Gold & Sparkly christmas look by Lisa Eldridge

The fabulous Lisa Eldridge
posted a 
xmas make up look i wanna share with you!
I will definately try this look 
on xmas day.
Lets sparkle and shine ladies!
Go find out more on her

with love,

Happy 4th Advent !

Happy 4th of Advent!
Christmas is just one week away.
There was a bit of snow.
Listening to xmas songs to get in
the mood... not a lot of luck 
so far.
Oh well still 1 week
to get presents and decorate 
and put up the tree....
oh sighhh

Darlings i am afraid u wont hear a lot
from me this week...
so don´t be worried...
i will survive lol

and then i will be ...

and also be dreaming of...

with love,

My Grown up xmas list ....

Happy saturday ;)
Snow has arrived... well up in the mountains
they got loads of it 
but here in the valley it snowed but
not enough...
still green out there !
So... Still getting ready for
our corporate xmas party
Cruised through a few xmas songs
this afternoon and well...
xmas mood is getting better.

Delighted to hear Michael Buble
xmas songs.
So have yourself a merry christmas.
much love to all of you my lovely ones!

with love,

Jason Mraz - Butterfly ( Belly up )

As i was typing and chatting i was singing loudly
to Butterfly.
Just love it!! such a sexy song.
and the hip action wohooo,.
i have so many fave song of
Mr. aMRAZing.
couldn´t name just one.

I'm taking a moment just imagining that I? m dancing with you
I? m your pole and all you're wearing is your shoes
You got soul, you know what to do to turn me on
Until I write a song about you

And you have your own engaging style
And you've got the knack to vivify
And you make my slacks a little tight
You may unfasten them if you like
That? s if you crash and spend the night

But you don't fold, you don't fade
You got everything you need, especially me
Sister, you've got it all

You make the call to make my day
In your message say my name
Your talk is all the talk
Sister, you've got it all
You got it all

with love,

T.G.I.F !

No work!!! 
well until monday lol.
Still waiting for snow
but they said snow will be here
by tomorrow.
Oh well.
Let´s see.
How is everyone doing?
We have our xmas party at work 
They forced me to go.
the guys seem very keen 
to make sure we pretty ladies are there lol.
We will see how fun it turns out.
No clue what to wear.
Honestly none.
And no xmas presents yet.
But i do hope snow will change my mood 
Fingers crossed.

Give the love you wish to get... Show up as a LOVE-ABLE person. 

with love,

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Darlings..... snow is on the way...
could there be a xmas mood for this
woman? lol
They said there will be snow
coming this saturday.
And gosh i am excited.
I do love snow.
And... i do hope it gets me into xmas mood!!
i do need it so bad.

so let it snow let it snow let it snow.....
singing along with Mr Mraz!

with love,


Happy 3rd Advent ! Advent, Advent ein Lichtlein brennt...

Happy 3rd Advent darlings!
Today we lit the third candle.
Xmas just around the corner.
Still no presents.
But at least i got ideas.
Now i need the time to buy them.

Im Advent bei Kerzenschein
die Kindheit fällt dir wieder ein.
Ein Adventskranz mit seinen Kerzen
lässt Frieden strömen in unsere Herzen.
Des Jahres Hektik langsam schwindet
und Ruhe endlich Einkehr findet.
Ein Tag, er kann kaum schöner sein,
als im Advent bei Kerzenschein.
Elise Hennek

with love,

Jason Mraz - Song for a friend (live at Belly up)

Oh darlings this song sounds better every time i hear it.
And this latest version he sang at Belly up
is Amrazalicous lol.
And the video is fab !
thank you laurenleialoha
for all the wonderful posted vids .

Climb up over the top.
Survey the state of the soul.
You’ve got to find out for yourself whether or not you’re truly trying.
Why not give it a shot?
Shake it, Take control 
And inevitably wind up
Finding for yourself 
All the strengths you have inside still rising

with love,

Elena Brower - Where to be .... a much needed mindful smack

it´s dec 10th already.
xmas creeping up.
not 1 present bought yet.
spent ystd in Innsbruck
and bought a few things.
no xmas presents though.
ok no worries.
i am always a late shopper ;)

Today i felt i needed to hear
another Mindful Smack
from Elena Brower.
I havent listened to her
in a while.

One line:

Be with people where they are. 

We spend alot of time trying to convince others to be where WE are, to understand OUR side. But when we listen, and truly get quiet enough to meet people where THEY are, the door opens, communication is freer, and everyone feels as though they've been heard.

Most of us just need to know we are being heard in order to openly cooperate, collaborate, co-create. Thing is, nobody will want to listen to us if we aren't really listening. So listen. Be with people where they are. It will ALWAYS make things better.

with love,

Holiday cheers with Jason Mraz !

woot woot i am having a short workweek
this week!
Tomorrow is a holiday so i am off til 
next monday 

To get in a bit of xmas mood
i was cruising through some
xmas songs and vids from
the incredible Jason Mraz.

