Happy birthday !

Happy birthday 

to my darling man Kader ! He is turning 35 today. What a baby lolz.
He is my rock. He is my sun. He just completes me.
I am his queen and he lets me feel it every single day.
Have never seen such a generous loving man.
Yay for me, my prince charming found me.

Baby when I think about 
The day that we first met
Wasn't looking for what I found, 
But I found you, 
And I'm bound to, 
Find happiness in being around you, 

Im glad when I'm making love to you, 
Im glad for the way you make me feel, 
I love it cause you seem to blow my mind..every-time, 
Im glad when we walk you hold my hand, 
Im glad that ya know how to be a man, 
Im glad that you came into my life, 
Im soo glad, 

I dig the way that you get down 
And you still know how to hold me 
A perfect blend, masculine 
I think I'm in love, damn finally, 

Im glad when I'm making love to you, 
Im glad for the way you make me feel, 
I love it cause you seem to blow my mind..every-time, 
Im glad when we walk you hold my hand, 
Im glad that ya know how to be a man, 
Im glad that you came into my life, 
Im soo glad, 

Im glad, 
That you, 
Turned out, 
To be, 
That certain someone special who makes this life worth living, 
Im glad, 
Your here, 
Just loving me... 
So say that you won't leave, 
Cause since the day you came I've been glad, 

Im glad when I'm making love to you, 
Im glad for the way you make me feel, 
I love it cause you seem to blow my mind..everytime, 
Im glad when we walk you hold my hand, 
Im glad that ya know how to be a man, 
Im glad that you came into my life, 
Im soo glad,

with love, Ines

Merry christmas !

merry xmas my darlings!
i hope u have a fab time with ur loved ones making new season memories.
not the gift are important, its being together, laughter, having a good time.
i bought all of the presents and they are all ready wrapped in the closet.
tomorrow my darling man and i will spend a relaxing day doing some last minute
shopping and trimming the tree.
i am so looking forward to it.
so merry xmas my darlings.... ho ho ho!

with love, Ines

All i want for xmas is, us

Tristan Prettyman & Jason Mraz
Feeding The Soul Foundation CD Release Party

so adorable and cute!! just look at him looking at her .... sooooooooo cute!!

with love, Ines

Funny messaged in my Tagged inbox pt 2

U want something to cheer u up? get a tagged acct and be wooooed by all the men who think u are their only one ! The one they cant live without ( and the 150 other women they sent the same text to lol )
Its always good for a laugh... and i share some with u...

U look good.. got attracted to your profile and wouldnt mind to meet your aquaintance. You look cool and gorgeously charming..lol. Just a s a brief, I'm a young and humble african residing here in Malaysia where I am presently working on my movie making skill @ SAE Institute, To be precise, am in here to search for new friends and get serious with that lady who wish to build a strong benefiting relationship , a single who is ready to mingle. Correct me If I am wrong, age is just numeric ? I would be glad to know you and get serious with you if the chance is been given. I fancy constant calling rather than mailing, would appreciate if ur phone contact is given. Please forgive me if this message got to you in you sad mood...lol.. hope to read from you.

There are three possible parts to a date, of which at least two must be offered: entertainment, food, and affection. It is customary to begin a series of dates with a great deal of entertainment, a moderate amount of food, and the merest suggestion of affection. As the amount of affection increases, the entertainment can be reduced proportionately. When the affection IS the entertainment, we no longer call it dating. Under no circumstances can the food be omitted.  how are u doing pretty.

hello my new freind ,
,i wish to be good ,,,evryone in this world need simply things but have Great value for exemple the freindship ,,,
sometime we need freind before the lover ,,we can talk all things (if good things or bad things ),,,
i have 28 years ,,,i have diploma chemistry ,,i live in tunisia ,,,
really i don't need more information for you ,,because the picture Reflect your personality ,,that why my heart feeling good sentiments to you ,,
i feeling you are kind woman ,,and you have more true beautiful in your heart ,,,
 i wish that you understand me ,,because for me the freindship or the love build for many important things (we must to be honest ,,serious ,,say the truth ,,,have the respect ,,to help they other and .........) really i want to read my message and to understand me ,,i want to talk with you and to know more about my self ,,sometime we must to speak and explain what in the heart ,,,my msn :prof201146@hotmail.fr ,,really i wish to invit me or send me the msn if you havent probleme for this

