best feelings in the world....

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Happy humpday ;)

How is everyone?
we had some sunny very hot days here.
the wedding is over and it was just marvellous and fun.
our friends and all guests made this wedding a unforgettable one!
like promised i am gonna post some pics...
haven´t gotten a lot yet but i will share some with u my darlings.

these are just a few examples... more will follow... we had games and dances , laughter and tears of joy!

with love,

Happily ever after.... soon

Darlings... Hello !

it´s monday.... friday is the big day.... needless to say i am exciteeeeddddd!
ui ui uiiiiiiiiiii
how was ur weekend?
ours was rainy... but ok!
now its down to last details.
gonna pick up my dress on wednesday.
thursday is a holiday here so i try to get it all done till wednesday.
Kaddas suit is all ready... julia is ready too.
i am glad i got a bolero too cause it seems we might have cold weather and a bit rain.
well we keep our fingers crossed!

we all look forward to this day cause it will be a celebration of our love
and a a big party with all our friends and dear ones!
i know i will have a good time whatever comes my way.

speaking of whats coming my way...
i requested a while ago if i ever get married i want this entrance.... 
and there has been a lot of huuh and haaaahhh and now ...
i am scared lol ( they meet up tonight) for what??? ui
me opening my mouth.
but i will make sure there will be evidence if my
crazy friends are doing it!!!

oh my.. suspence! have a wonderful start into this week!

Things i LoVe friday

1. since i tried the fragrance Intimately Beckham in vienna last year
i was eager to buy it. i used my Kenzo for so long now
so i thought i make a change ... love it!

2. calls from my dear friend Gabi... it just brightens up my day 
when i had a conversation with her. 

3. i love candles... specially the ones from IKEA... it´s a must buy when
i happen to visit one! during autumn and winter 
i use so many... just love to light them when it
gets dark... during summer i use them to set the mood lol
hahaha it´s so fab to sit outside on a summer
evening having a glas of wine and there are
lit candles ... summer eveing mood

4. listening to the fab Tristan Prettyman

5. Sex on the beach ... the cocktail !!!! 
and at my Bachoreletteparty tomorrow i will
have a few.... oh yeah darling !!

have a great friday everyone ! 

"Don't let yourself be weighed down by what other people think, because in a few years, in a few decades, or in a few centuries, that way of thinking will have changed.  Live now what others will only live in the future."

- Paulo Coelho, is a Brazilian lyricist, novelist and author of 'The Alchemist".

song of the day - Beautiful day by India Arie

Happy sunday ;)

Happy sunday darlings ;)

Time flies.... hope u forgive me not blogging that much.
only 11 more days till our wedding.
I´m in bride mode ;)

Today is a sunny sunday,
what a blessing after those rainy days.
How are u all doing?
Thanks for all ur messages on here and fb and twitter.
they are all appreciated !

Ystd i had an appt to try on my wedding dress.
it was just as i wanted it to be.
it a plain white dress.
it´s gonna be a rad day.
can´t wait for it to be here.
Oh i do hope we will have nice weather!!

Being so relaxed is a new state of mind.
Whatever comes will come.
people go in and out of my life.. it´s ok.
i keep all channels open.
I am enjoying Elena Browers talent and wanna share it with u too...
so here is another mindful smack ....

Every time we label our emotion by saying "I am __(insert any emotion here)___," we imprint that emotion on our bodies, into our cells. "I am angry, happy, sad, pleased, frustrated," etc. That stays with us until internally we say we're something different.

Instead, this week, I propose a process of seeing the fleeting emotions and GREETING them rather than letting them sink into our beings so deeply.

Instead of saying "I am afraid," can we instead say "greetings fear, thrill, anger, sadness, happiness," and actually greet the passing states rather than latch onto them tightly by identifying so fully? "Greetings, momentary frustration inside my body, I feel you passing through but i'm not going to let you hang around for too long."

When you're able to greet a passing mood rather than say that you ARE that mood, how does that shift things?

The Mindful Smack No. 12, Elena Brower for from Elena Brower on Vimeo.

Enjoy and think about it !
It helps me alot.
thank you TheDailyLove and ElenaBrower

Song of the day - Hedonism by Skunk Anansie

just because you feel good doesnt make you right.........
i wonder what you doing now .....
i hope you feeling happy now....

Monday ?? Already??

Hello my darlings !
It´s monday already??? aww this long weekend went by tooo fast :(
Monday has me again. oh well.
at least it´s a warm one... although i see clouds.

On the positive side i got our personalized napkins for our wedding... yahooo
and i love em. it´s countdown for our wedding and the decoration 
part has kicked in. 
I am cruising around checking other wedding decorations.
and gosh i saw cute and lovely stuff.
now i gotta decide on colour and style.

oh being a bride aint that easy lol
how did ur weekend go?
i wonder if my mrazettes missed me at all sniff sniff
since i have a new phone contract internet on my iphone 
wont work. something doesnt support the other and ... gosh 
i think it means i need another phone or another phone company.
so i am a bit off twitter... but still on facebook.

right now i am looking at pics of wedding bouquets

so many styles and flowers to chose from sighh
so thats gonna be my monday... flowers and hairdo ;)
i wish u all a wonderful start into this week !

‎"Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you wont be the victim of needless suffering.

with love, Ines

After an Afternoon - Jason Mraz

Affirmation of today :
I am releasing- letting go of everything that is best
for me to release now !

with love, Ines

Things i LoVe friday

OhMyGooooodnessss !! 
It´s friday darlings!
once again.. time flies so fast!

still so busy with the wedding ahead!
the music problem seems to be fixed yeahhh

thank god to friends! (thats gonna be my nr 1 today ;) )
how was ur week?
mine was filled with laughter, lots of coffee, sun and rain!
today its a sunny day again.
who knows how long.

1. my friends ..... we are family... i got all my sisters and brothers with me! 
i heart u !!
2. IKEA candles... a must buy when in IKEA!
3. Paypal.... gotta love that sevice!
4. my daughters laugh ! nothing more refreshing and lovable than 
hearing my daughter laugh !
5. BBQ time!!! yay .. time again for heating up the grill and enjoy the 
grilled veggies, sausages  and meat!! (today is BBQtime)

have a FAB weekend everyone!

The Uni-verse is trying to conspire on your behalf, but can't when u doubt your gifts, talents and intuition.
 Let go and trust The Uni-verse.

with love, Ines