a card.
Buy Starbuck's for a stranger.
Go to a homeless or abuse shelter and see what an hour of your time can do.
Leave a love letter for your spouse or partner in a new place.
Pick up trash, yes even if it does not belong to you, this is your universe after all!!! :-)
Pet a dog and share your love.
Connect with a child, really connect, give your full and undivided attention.
Sing in your car, the happiness in your heart will ripple out and bless others!
Send a note card to a friend or loved one.
Even better send a note card to someone randomly in the phone book, or qwest dex white pages.
Send a note card to someone who has impacted your life a family member, a friend, or mentor.
Bless others and send them love when you are waiting in line at a grocery store.

Finally, do things that bring you joy! As you raise your level of vibration you will naturally and effortlessly raise the level of those around you by becoming a beacon of light!

Come on, let's change the world, one act, one breath of gratitude at a time!

Text taken from the Gratitude girls !
I am trying to be a gratitude girl! Yes i am a Gratitude girl!
with love, Ines

Tagged ... always good for a good laugh

heya darlings ! 
how are u doing? the big bday is over and we had lots of fun and made some good new memories.
my girl is 15 now sighhhh. first thing in the morning was turning on mraz. coffee and mraz. now thats a fab way to start into the day. and he brought me through the day. and.. he helped me clean up the mess today ... la la la la life is wonderful.

so today was pretty relaxed and i got to spend most of it with my man and shopping with julia.
she bought some nice high heel boots with fur on top... well the kind of boots young hip girls wear nowadays.
she has a good taste just like mommy !! but mommy doesnt wear those kind of boots anymore. flat is the way to go nowadays lolz

welllllll ... as i got some time to log on i checked into Tagged. havent been there in ages. but its always good for a laugh. u are sure to be picked up there. have the best laughs reading through my messages... wanna share some of em with u again... now remember... those are from nice honest (ahem ahem) men ... and of course they all mean what they say.... here we go....

  • Hello Lovely Angel, Wow U are beautiful, are u from a royal family? cos ur beauty can make someone believe that u're truly from a royal family. i was mad when i went through ur profile and i realized that u are such lovely queen every responsible man would wish to keep forever in his heart, and please may i know who this lovely princess is? but it will be my pleasure if ur e-mail address is given to me just for us to introduce more about ourselves. please i'll be waiting to hear ur sweet, romantic and lovely voice soon. thanks, i appreciate

  • hello my dear how are u doing? you look good and nice can you be my close friend i need a serious relationship with you do you mind.

  • hello honey, i went through your profile and i think you are a angel sent from god. i am good serious man from Malaysia and look for serious relationship. i need good wife and you are my wife i can see. i need you in my life.please answer me. skype or msn or yahoo please fast i need wife soon

  • heyy l want marriy you . Mehmet c

aiiii arent i a lucky girl??? wifey material for so many... i must be the most beautiful girl in the world. sighhhh. got a few more like these. are there really women who fall for these??? common !!!!!!!!!!!
sighhhh i fear yes. 
well i am gonna drag my beautiful self into bed now. lets see if my real life man appreciates my presence hehehe

everything will be fine my darlings

with love, Ines

Happy Birthday to Julia

Happy birthday to my darling Julia ! she turns 15 today! gosh i miss my little girl!!!
As proud as i am that she turns out soooo good... proud mommy.... i do miss all the years with her growing up. I wish all the best and much love and laughter and good memories on this birthday for her!
she is very loved !!

with love, Ines

Jason Mraz speaks at Leaders Causing Leaders confrence

Mission from LeadersCausingLeaders

To Awaken the Leader Within.

Leadership is a defining characteristic of any generation. Where it is created, innovation and change become real possibilities - and this November 6th & 7th at the Long Beach Convention Center we intend a groundbreaking experience which awakens the leader within.

We’re assembling leaders and visionaries, creating exhilarating panels from technology to social entrepreneurship to spirituality, arranging and hosting seminars and workshops with some of the great teachers of our time and celebrating this experience together with a Saturday evening conscious music festival.

Isn´t that something that we need nowadays. And aren´t we glad they took it upon them to get it out to us?
Leaders Causing Leaders. A powerful message. We should encourage other people. We need each other to make this a better world!

Our beloved Jason Mraz was one of the speakers at this conference last weekend. He is a truly inspiring person. chose love... be love ... use love !

with love, Ines

Hairageddon ! waaaaaahhhhh

oh my oh my .... my darlings... ladies.... i am living through an hairageddon.... big time... blahhhh crisis... a hair dresser messed up my hair.... yes mam... my hair is messed up.... he is a nice friend of my darling man... and he came to visit us and he offered to cut my hair..... he always does my mans hair.... always very good... so i asked him.... do u cut womens hair too? can u?? .. he replied with YES... i asked him twice.... YES... so i let him cut my hair.... i said... just cut it back in form.. dont shorten it... he... he... heeeeeeeeeeeeee shortened it.... and aaaaaaaaand only on one side... after him busy working and cutting i went into the bathroom and.. wanted to cry... it was short on one and long on other side !!!!!!!!!!!
i instantly wanted to cry... i went back and said i didnt want it to be like that... he sat there and told me ... but that is stylish... THAT IS STYLISH !!!
i dont freaking care if its stylish ... i told u how to cut my hair... he ignores that and cuts it stylish??? am i in the wrong movie???
he saw me tearing up and i told him to cut it even
both sides
how i wanted it.... he did it a bit scared.... it was still crooked and my man started to panic too... i went into the other room and just cried... he messed my hair up.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
i think i was the first customer that started to cry after his services... he was very scared lol
my man promised me to pay for a proper haircut .... but to cut it even shorter???

today i am a bit more calmed down ... thanks to a lot of mraz and compliments from my man.... hair will grow.... hair will grow... say it with me lolz
so.... i try to live with it for now... cant leave home for a few months but who cares :P
hope ur halloween was more fun !!

with love, Ines