Good day to you, 
I am so sorry for sending you this unsolicited and unexpected mail.
 Am Martin by name, from West Africa but am in UAE Dubai doing my business. 
Baby u are so beautiful that l wish you will be my life partner and am serious about it, try to understand me. 
Am 37yrs old Singh but looking for a beautiful, nice and sexy lady like you for my life partner. Wish I could see you and if everything was alright with you. Hold you long in my arms until its light Your smiling' face would make a wonderful sight. I wants to be with you, love you, eat with you, sleep with you, stay with me all of my life.
 I’m living in Dubai as l told you before for over 2yrs and some mouths now and some of the people life here is difference from Africa life but I’m managing to try and cope with them but the life here is not suitable for people like me. 
Like here so many people doesn’t have the freedom of moving about or having funs like European people but sometime l use to go to disco with friends and drink and also dance with my friends. 
l likes cooking because l have to eat, playing music also. l am very romantic person love chat and plays with people around me but l know what am doing. Am planning to stray or live in a foreign country so that l will live there with my family and trial them in a good behaverious. 
About myself which l have told you before that are from west Africa Nigeria, 37yrs old. l came from a lovely family with five sister and four brother and my father and mother is still alive waiting to see there ground and ground children’s. A bout my dream in future, well l pray to GOD to bring us together as husband and wife and also bring peace and understanding to each other and that is my dream to you. l know you are not from my country and l also know that it is not easy to commit a lifetime partnership without knowing each other, well it is true but in other hands before your mother brings you out of this world GOD have already sing who is going to be your husband in life and l believe it is me. 
Honey l know that love grows at a time and it's very important that we most know each other very well and l have giving you my word and my word is my bond and l valued it more than money, so think about it. Honey if real love or like to know me more you have to do something. but is true that l support to come over there to see you but my vacation will be on feb.18th till ending of Feb. So what do you think and l don’t want you to be in internet because l doesn’t want any man to see you expect me. l will like to hear your voice, 
Here is my contact number +97********* Dubai UAE.

this last one was my fave... so funny !!! 
and the scary thing... women actually fall for this!!!
Beware my darlings !!

with love, Ines

3. Advent !! Xmas is coming closer !

Hello my darlings !
the 3rd candle is burning... one more sunday and one more candle and xmas is gonna be here.
And honestly... i havent bought any presents yet. I dont even know what to get. wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!
been busy doing some charity colleting money for xmas presents but still havent got a clue what to get.
oh my. it will be stressy towards xmas time. at least there is snow now. i hope it will last till xmas!!! i really do !
havent had white xmas in a few years. sighhhhh.
so here in this pic julia and her friends try to sing a few xmas song and julia tries playing the flute ( paid enough money over the years for that)

so i hope u all are in a good xmas spirit!
season of giving. loving. gratitude.
season of family gatherings.
laughters. making new memories.
doesnt that all sound so wonderful
enjoy the time my darlings !

with love, Ines

Too funky - George Michael

ui i used to love that man waaay back then !
he still has a lot of talent and a very sexy voice

with love, Ines

Happy thanksgiving !!

Happy thanksgiving everyone!
Hope u have a great time with people u love!
what are u grateful for?
I am grateful for all the people in my life that make it better, the ones that challenge me to become a better person!

with love, Ines

All i want for xmas is, us

Get into the decorating xmas spirit with this lovely xmas song sung by the lovely Tristan Prettyman with the fabulous Jason Mraz !! Enchanting

with love, Ines

Gratitude girl

Let's change the world one breath one act of gratitude at a time!

Have you ever felt like you really don't make a difference in the world or that maybe your
small actions, or your one vote does not change anything?
I know I have sure felt this way at times. and at times have allowed this belief to limit me or the contributions that I make.

When in reality that could not be further from the truth. You are like a violin in an orchestra, and the entire orchestra sounds better because of the tune you play, or the song in your heart.
We can convince ourselves that we are not worthy or capable and yet that too is completely false. With every word you speak, every action you take, and every deed you make you have the capability to change a person's life, and you may never even be aware of the impact you had on another.

We have all heard of the phrase that throwing a rock into a lake will change the shoreline and that is how our lives are. We all live in a magnificent universe that radiates with energy. Each moment we impact the energy field around us, the energy field around the lives we come in contact with, which ripples out into the community, into your city, into the nation, and into the world.

