Don´t you worry child - SHM

sorry darlings but here comes another
video post... just love this song at the moment
and wanted to share it with u!
makes me dance everytime i hear it and
the lyrics are good to!

with love,

Jason Mraz's (European) Tour Is A Four Letter Word: Barcelona, Spain

just love thos videos of Jasons tour.
this one contains a great little story
about a unknowing farmer in a bar lol...
let jason tell you ! 

with love,

pic post 20131401

with love,


hello my darlings!
Happy happy new year!
hope u are all doing well.
did u have a good time?
we had a blast sliding into 2013.
our party motto was "bad taste party"
and we loved it!
just the mess the next day.... oh my.
my hubby (who of course had to work as always on new years eve)
was a wee bit pissed ;) 
but nothing i couldnt fix wink wink 

now we are already in mid january
time again flies so fast.
this year will be a huge one for us here.
moving, perhaps a new baby, my 40th and julias 18th
birthday.... oh my a lot ahead of us.
and i am soooo looking forward to it.

so lets welcome 2013 with open arms
cause it wil be fucking awesome ;)

with love,
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