I wanna share some with you!
3 years old but still so darn funny !

love this version of the song....

Jason and the Voice of Prayz with an short
feat of Bill... can u find him? lol

And of course....
All i want for xmas is us with the lovely
Tristan Prettyman.
I love this radioversion.
u can also check em out
singing it last year
at the Feeding for soul CD Release Party
( )
I love to listen to this one!

much more Mraz xmas out there?
hope there is more to come!

with love,

Happy 2nd Advent !

Second Advent sunday almost over.
Hope u spent it with people u love.
The second candle is lit and
we are getting closer to xmas eve.
For us here it´s gonna be 
another xmas
spent with family and friends.
Joy and laughter, making memories.
Really looking forward to that again.
As every year!

Dear Santa,
This year please give me a big fat bank account and a slim body. And please try not to mix the two up this year.

with love,

Saturday MrazLove ! Jason Mraz the "Make it Mine" pointing explained... so funny

Happy saturday.
another week has gone by and
xmas moving closer.
still no snow here.
so warm i saw people running around
in tshirts... so sunny.
but... its december! wow
Weather going crazy.
As i type this post i am listening to Jen´s uploaded
vids from her amazing Mraz experience last week.
She saw Mraz and Toca in San Diego and
she had an awesome time.
They taped the show and the next night show
so there will be some good dvd material.
She got a "hi" from Jason and a hug(!!!)
from Toca... wow lucky girl.

you can read about it on
"Best Mraz Pilgrimage ever"
she met some other awesome mrazzettes there!
so glad they had a wonderful Mraz experience.
And she also uploaded this funny vid where
he explains the pointing
while singing "make it mine"
so funny!

thanks for sharing the love Jen ! <3

i also came across another Grateful Journey trailer.
Jason and Toca in Berlin

with love,

My week in pictures....

Hello darlings,
tomorrow is friday.... weekend yaaay
If the weather allows it we will
be rocking the xmas market 
in "Palast" Hohenems.
How are u doing?
Hope u are all having a fab time.
Still not soooo in xmas mood but
getting there.

i wanna share my week (so far ) in pics
with u today.
very important....every morning !
every morning.....

cold when i leave the house...

Jasons Mraz music...
first coffee break.. croissant yummy

so my thumb can heal... 
xmas lights everywhere... still waiting for snow...

with love,

Pics from

Happy 1. Advent ! let the xmas season begin ;)

My darlings....
how are u? 
With the 1. of Advent
when we light the first of 4 candles
we ring in xmas season...
yeah a jolly one ... especially in this
loving home spent with 
friends and laughter and
joyful moments.

We usually meet to create our
xmas decoration and 
drink lots of hot wine and eat
sweet cookies.

this year i was NOT in a xmas mood.
i was not in a mood not so ever.
not even the alcohol helped lol.
So my friend made an "Adventskranz"
for me and my sis and sophie 
decorated it.
so i still ended up with one.
otherwise my place was on the couch beside the
eversocharming Senor Gonzales ;)

hotwinemadness !!

but they managed to come up with some nice
decorations... and cleaned up the mess
so i was a happy camper lol

and of course like every year we popped the 
xmas cd in and listened to xmas songs...
so... the xmas season has begun!
Glad to have my beautiful friends around me!
Love every one of you!

share some love people!

with love,

Guess what... TGIF !!!!

guess what.... it´s friday!
oh weekend is here.
mighty fine.
weather is gorgeous.
Advent coming up
Xmas mood is not here yet
lets see what happens...

with love,

Happy humpday....

Yes! I am braver than I believe, stronger than I seem, smarter than I think, and more loved & love filled then I can comprehend !

with love,

Jason Mraz in Sydney - Mrazalicious

does he ever fail to amaze me with his talent?
NO... looking at these newest  vids coming out of
Australia my love for Jasons music
grows even deeper.
I already fell in love with " I wont give up"
and now listening to 93 million miles...
achhhhh u guys... love love love.
Even start to love this Kenny G. look lol.
Oh well... really hard to get used to.

And ohhhh hearing those harmonies... Toca and Jason.
Love Love Love is all i can think of.
Pure Joy!!!

so in love with this song.....

with love,

Under Eye Dark Circles - Lisa Eldridge

Finally weekend is here!
Oh my gosh there is just no end on my
to do list.

Having a maid doing housework and ironing
never sounded so good.
We women are so underpaid
for what we accomplish every
fricking day !! 
And it starts to get to me.
Not only do i hardly see my man...
i also get under eye dark circle at times.
And NO it´s not from partying...
probably lack of sleep and stress?

