Happy new year!

I wish u all the best in the new year! love, laughter, joy.. lots of suny moments! strenght, energy and the courage to change the things u want to!

Have a happy new year !

Ines, Julia and Kader

happy holidays from jason mraz

Happy Holidayz from Jason Mraz & The Voices of Prayze from Jason Mraz on Vimeo.

Breaking news !!

This just in from CNN.

The Supreme Court has ruled there CAN NOT be a Nativity Scene in the United States Capital this Christmas season.

Not for any religious reason.

They simply have not been able to find Three Wise Men in Washington.

The search for a Virgin continues.

There wasn't any problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.

Love actually...

no xmas would be complete without seeing the wonderful movie Love actually... ya i love that movie... i dont like keira kneightly though !!!!!!!!!!!!! she is an ironing board .. poor girl :P
a song that stayed with me is "both sides now" from joni mitchell.
a wonderful song. i wanna share that with u. if u get a chance then look at the movie. its a must see. u can laugh and u can cry. and billy mack is just the funniest guy.

Rows and flows of angel hair And ice cream castles in the air, And feather canyons everywhere, I've looked at clouds that way. But now they only block the sun, They rain and snow on everyone. So many things I would have done, But clouds got in my way.

Snowflakes.... Schneeflöckchen weissröckchen...

we gonna have some more snow here tomorrow (thats what they said on tv and they never lie on tv lol ). so i wanna get u all in a bit of a snowy mood. i love snow.

wanna create ur own snowflake and let it snow down in vienna at the Museumsquartier? then click here and create snowflakes to make vienna white ;) try it.. its fun

and while doing that listen to an old kids song.. its about the snowflake coming down from way up high....

Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen,
wann kommst du geschneit;
Du wohnst in den Wolken,
dein Weg ist so weit.

Komm setz dich ans Fenster,
du lieblicher Stern;
malst Blumen und Blätter,
wir haben dich gern.

Schneeflöckchen, du deckst uns
die Blümelein zu,
dann schlafen sie sicher
in himmlischer Ruh'.

Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen,
komm zu uns ins Tal,
dann bau'n wir 'nen Schneemann
und werfen den Ball.

everything will be fine!

made my day... HO HO HO

good morning my darlings!
i logged in to facebook this morning ( since when became that a daily routine arghhh) i saw a few tagged pics of me from a far away fb friend of mine named Agatha and she made me smile ( without me even having coffee yet !!! a miracle i know lol ).
i put one of it on the bar on the right side and above is another one. how cute is that huh. Thank u Agatha !!!

looks a lot like snow here. at least thats what they said on tv. well lets see. more snow is even better for my xmas mood! can u believe i even made some cookies. ya ya i know !!!!! usually i do it 1 day b4 xmas lol but maybe i got inspired by all the people around me and of course of the early snow. so lets see how many more i will get inspired to.

wish u all a wonderful weekend! Hug someone u love!

Everything will be alright!

Adventszeit - Time until xmas

Hello my darlings!
how are u doing today? everybody alright? hope u are not in xmas stress!! that would be too bad. i personally dont have any present yet. oh oh oh wait. ya i bought something for julia today... haaaaaaaaa so i have 1 !!! yay for me. this year we gonna have our first xmas with Kader. He will be fully integrated and will have to do xmassy stuff with us. he will even have to put up and trim the tree with us. oh well. the trimming. i will let them do it and i do the finetuning. ya i know i am bad. but i want it my way!!!!

a few tips instead of buying loads of gifts.. taken from Jason Mraz page... for the full text go to www.freshnessfactorfivethousand.blogspot.com

1. The best present is your presence! Be a helper – Spend time with loved ones. Maybe commit yourself to cleaning out their junk drawers. Assist someone in proper waste management. Such as, recycle their old cell phones and unwanted electronics to ensure it doesn’t hit the landfill.

1.a – Help Mom and Dad, your teachers or boss to improve efficiency by living and thinker greener. Spend time demonstrating how easy it is to set up recycling in the home or office. Establish a community water source that eliminates the use of buying water bottles. Make sure Mom and Grandma are fully committed to using reusable canvas bags when shopping for anything. Have your home computer and company switch to eco friendly font! This is a font we use on tour. It’s clever “holy” design allows for printer cartridges to last 20% longer. Check it out here! Eco-Font!

2. Shop from your friends! In every community there are people who make things that could use the boost this season. In my community, I have a friend who bakes, a friend who manufactures hula-hoops, a friend who makes custom guitar straps and bags, a friend who makes musical instruments, a team who serves gratitude, and a sister who works for American Heart Association. Whether I’m sharing crafts or donating time and treasure in the spirit of giving, you are going above and beyond.