So I invite you to consciously choose gratitude, to think of ways that will bless those around you! Just a few ideas to dwell in the land of gratitude:

Take the time tell someone you love that you love them today.
Make an effort to practice random acts of kindness in your community.
Hold the door open for a stranger.
Smile or wave at the guys on the street holding signs.
Go play with kids at the park.
Allow another in front of you in a line while waiting to check out at the register.
Leave a kind note on someone's car, or a card.
Buy Starbuck's for a stranger.
Go to a homeless or abuse shelter and see what an hour of your time can do.
Leave a love letter for your spouse or partner in a new place.
Pick up trash, yes even if it does not belong to you, this is your universe after all!!! :-)
Pet a dog and share your love.
Connect with a child, really connect, give your full and undivided attention.
Sing in your car, the happiness in your heart will ripple out and bless others!
Send a note card to a friend or loved one.
Even better send a note card to someone randomly in the phone book, or qwest dex white pages.
Send a note card to someone who has impacted your life a family member, a friend, or mentor.
Bless others and send them love when you are waiting in line at a grocery store.

Finally, do things that bring you joy! As you raise your level of vibration you will naturally and effortlessly raise the level of those around you by becoming a beacon of light!

Come on, let's change the world, one act, one breath of gratitude at a time!

Text taken from the Gratitude girls !
I am trying to be a gratitude girl! Yes i am a Gratitude girl!
with love, Ines

Tagged ... always good for a good laugh

heya darlings ! 
how are u doing? the big bday is over and we had lots of fun and made some good new memories.
my girl is 15 now sighhhh. first thing in the morning was turning on mraz. coffee and mraz. now thats a fab way to start into the day. and he brought me through the day. and.. he helped me clean up the mess today ... la la la la life is wonderful.

so today was pretty relaxed and i got to spend most of it with my man and shopping with julia.
she bought some nice high heel boots with fur on top... well the kind of boots young hip girls wear nowadays.
she has a good taste just like mommy !! but mommy doesnt wear those kind of boots anymore. flat is the way to go nowadays lolz

welllllll ... as i got some time to log on i checked into Tagged. havent been there in ages. but its always good for a laugh. u are sure to be picked up there. have the best laughs reading through my messages... wanna share some of em with u again... now remember... those are from nice honest (ahem ahem) men ... and of course they all mean what they say.... here we go....

  • Hello Lovely Angel, Wow U are beautiful, are u from a royal family? cos ur beauty can make someone believe that u're truly from a royal family. i was mad when i went through ur profile and i realized that u are such lovely queen every responsible man would wish to keep forever in his heart, and please may i know who this lovely princess is? but it will be my pleasure if ur e-mail address is given to me just for us to introduce more about ourselves. please i'll be waiting to hear ur sweet, romantic and lovely voice soon. thanks, i appreciate

  • hello my dear how are u doing? you look good and nice can you be my close friend i need a serious relationship with you do you mind.

  • hello honey, i went through your profile and i think you are a angel sent from god. i am good serious man from Malaysia and look for serious relationship. i need good wife and you are my wife i can see. i need you in my life.please answer me. skype or msn or yahoo please fast i need wife soon

  • heyy l want marriy you . Mehmet c

aiiii arent i a lucky girl??? wifey material for so many... i must be the most beautiful girl in the world. sighhhh. got a few more like these. are there really women who fall for these??? common !!!!!!!!!!!
sighhhh i fear yes. 
well i am gonna drag my beautiful self into bed now. lets see if my real life man appreciates my presence hehehe

everything will be fine my darlings

with love, Ines

Happy Birthday to Julia

Happy birthday to my darling Julia ! she turns 15 today! gosh i miss my little girl!!!
As proud as i am that she turns out soooo good... proud mommy.... i do miss all the years with her growing up. I wish all the best and much love and laughter and good memories on this birthday for her!
she is very loved !!

with love, Ines

Jason Mraz speaks at Leaders Causing Leaders confrence

Mission from LeadersCausingLeaders

To Awaken the Leader Within.

Leadership is a defining characteristic of any generation. Where it is created, innovation and change become real possibilities - and this November 6th & 7th at the Long Beach Convention Center we intend a groundbreaking experience which awakens the leader within.