So i was more than glad when 
the fabulous Lisa Eldridge posted
a vid about the topic.
She is such a classy 
natural beauty and i loooove hearing her talk.
that accent is just so sweet.

so i wanna share her video with you.

"The only one in control of your life is you. No one can hurt you, stress you out, overwhelm you, judge you without your permission."

with love,

Jason Mraz - The incredible surfer

Darlings i want to share another stop in
Jason Mraz in search of incredible... the incredible surfer!
The world as we see it is a remarkable place...

with love,

Baaaaaack !!

My darlings,
hello ... i am back !
sorry for the lack of posts but life keeping me busy arghhh

I wont have to tell you about
being a working mom and wifey.

But i promise to post more often.
i do promise.
hope all of you are fine!

with love,

T.G.I.F ! I´m free ....

Happy friday darlings!
Sending some warm rays of sun
your way.
Another beautiful autumn day here in
the west of Austria.
I am taking a few relaxing moments
for myself b4 the events of this oncoming
weekend hit me lol

let go let go relax !

Affirmation: I am who I am. I love and accept who I am. 
I know that to grow, I must first love myself in the past and present.

And i came across Jon Secada once again.
I used to listen to him all the time
during my time in Miami.
I think i even had cassettes lol
His powerful voice carried me
through a few emotions back then ;)
This one we used to sing
loud and with all our hearts.
I´m free.
The lyrics are very true.

Cause I'm free, I'm free
And things are only as important
As I want them to be
We'll have a breath of sunshine
When the rain goes away
I pray, I pray.

with love,

90´s flash

oh darlings,
happy thursday ;)
how is everyone?
we have some nice weather and mama is feeling
mighty fine !

we have a busy weekend ahead.
Brian is having his 40iest 2morrow.
so partaaayyyyyy!!
then saturday a charity event and 
Nati is coming to visit over the long weekend.
So yours truly will be
exhausted and ready for
some zzzzzzzz

was cruising on youtube a bit
and of course got caught in memory lane...
80s ... oh my
90´s oh myyyy...

i remember being in a club in miami with Daniela
letting loose and having tons of fun!
u know what i mean? ;)

oh my goooood!! i just discovered this song!
K7 waaaaaaaaaah!!!

swinging my behind into bed!
sleep well my darlings <3
with love,

A Grateful Journey: Jason Mraz with Toca Rivera and Friends (Biarritz Trailer)

Hello my darlings!
Happy nationalfeiertag to my austrian friends ;)
we have a holiday here and i
am having a wellness day.
and couch day....
and Mrazzie day lol

I just stumbled across this vid
from the Grateful journey tour.
Jason with Grillz and kissing a girl wohoooo
( i think its Tricia ? )
some of you will go wooooooosh lol hahaha

but it´s toooo funny to watch.
happy wednesday ;)

with love,

The incredible voice - Jason Mraz

Hello darlings!
Happy saturday ;)
How is everyone?

i moved out of tissue and tea city and
life has me again lol

And today we saw another video
of Jasons Incredible Journey,
in search of Incredible.

The incredible voice
a video leaked a few weeks ago
showing him and Shlomo 
perform in the streets of London.

here for you...  The incredible Jason Mraz!

love it!! put the version on the album Jason!!!

with love,

#jasonmraz #incrediblevoice

Lisa Eldridge

Hello my darlings!
just jumped in real quick to 
share a video and info with you 
about the fabulous

I discovered her on youtube
while browsing make up tutorials.
And i have to say 
i fell in love lol
Just absolutely love her british accent 
and her warm voice.
And her videos are very
professional and cover about anything 
u need to know about 
make up.

As i gathered from browsing her website and videos
she is the makeup stylist to many many
celebrities and she also does fashion shows,
magazine cover shoots and so on.

How could i not know about her?
arghhhh... well... now i do
and i am exploring her site and her makeup
tutorials and i love it!
Please go check her out!

I wanna share 2 vids with you.
One to a clean simple make up and
the second one is
Audrey Hepburn in
Breakfast at Tiffanys.
Enjoy my darlings!!

Watch and learn!

Just love love love this Woman!

Nothing is ever wrong. We learn from every step we take. Whatever you did today was the way it was meant to be. Be proud of you

with love,

#lisaeldridge #makeuptutorial


with love,

Pic from

happy halloween - jibjab

Happy thursday!
Hope u all are well !
i moved out of tea and tissue city ;)

today i played around with JibJab
which is always lot of fun.
and out came a
halloween vid starring
Julia, Kadda, Andi, Andi and me.
andis face just cracks me up.
I got the best shot.
More will follow!

go check JibJab out.
you can create vids and cards
and have a lot of fun.

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

with love,