3. Re-Gift. A little spit shine on an old item, something you no longer relish, could be of great service to someone else. By re-gifting you’re contributing to the easing up of unnecessary material clutter. Welcome to a new decade that will best be defined by our doing more with less.

can u work with that?
well i will have to think about it. it can be done. its a great way to be creative . lets think about huh my darlings? thats good.

Everything will be ok

our fave coffeehouse out of vienna !

so my man and me have a new fave place to go when we are in feldkirch! cafe Zanona. it has this viennese coffeehouse feeling we are missing. or maybe i am missing it more than he does :P
but we made it a must go to whenever we are in the area.

cafe zanona

can u find us in this pic? lol

we always have our coffee and a piece of delicious house made cake. very yummy!
its nice to take a time out of our busy day. we do have so little time with each other :(
so we use every opportunity we get!

cafe zanona 2

wishing u all a joy weekend with heaps of time for ur loved ones!

everything will be ok

Christmas is near !

Hello my darlings!
yeah i have been neglecting u i am so sorry. but that is about to change.
i gave the blog a new outfit ( www.thecutestblogontheblock.com ) and we will make a new start.
still missing pj. was a bit confused with that message on my board hmm. thought i found him on facebook.. or he better found me and then i lost sight of him again. would u please tell me if u are ok mr PJ? email me please. just let me know where u are and that u are ok.

xmas time is near. this year we will do it with Kader new in our family. he is the man who turned my life upside down and plans to make me his wife. thats what he wanted to do since he saw me. my green eyes captured me. wohooo. he just makes me feel like his queen. in every way. i am in love. yes i am.

julia is doing just fine. she is 14 ( !!!!!!!!!) now. oh man i feel oder every year i see her grow up lol.
she is a wonderful girl. i am a proud mom, i really am.

i promise to be around more often.
everything will be fine !
yay we did it... we got engaged! i am such a happy girl. he is the best that could have happened to me! after all i have been through he is my shining light. finally a guy who knows how to be a man and behaves like one too! i want to share my happiness with u. could hug the whole world. wohoooooooo
hey ya all... know i have been neglecting u... sorry!!!!
much been going on... promise to be back more now.
searching for PJ... PJ?????
serdartekin@...... sagt:
I miss you a lot
I am a zombi since the day you left
Angelica sagt:
ya really
serdartekin@..... sagt:
you have no idea
Angelica sagt:
are u sure u are talking to the right woman?
serdartekin@.....m sagt:
yes you are the right woman
Angelica sagt:
ui ui ui
and what was the day i left u? lol
serdartekin@...... sagt:
I have no idea. My time keeper was reset to zero the day you left
lol no comment... gosh
Hello..... ya ya dont kill me.... i know i have been away... but i had to up for air now ....battling few deamons but good docs to help me do it... so i should be alright;)

as i sit here eating my icecream ( love u my icemaster).... i talk to seify... no u cant lick it off lol.... and to chup....

i know chup since... hmmm was it 2001?
we used to chat in same chat room... KL1... on yahoo .... it was so much fun to take a trip back into KL 1 with him... catching up on chatters we both know.... i am still in contact with Jaffy.. who married Macna... then with Danny .. ... Angeline....Pj.... Feline... he is in contact with Jasmine, Hallie who marrie Uteh if i remember it right.... oh and Rus... wonderful rus who lives in London now ... has a little girl.....Terry Gallyot... mr Asian.... Julia...drex aka John... still get my morning kisses from him on msn...i cant remember any of the other ones...
i wonder what happened to Piau... Nobarblues.... foxylady.... so many... we were regulars in that chatroom... had so much fun... omg... i forgot my wonderful gf darlene palmer... gosh i wish i could talk to her now... wonder how she is doing! oh and dhiran.... what a wonderful guy.... i know he must be married by now... we kept in contact for a bit... but not lately... guess i have to dig out his phone number again and give him a call....

we had love affairs... break ups... tragedies.... laughter.. so much fun... the whole room played together....literaty and so on... we were an unity.... and i dont really remember how it ended.... we all just grew up i guess....
but its so good to talk to chup about old times.... he is just the sweetest man

door bell ringing... will continue soon
everything will be alright
Happy easter to ya all!

wishing u a wonderful weekend
with lots of happy times
with ur family and friends!

sending u into the weekend with a wonderful solo performance of Jason... u can hear his voice so full of emotions, love... enjoy the talented Mr Mraz ;)

i'm taking a moment
just imagining that i'm dancing with you
i'm your pole and all you're wearing is your shoes
you got soul, you know what to do
to turn me on
until i write a song about you ...