We’re assembling leaders and visionaries, creating exhilarating panels from technology to social entrepreneurship to spirituality, arranging and hosting seminars and workshops with some of the great teachers of our time and celebrating this experience together with a Saturday evening conscious music festival.

Isn´t that something that we need nowadays. And aren´t we glad they took it upon them to get it out to us?
Leaders Causing Leaders. A powerful message. We should encourage other people. We need each other to make this a better world!

Our beloved Jason Mraz was one of the speakers at this conference last weekend. He is a truly inspiring person. chose love... be love ... use love !

with love, Ines

Hairageddon ! waaaaaahhhhh

oh my oh my .... my darlings... ladies.... i am living through an hairageddon.... big time... blahhhh crisis... a hair dresser messed up my hair.... yes mam... my hair is messed up.... he is a nice friend of my darling man... and he came to visit us and he offered to cut my hair..... he always does my mans hair.... always very good... so i asked him.... do u cut womens hair too? can u?? .. he replied with YES... i asked him twice.... YES... so i let him cut my hair.... i said... just cut it back in form.. dont shorten it... he... he... heeeeeeeeeeeeee shortened it.... and aaaaaaaaand only on one side... after him busy working and cutting i went into the bathroom and.. wanted to cry... it was short on one and long on other side !!!!!!!!!!!
i instantly wanted to cry... i went back and said i didnt want it to be like that... he sat there and told me ... but that is stylish... THAT IS STYLISH !!!
i dont freaking care if its stylish ... i told u how to cut my hair... he ignores that and cuts it stylish??? am i in the wrong movie???
he saw me tearing up and i told him to cut it even
both sides
how i wanted it.... he did it a bit scared.... it was still crooked and my man started to panic too... i went into the other room and just cried... he messed my hair up.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
i think i was the first customer that started to cry after his services... he was very scared lol
my man promised me to pay for a proper haircut .... but to cut it even shorter???

today i am a bit more calmed down ... thanks to a lot of mraz and compliments from my man.... hair will grow.... hair will grow... say it with me lolz
so.... i try to live with it for now... cant leave home for a few months but who cares :P
hope ur halloween was more fun !!

with love, Ines

Autumn sun... oh how nice

Hello my darlings ,
we here in the west of austria are blessed with very delightful sunny autumn days.
u can actually catch some sun to heal some dark moments ;)
its so different when u can stand outside and feel the warm embrace of the rays of sun.

looking at the calender u can see that the end of oct is coming. so is halloween. and changing times on clock again. i am never quite sure if we gain or loose an hour. thank god for the media. lol

still playing around with the idea of a fatshionista blog. i am trying to name it right now. any help ladies?
there are a few blog names i can live with but ... well i dont know.... but i will open it b4 the end of this year.

on other note my darling daughter will turn 15 soon. awww i feel sooooooooo old.
i have a 15 year old now. i can do it i can do it i can do it. ooooooooooommmmmm.
need some mraz to calm down lol...

everything will be fine
with love, Ines

Honey i´m home !

Hello my darlings !!
we are baaaaaaaaaaaack ! i wanted to blog more inbetween but i was so busy and exhausted at the end of our vienna days. We walked so much... we shopped so much... we had fun soooooooooo much lol
hope u didn´t miss me toooooooo much!! what?? what are u saying? u are asking if i was gone??? grrrrr

sighhh oh well... in this case i am glad i didn´t bring u anything lol heheheh
we had a fab time just the 2 of us. we did meet up with two friends and made some new lovely memories.
Vienna is just a fabulous city. I fell in love with it a few years back... and i am glad my man just feels the same.

we rented a 45m² appt with fully equipped kitchen (we never used it lol ) and we had only a short walk into the city center. we were up and away early every day and came home late at night. 
my man spoiled me i have to say.
he was a gentlemen all through the stay ( he always is !!!)
we spent lots of time shopping and spending some romantic time together. a walk in the schoenbrunn park was very niceeeee. autumn has arrived and the colours of the leaves were so pretty. 
i uploaded just a few pics and more will follow. i promise.

with love, Ines

vienna calling !

