And remember....

with love,

Day 03 - 3 films

Happy humpday darlings!
It´s wednesday and i can see friday 
on the horizon!
It´s a lovely week and i have to say
this week i miss my man so much.
Ystd i didnt get to cuddle with him
due to a meeting i had to go to 
and i missed it!!!
ya ya i know. bla bla.
but... sniff sniff.
i need that.. really.
soooo.... i woke up early today and demanded
to be cuddled. yup yup!!
at least i had it early morning.
enough with that.

it´s sunny and i feel sunny ;)
todays challenge is 3 films.
nr1 has to be Love Actually
although i DO NOT like keira kneightly.
she is a big NO NO in this film or at all, 
i love the movie.
It´s a must see when xmas season starts.

nr2 would be a bolly wood movie
Oh i cry and laugh when watching
Lebe und denke nicht an morgen.
Sha Rukh Khans magic.

nr.3 is Shall we dance
with Richard Gere.
An easygoing nice movie.

time for tissues and a glas of wine again tonight!

with love,

Day 02 - two songs

Happy tuesday !
How is everyone?

Day 2 is here already lol
and today...
2 songs!
Oh my i hear u sigh.
Jason Mraz again.
sorry babes.
he is DA MAN lol
so can we make a compromise?
1 Mraz and another song?
Yeah ?
ui I am glad u agree.
Soooo now to choose just one of
his many great songs... errrr
headache coming up.
Na its not so bad.
But i will have to think about it for a minute.

Ok here we go... first one... a MRAZ song.
What we love is what we become!
How true!
Please listen to it and take it in!

so now for the second one.
Hmmm... ya ya i know not a mrazzie one.
hard ... errrr wait.
The Makepeace Brothers!
Yes ! I love their harmony and love.
There are so many inspirational artists out there.
so here is a thank you to the community.

with love,

10 Day YOU Challenge

Hello Darlings!
Once again... monday is here.
Weekend is over sighhh.
But one step closer to the next one lol.
How are u all doing?
Hope u  had a good one.
And u are safe and didnt get in the way

We had a chilled weekend.
Saturday was a rainy day with thunderstorms.
But it cooled down and that was
a relief.

Andis bday was fun and a chatty one.
Manfred cracks me up every time i see him.
Didn´t drink too much though ;)

Ramadam is ending too.
Did any of you do it?
I personally dont do it but my man is
And that in summerheat.
Not eating all day i could do.
But not drinking? In such a heat?
Much respect.

Today i saw on another blog this new challenge.
And i think it´s time for a new one.
Time for a lil bit more of ME!! lol 

so here we go.. let´s try it.

looks scary ? lol played around with Instagram
on the Iphone.

have a wonderful start into this new week!
with love,

Happy birthday !

Happy birthday to my
Darling Andreas!
The second important man in my life ;)
No more words said.

with love,

Say anything ...

Darlings... happy thursday!

Weekend coming closer.
We still have summer visiting.

and i have another visitor coming back into
my life.
An old friend i share many
good and sad memories with.
I tried to find my friend
many times and i couldnt get
Now i get a friendsrequest on facebook.
So many memories coming back up.
And hopes that my friends life turned
out better than i feared it would.
the last news i heard werent that
good and i always hoped
my friend is bigger than that.
Now i am about to find out.

And its an exciting and also frightning
I will keep u updated on that!
Now listen to the wonderful
Tristan Prettyman.

We wont break if we let go
u and i already know.
We will bound to be
set free even truly
and here we are now
u can say anything.

u should listen to your heart
its gonna tell u what u need...

with love,

Oh yeah summer is here!

Summer is here... and stays a week lol
So we are sweating here. 
Day and night.
Wanna live under my cold shower lol

but this weather brings back memories.
Memories living in Miami.
I was young and we had fuuuun!

I always loved this song.
Miami is vibrant and we enjoyed it all.

One more time i wanna feel like that.
and i want my Julia to feel so free.
So i am sitting here with an cold icetea
moving to will smith sing...

with love,

Oh Monday....

Oh monday... welcome.
There u are again.
means 1 day closer to weekend.
Yeah think positive!!
How did ur weekends go darlings?
I hope all is well with u!

