Happy new year!

I wish u all the best in the new year! love, laughter, joy.. lots of suny moments! strenght, energy and the courage to change the things u want to!

Have a happy new year !

Ines, Julia and Kader

happy holidays from jason mraz

Happy Holidayz from Jason Mraz & The Voices of Prayze from Jason Mraz on Vimeo.

Breaking news !!

This just in from CNN.

The Supreme Court has ruled there CAN NOT be a Nativity Scene in the United States Capital this Christmas season.

Not for any religious reason.

They simply have not been able to find Three Wise Men in Washington.

The search for a Virgin continues.

There wasn't any problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.

Love actually...

no xmas would be complete without seeing the wonderful movie Love actually... ya i love that movie... i dont like keira kneightly though !!!!!!!!!!!!! she is an ironing board .. poor girl :P
a song that stayed with me is "both sides now" from joni mitchell.
a wonderful song. i wanna share that with u. if u get a chance then look at the movie. its a must see. u can laugh and u can cry. and billy mack is just the funniest guy.

Rows and flows of angel hair And ice cream castles in the air, And feather canyons everywhere, I've looked at clouds that way. But now they only block the sun, They rain and snow on everyone. So many things I would have done, But clouds got in my way.

Snowflakes.... Schneeflöckchen weissröckchen...

we gonna have some more snow here tomorrow (thats what they said on tv and they never lie on tv lol ). so i wanna get u all in a bit of a snowy mood. i love snow.

wanna create ur own snowflake and let it snow down in vienna at the Museumsquartier? then click here and create snowflakes to make vienna white ;) try it.. its fun

and while doing that listen to an old kids song.. its about the snowflake coming down from way up high....

Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen,
wann kommst du geschneit;
Du wohnst in den Wolken,
dein Weg ist so weit.

Komm setz dich ans Fenster,
du lieblicher Stern;
malst Blumen und Blätter,
wir haben dich gern.

Schneeflöckchen, du deckst uns
die Blümelein zu,
dann schlafen sie sicher
in himmlischer Ruh'.

Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen,
komm zu uns ins Tal,
dann bau'n wir 'nen Schneemann
und werfen den Ball.

everything will be fine!

made my day... HO HO HO

good morning my darlings!
i logged in to facebook this morning ( since when became that a daily routine arghhh) i saw a few tagged pics of me from a far away fb friend of mine named Agatha and she made me smile ( without me even having coffee yet !!! a miracle i know lol ).
i put one of it on the bar on the right side and above is another one. how cute is that huh. Thank u Agatha !!!

looks a lot like snow here. at least thats what they said on tv. well lets see. more snow is even better for my xmas mood! can u believe i even made some cookies. ya ya i know !!!!! usually i do it 1 day b4 xmas lol but maybe i got inspired by all the people around me and of course of the early snow. so lets see how many more i will get inspired to.

wish u all a wonderful weekend! Hug someone u love!

Everything will be alright!

Adventszeit - Time until xmas

Hello my darlings!
how are u doing today? everybody alright? hope u are not in xmas stress!! that would be too bad. i personally dont have any present yet. oh oh oh wait. ya i bought something for julia today... haaaaaaaaa so i have 1 !!! yay for me. this year we gonna have our first xmas with Kader. He will be fully integrated and will have to do xmassy stuff with us. he will even have to put up and trim the tree with us. oh well. the trimming. i will let them do it and i do the finetuning. ya i know i am bad. but i want it my way!!!!

a few tips instead of buying loads of gifts.. taken from Jason Mraz page... for the full text go to www.freshnessfactorfivethousand.blogspot.com

1. The best present is your presence! Be a helper – Spend time with loved ones. Maybe commit yourself to cleaning out their junk drawers. Assist someone in proper waste management. Such as, recycle their old cell phones and unwanted electronics to ensure it doesn’t hit the landfill.

1.a – Help Mom and Dad, your teachers or boss to improve efficiency by living and thinker greener. Spend time demonstrating how easy it is to set up recycling in the home or office. Establish a community water source that eliminates the use of buying water bottles. Make sure Mom and Grandma are fully committed to using reusable canvas bags when shopping for anything. Have your home computer and company switch to eco friendly font! This is a font we use on tour. It’s clever “holy” design allows for printer cartridges to last 20% longer. Check it out here! Eco-Font!

2. Shop from your friends! In every community there are people who make things that could use the boost this season. In my community, I have a friend who bakes, a friend who manufactures hula-hoops, a friend who makes custom guitar straps and bags, a friend who makes musical instruments, a team who serves gratitude, and a sister who works for American Heart Association. Whether I’m sharing crafts or donating time and treasure in the spirit of giving, you are going above and beyond.

3. Re-Gift. A little spit shine on an old item, something you no longer relish, could be of great service to someone else. By re-gifting you’re contributing to the easing up of unnecessary material clutter. Welcome to a new decade that will best be defined by our doing more with less.

can u work with that?
well i will have to think about it. it can be done. its a great way to be creative . lets think about huh my darlings? thats good.

Everything will be ok

our fave coffeehouse out of vienna !

so my man and me have a new fave place to go when we are in feldkirch! cafe Zanona. it has this viennese coffeehouse feeling we are missing. or maybe i am missing it more than he does :P
but we made it a must go to whenever we are in the area.

cafe zanona

can u find us in this pic? lol

we always have our coffee and a piece of delicious house made cake. very yummy!
its nice to take a time out of our busy day. we do have so little time with each other :(
so we use every opportunity we get!

cafe zanona 2

wishing u all a joy weekend with heaps of time for ur loved ones!

everything will be ok

Christmas is near !

Hello my darlings!
yeah i have been neglecting u i am so sorry. but that is about to change.
i gave the blog a new outfit ( www.thecutestblogontheblock.com ) and we will make a new start.
still missing pj. was a bit confused with that message on my board hmm. thought i found him on facebook.. or he better found me and then i lost sight of him again. would u please tell me if u are ok mr PJ? email me please. just let me know where u are and that u are ok.

xmas time is near. this year we will do it with Kader new in our family. he is the man who turned my life upside down and plans to make me his wife. thats what he wanted to do since he saw me. my green eyes captured me. wohooo. he just makes me feel like his queen. in every way. i am in love. yes i am.

julia is doing just fine. she is 14 ( !!!!!!!!!) now. oh man i feel oder every year i see her grow up lol.
she is a wonderful girl. i am a proud mom, i really am.

i promise to be around more often.
everything will be fine !