helllo my darlings !
how was ur weekend? hope u are all just fine.
i am sitting in a train to vienna (got up at 4:30 am !!!!) and am happy to visit that historic city.
i always loved vienna. still do. now its vienna my man and me till sat ! yaaaaay
haven´t been there in a while.
my first visit to a mraz concert was also in vienna. didnt pay him enough attention though ... was with a date lol
but it was an awesome experience !! it was just toca and him. mraz pure !!!
my man has already fallen asleep... bless his heart. he looks so cute... aww i love him <3
we are minutes away from Innsbruck in tyrol. there will be a load of new people boarding the train.
there is already snow on the mountains. but as we get closer to vienna.... the mountains will turn into hills.

i forgot to take a book or newspaper so i am glad i got the laptop working.
have a good start into the week every one.

everything will be fine

with love, Ines

Lovely Autumn

Hey my darlings !
How are u doing? Are u enjoying autumn? We had some lovely sunny autumn weather and we enjoyed every little bit. My man is on his vacation so we are spending a fair amount of time together. Next week we are going to Vienna !!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !
I love Vienna. It´s such a beautiful city. So full of history.
I wanna go see Frida Kalos pics ! Shopping ! Meeting friends. A wonderful week ahead !
Many pics will be taken and posted here... i promise !

My daughters bday comes up so fast. On nov 9th she will be 15 !! gosh i feel old.
Time flies so fast :((
And i keep thinking i want my lil daughter back !!!!
She grew into such a beautiful young lady. Proud mom <--------

will post again soon.. promised !

everything will be ok !
with love, Ines

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello my lovely ladies !
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month ! 
I really do hope all of u are into self examination now ! It is so important. And pass it on !
Like i did to my daughter. I cant tell u often enough ! Still so many are victims to that kind of cancer!
In case u forgot !

Here is a chart from the National Breast Cancer Foundation on how to perform a breast self-exam.Go on and try it ! 

with love, Ines

Hello my darlings !

Hello my darlings !
hope u had a wonderful weekend !
ystd was such a nice and sunny day here. we jumped on our bikes in the morning to catch all the sun !
wasnt only online through my phone to leave a status update. and.. didnt miss facebook at all lolz
different with twitter.... seems i missed jason perfoming on farmaid and his interview. oh my.
need to go through all the tweets and take a look !

important is... make every day ur best day ever ! dont waste it on negative stuff!
i am trying to live like that.
u are u and u are unique ! love yourself ;)

with love, Ines

Day 30- Your favorite song.

oh well... u all know its gonna be a Mraz song... but he has so many brilliant songs !!
so i chose a newer one... Don´t change at all !

with love, Ines

Pic of the day.. Jason Mraz

found over at twitter made by @parroton !

with love, Ines

Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned

I still miss him when he is gone !
We haven´t been to the movies all month !
Music = Mraz = Happiness
I should go on the bike more often !
Be stronger with my daughter !
I still cant stand that one person at work !
I have many talents !
My man is my hero !
The pain when thinking about my mom isn´t easier yet :(
I can´t be responsible for my sister !
He still looks at my behind when i walk out the room !!!
Life is wonderful !

with love, Ines

Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

uuuuuuuuuuui i have changed... i have to say i gained some weight... my man just spoiles me so much sighhhh but i inted to lose just a little of it again ! i wanna fit into my weddinggown !!! otherwise i cut my hair shorter.... my smile and the sparkle in my green eyes still the same Mrazmerizeeed !!

with love, Ines

Our wedding song !

Hello my darlings! 
how is ur weekend going? hope u are smiling !
as my man takes a sunday nap i am here online listening to 2 Mraz songs back and forth...
"all u need is love" and "this is what our love looks like". Both i am considering as our wedding song.
And i cant decide !! 
so i think i will use them both. hope my friends play their part !(i already warned them ;) )
ever since i saw this scene in my all favourite film "Love Acutally "... i just lovvvveee this film, but i diiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike Keira (for me she is just not present in that movie !!!) 
i wanted that scene in my wedding !
Now can u imagine.... the Voices of Prayze as choire
Jason Mraz singing the song
The Grooveline Horns
a girl can dream cant she ??
i will manage to get a similar set up somehow ( Jason are u willing to sing???)
i like the way they point at them when they sing love love love...
thats what its all about

so lucky me (lucky us mraz fans ) jason is covering the Beatles song right now and i am loving it !
he is spreading love !
i already posted that vid (scroll down to listen to it porfavore )
now the second song, thank you to fellow mrazketeers over at twitter and especially
 Turquoiseluna (she gifted me with several possible links and never gave up ;) ) is a new Mraz song. 
I instantly fell i love with cause i can feel the song "this is what our love looks like"

sighhhh... listen to the song and feel it... heavenly... i actually cried the first time i heard it... it hit home
so this will be included in our wedding ! sighhhhhhhhhh 

with love, Ines

Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge

I did this, or still doing it, so u readers and maybe myself can learn more about me ;)
with love, Ines