We have a little heatwave here.
Oh well i wont complain.
After all that rain.. but.. it´s so hoooot!

This week is my cutie pies bday. Andi.
Looking forward celebrating with him.
And yeah... i finally got wedding pics.
Yup i know u cant believe it.
I couldnt either.
After all this drama.
Well i accept them and wont think twice
about why who when darnnnnnn.
All thats missing is the videos.
I really do hope 
they find their way 
to me lol.

Looking on the bright side or better the hot side...
i wanna share a vid with u today..
a german rap group Fanta4
Ein tag am Meer
chilling listening to it....

with love,

TGIF !!! Every day I am facebooking :P

TGIF my darlings!
Did u have problems seeing my blog?
I got the message that there was the Koobevirus.
I ran a scan and nothing came up.
But i can get into my blog again.
I do only post vids and pics that are safe.
Don´t really know what happened.
but its all good on my side again. 
hope on yours too.

My Fav thing on this friday is a song i 
heard ystd.
Sabine and I spent some time with teenies 
and they sang this song to us.
It cracked me up.
they knew every word and they sang it 
sooooo coooool!
we tried to record it but it was too dark.
but believe me it was fantastic.

i am gonna post the song 
but i am afraid its in german my darlings.
just go with the flow and sing...
everyday i am facebookinggggggggg !!!

I use fb daily and i am not afraid to admit it!
I have so many lovely friends not only the ones
i met online my offline friends are
fbing too!
I do hope u handle ur fb with care.
I have several friends list and not everyone can see all
my posts or pics.
It´s important to be very careful.
And parents control your kids.
See what they are doing and who is on
their lists!
If u handle fb with care then it can be fun!
have a great weekend ya all!
Love u all much!

with love,

Don´t forget... you are prettiest when u smile!

taken from

with love,
I know it´s been long.
but i was really busy and i apologise.
we had some friends visit and days 
just flew by so fast.

How is everyone?
I am doing ok.
Had an intense day ystd.
Still waiting for the wedding pics.
they were a present from a friend.
A friend who is difficult at times.
But arent we all.
so it´s 2 months and still nada.
I dont see why i have to run after them.
She didnt see that either.
So we had an argument.
things heated up and she spilled
things out i wasnt aware of.
She threw em right at me 
and surprisingly i had enough in me
to throw it back.
I didnt know i held so much inside me too.

I try to be the best of friends for every single
one of them in my life.
And i  think i am doing a mighty
fine job.
I also know when to let people go.
And i thought i had done that.
Not completely but for her to live her own life.
Seems now she feels i abandoned her.
Well ... one situation two different
sides .
but it´s all good.
I took everything in and try to learn from it.

So this new mindful smack from the wonderful 
Elena Brower came in just handy....
i need to listen to it a few more times to totally feel it.
But it hits home at the moment.
Thank you Elena!

Mindful Smack No. 23: Elena Brower for from Elena Brower on Vimeo.

with love,

Monday....and Happy birthday Dad!

It´s monday! Weekend gone so fast!
OH my;)
But i don´t mind. Tomorrow is gonna be
a joyful day.
My best friend Gabi will come for a visit and 
more visitors arrive later on 
in the day.... so a busy week ahead!

So please summer come back for just a bit?!?!
We would really appreciate it!
I am surrounded by loving friends and
i am loving it!
It´s so nice to see the love i give 
coming back !

I don´t look my best in this pic but
who cares!!
I got the best friends and loving every single one of them!

When the heart truly understands, it lets go of everything. ~ Ajahn Chah

And not to forget Happy birthday to my DAD!
Thank you for all! just get rid of that old bitch lol

have a great blessed start into this new week!

with love,

Saturday.... bring it on !

Darlings !
How is everyone?
It´s saturday... another week gone
by real fast.
But summer is still missing.
Somehow it´s all screwed up.
Climate change is getting to us.
We need to pay the bill for all
our sins.

I am enjoying a nice saturday
with my darling hubby.
We spent some time in Feldkirch today
and in the evening 
we are invited to dinner 
by our lovely friends.
chicken curry yummmmy!!
hope the cook got 
kissed a lot so the food is delish!
Looking forward to that.