Day 26- What you think about your friends

oh well should i be honest? lol... na dont be scared. i wont go too hard on you ;) 
i have to say i have very good friends. 
i tend to pick friends up and bring them back on track and lose em. Happened to me quite a few times already.
but i learned to let go. i was there to help them and i am glad.
Chose love and be love !
I do know that if i need someone that there are enough people i can trust and talk to.
But i hardly do that. Yes i know its a mistake.
So its more a giving than a taking thingy with my friends.
but i have a wide variety of vibes coming from them. 
I am not the one who goes out every weekend anymore.
a nice dinner at home, or a movie, a glas of wine, music, dance
yes thats us.
we celebrate together, we laugh and cry together.
i have one friend who puts a lot of distance in between us right now cause i was too honest too often.
but its ok.
she has to learn to walk herself again.

everything will be fine
with love, Ines

Day 25 - What would i find in your bag

So, what could u find in my bag. Well a lot of things ! I have lots of big bags. Small bags u can find only a few in my closet ! 
Even in my teeny years my friends hardly took bags themself when we went out. I always had a big one with me anyways. so i carried a lot of different keys and wallets and papers etc in my purses. Its what they still remember about me lol
Nowadays u find more paperwork in my purse. Work ugh.
From tampons to tempos to lipgloss and needles and mp3 player plus cable... what u wont find anymore is kids stuff. Yeah my girl is finally big enough and diapers, extra clothes, toys etc have vanished from my purse.
i have a lot of em in lot of different colours and styles.
i wont publish a pic... just yet (maybe i clean it out a bit lol )
Hope ur weekend goes well !

everything will be fine
with love, Ines

Day 24 - A letter to your parents

i began many times.... saved.. deleted... but i guess thats a subject that still hurts too much... so please forgive me when i skip this

with love, Ines

All u get is love as a Mraz fan !!!!

What do u get with Jason on the stage with his super band and fans up there too???
yes sir !!
U can feel the love and joy pour over watching this vid ! so lets sing all together...
all u need is love !

with love, Ines

♪♫ Jason Mraz - Freedom song

♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ a song written by luc lovington ... spread the word !!!!

♪♫ I feel good.. and when i feel good i sing ... ♪♫

Day 23- Something you crave for a lot

i crave looooooooooooove ! cuddling.... feeling loved... give love !
isn´t that the best thing? give and u will receive!
i love my daughter and man to death... they are everything to me.
i try to be love for my friends.
chose love... use love... be love... !
u already read those words here... a lot!!!
and i wont stop saying them until u live it people !

smile at someone and change their day !
give out some love !

have a fab start into the weekend !

everything will be fine

Help Greenpeace to get Facebook of coal !

to get more information about this campaign go to .... lets all get a little greener !

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

hmmm .... how am i different?
body shape?
fashion style?
my sarcasm?
or that I wouldn't care to be anyone else in this world than ME!
that my laugh, makes others laugh, and i laugh to laugh a lot !
that I LOVE to spread positive energy!
that I would rather
give then take.
that i chose love and use love !

Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future

Mr. He swept me off my feet himself. My sexy man. i see myself marrying him. i didnt plan to fall in love. he was just there and was everything i needed. my heart needed. my body needed. he is all that u can want. sweet, sexy, funny, faithful, generous... jackpot.
he is who i waited for and he is who i plan to grow old with! he is my everything !

Day 19 - Nicknames you have, why do u have them

My mom gave me a short name cause she hated names u can shorten.
I dont have a nickname that stuck with me. Mostly my english speaking friends call me Honey.
An ex always said Greeneyedgoddess. But mostly i am Mom and Honey lolz

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have

Plans -
get married
live happy
be a good wife
get pregnant
new job

Dreams -
meet & greet with Jason Mraz
own house

Goals -
lose weight
get a better relationship with my dad
debt free (done soon yay)
new home

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

i thought about this. and after dismissing a few ideas. i think i go with the first person that came in mind. My man. Yeah sounds maybe strange to you but i wanna see 1 day through his eyes. Feel what he feels. So maybe i can figure out why i am the one for him? why he adores me so much. loves me without fear.
i can accept all that but with some changes coming up for me... i feel something brew inside of me... i cant name it yet.... i am heading for something.... maybe the big 40 in a few years?
no clue... well i can honestly say i have never had a man love me like he does.... men loved me in many ways... and i always have been loved... but he is just so different... i am everything to him... and wow...can be overwhelming at times... so ... i would like to slip into his skin and find some things out .. wohooo

everything will be fine my darlings

Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play

Iheart Ipod Pictures, Images and Photos

1. Sugababes - change
2. Jason Mraz - Wordplay
3. william shatner - common people
4. Jason Mraz - What mama says
5. Black eyed peas - I gotta feeling
6. C&C music factory - everybody dance now
7. Kanye West - Gold digger
8. Thomas Godoj - Autopilot
9. Blackbox - Everybody
10. Bushwalla - In the future

Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Dear friend,
i was always by your side,
stuck by you through good and bad times.
i pulled u out of that bad situation
almost drowning myself.
i pulled myself out too.
i guided you on your way back
and all u did was putting a distance
between us
when i spoke the truth once too often.
now i see u lie to yourself
and others.
i distanced myself too now to protect myself.
i wish u well and hope u can find your
way back to the real you.
right now u are hurting not only yourself but your child.
please do something.
stop living in your own created world.
with much love

Day 12- How you found out about Blogger and why you made one

Hello there darlings ! hope u are enjoying your weekend ;)

How i found out about blogger and why i made one ....
i found out about blogger through my friend PJ . He gave me this blog as a present about 11 years ago. He lead me into blogging and let me walk alone now. I hope i am doing ok ;)
so i didnt make this blog... my friend PJ did it. he was my webmaster. He is missing in action right now. Leaving me all alone here ! But since changing layouts gotten easier i am handling it alright i guess.
So i got into blogging through PJ and he originally created this blog for me !

Everything will be fine

Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends

no comment lolzzzzzzz ... this was taken xmas about hmmm 3 years ago... please pay attention to the xmas tree on the right heheheh .... Andi put this up for us!

Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh love this one ... Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad !!!
we listen to a lot of music around here.... we are musical lolz

so a song when i am happy... so many... arrrrghhh i know its one of Jasons songs

happy - Jason Mraz - I´m yours

sad - Jason Mraz - Life is wonderful

bored - Jason Mraz - Geek in the pink

hyped - David Guetta - love is gone

mad - Shakira - Underneath your clothes ... to calm down

just a few samples.... our range of songs is much bigger... we live with music .... through music... ;)

Update !!!! oops seems i hit Autostart when uploading them !! SORRYYYYYYYY!!!!

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

hmm well... dont know if my daughter will kill me if i say this... but i am proud that i didnt faint when we had a certain conversation. its not easy when ur daughter comes to u wanting to talk about sex. yeah i handled that very good up til now. but now it was serious. steady bf and...a visit to the gynocologyst is in the veeeeryyy near future (1 week ). so is anyone prepared to talk about ur childs sex life??? well i thought i am cool but ... my babyyyyyyyyy... my little girl .... NOOOOO!!!!

but... i was silent but did not faint.... heart beat came back and colour too.... so.... i got through that conversation alive... proud of it !!!!

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

1. clean out my closet
2. try to go on bike rides when the weather is nice in the afternoon ! fitness !!!
3.finally get ready to put up a fatshion blog for the girls in the area here
4.squeezeee all my friends (fb and so on ) in for a meet when i am in vienna later this month !

Retro heart star rainbow Pictures, Images and Photos

Rainer Maria Rilke "Liebeslied"

Day 06 - Favourite super hero and why

fave superhero .... i dont have one in particular... but who came to mind first was wonderwoman. and all the women out there who are working miracles every day. managing family and work.
all the single moms. who have so much responsability. and do it with so much grace and love !
i was a single mom and its not easy. but the reward is big!!

(oh man this is short lol.. but this took me about 45 min in between twitter and facebooking arghhh sorry try to do better tomorrow.. promised)