On other news... hmmm.
Julias first week at work is fab.
I need to wash all her white clothing,
and... so funny... Lipgloss is a MUST!
hahhaa i laughed so hard.
She got a nice Lancome Lipgloss.
My man is happy too cause she gets 20 %
discount and the Gucci Guilty is 
already bought!!
Don´t u just love him.
He is taking a nap 
giving me a bit online time.
Listening to my fave
Jason Mraz as i type this.
So it flows and flows lol.
I won´t hold u up any longer! 
Go with the flow my darlings!

Smile at someone! 
Chose love, use love, be love!!

with love,

Michael Franti - Hello, bonjour

I dont need a passport
to walk on this earth,
Anywhere I go cause I was made of this earth
Im born of this earth,
I breath of this earth,
and even with the pain I believe in this earth, So
I wake Up every mornin and Im steppin on the floor,
I wake up every mornin and Im stepping out the door
I got faith in the sky,
faith in the one,
faith in the people rockin underneath the sun
Cause every bit of land is a holy land and
every drop of water is a holy water and
every single child is a son or a daughter of the one
Earth mama and the one Earth papa, So
dont tell a man that he cant come here cause he got
brown eyes and a wavy kind of hair, And
dont tell a woman that she cant go there because she
prays a little different to a God up there
You say youre a Christian
cause God made you
you say youre a Muslim
cause god made you
You say youre a Hindu and the next man a Jew
Then we all kill each other
cause God told us to NAH!

-Hello, hello!
-Bonjour, bonjour!
-Hola, hola!
-Konnichiwa, konnichiwa wa!

Follow me
let me take to the dancehall
now to come a rock this rhythm
Follow me
let me take to the dancehall
now to come a skankin'
Follow me
let me take to the dancehall
now to come a rock this rhythm
Follow me
let me take to the dancehall
in a Spearhead style
Now hear this!

So dance to the rhythm
bounce to the rhythm
shake to the rhythm
and you roll to the rhythm
sweat to the rhythm
get wet to the rhythm

make love to the rhythm
clean up to the rhythm
when you movin'
you come alive
and when ya grooving
in rhythm we survive, so
don't panic, don't panic
no drum machine
this is all organic
just Sly and Robbie on the drums and the bass
Stickie on percussion and we mashin' up the place
givin' you a beat you can rock and rool to
givin' you a sound you can shake your soul to so
hip hoppas punk rockas
roots rockas even wood stockas
I don't need a passport
just send a postcard
send me a message, let me know how you are
whether you're walkin' or drivin' in your car
throw your hands high and
tell me who you are

-Hello, hello!
-Bonjour, bonjour!
-Hola, hola!
-Konnichiwa, konnichiwa wa!

Bubble from Nigeria to Botswana
Bubble Botswana to Ethipia
Bubble Ethipia to Zimbabwe
now bubble Zimbabwe to Mexicana
Bubble Mexico to Braziliana
Bubble Brazilia to Americana
Bubble from America to Japan
Bubble from Japan to China
Bubble form a China to a Pakistana
Bubble from a Pakistan to Australia
Bubble from Australia to Palestina
Bubble from a Palestine to Israel
Bubble bubble booyaka
Bubble to Italia, EspaƱa, Britania
Bubble bubble dance to the sound

-Hello, hello!
-Bonjour, bonjour!
-Hola, hola!
-Konnichiwa, konnichiwa wa!

with love,

Goodbye July .... hello August!

Darlings... welcome in August!
How is everyone doing?
August has begun and we do hope for 
summer to appear!!

It´s a time for changes for many of us here.
New beginnings and happy times ahead!
My darling daughter has her first day of work
today and i hope she is doing ok.

She cant wear her hair open so we were looking 
for more styles than just ponytail.
I found an online tutorial and i like 
her style.
So we will try out some new hairstyles to fit 
our summer mood!
Tomorrow will be a girls night out
and i look forward to it!
Today Ramadam has begun.
My man does it every year.
He has so much work that it´s difficult for him at the moment.
We will see what we will do.

Darlings i wish u a good start into this new week!
Choose love, use love, be love!

with love,