Hello my darlings!
Hows life been treating u? Missed me a bit? A wee bit? awwww... i missed u all too... and to those who didnt even see i havent been on that much...shame on you lol
well... i have been with MR. Mraz.... well i managed to be first row at his concert... with no hassle at all... thank to the laziness of swiss people...or thats i think what it was... i had a great time... even had eye contact with him and was to shy to keep looking at him then... ya dont laugh... too shy to keep eye contact... arghhhhhhh
we had the best time ever... he was amazing... i made some good pics... thanks to my friends who made this possible and gave this wonderful bday present to me...love u all!!!

la la la life is wonderful....

everything will be alright



Jason Mraz

Jason and me

Jason and me... what can i say... first row... a few metres away from him... brilliant concert... had eye contact with him... still in Mraz heaven... thank u to my beautiful friends who gave me this wonderful experience as a bday gift... i love you guys!
Andi, Sabine, Silke, Manfred, Sabine..... Thank you
Angie is going to see Jason!!!!!! Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!Angie is going to see Jason !!!
hey ya all!!!!!! how are u doing? was the weekend ok? missed me? lol
i had an interesting weekend... and due to some well... circumstances... i was online sunday morning... i never am... so i log on and i see........ JAFFFYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
my dear dear dear friend Jaff! a guy so close to my heart... he is just the warmest nicest guy i have ever met. Know him since... hmmm how long? is it 8 or 9 years? and that got me thinking of Jason Mraz. Don´t know why i did.. honestly... so i asked Jaff ( yeah i know u all will laugh but i did... ) ... jaffy... do u know jason mraz? and he answered... no... oh wait... i interviewed him ... cool guy!
Me.......... :O:O:O:O WHAT?

you all have to know jaffy is a journalist. travelled all world. interviewed many people. but now Jason!!!!!!!!!!! and he told me what i already knew...jason is a cool guy. sighhh jaffy.... why didn´t we talk earlier... you could have given Jason my phone number lol damned
but its all good... i calmed down .... breathe angie breathe.....

it´s wonderful i got to talk to jaffy... a very wonderful man... married to lovely woman who had some major health problems... and when he talked about it i just knew why he is so close to my heart... he loves his wife so much.... and i know they will get through it and come out of it stronger!

to jaffy ! want u to know that u mean heaps to me and to julia too... we have to activate the post card sending again... she loved her post cards from uncle jaffy! ur a wonderful guy and it shows... my love to u and ur wife.... hugs ( ur fave waste of time ;) )

and to that... a bit of Jasons wonderful music... "LIFE IS WONDERFUL" ... isn´t is ya all!!!!

It takes a crane to build a crane
It takes two floors to make a story
It takes an egg to make a hen
It takes a hen to make an egg
There is no end to what I'm saying.....

a HUGE HUG and hello to Pj!!!!! miss u around PJ! really do!!!!

everything will be fine
Him : Hi
Me : hi there

Him : i wanna kiss you
Me : ...
Him : can i kiss you ?
Me : why?
Him: cause u are hot and sexy !
Me : ...
Him : can i lick ur boobs?
Me : my boobs are allergic to tongues ( ty for the fast witty reply Mr ex HP india! )
Him: can i lick ur pussy?
Me : errr ... my pussy is allergic to your tongue and i only do humans !
Him : i am human baby!
Me : ... (damn he is persistant.. doesnt he get it ? )
Him : if i fuck u u will be so happy baby!

thank god for the delete button. why do we girls always have to go through this???
u say hello and end up with a pervert on the other side. really makes me wanna scream. Facebook is giving a lot of those lately. gonna close up my friends list again. Just cause i say "hello "... doesnt mean i wanna end up in your bed!!!!!

and a big thank you to Mr. ex HP india who comes up with funny answers for those perverts ! love spending that "quality time with u"! and we do have to work on it! councelling baby councelling!!! but i dont give up on us!!! lol hugs and kisses

???????? Pictures, Images and Photos

lol heheheehehe
everything will be fine
And then she'd say, it's Ok, I got lost on the way
but I'm a supergirl, and supergirls don't cry.

I heard this song this morning... a song i used to love... a song somebody played when i entered his world... when i entered his life... wonder if he thinks of me... i pushed him away... he knew me so well... why are we doing the things we do? why did i do those things? why did i say those hurtful things to him? when i close my eyes i can still see the painful look in his eyes... the look when i said things just to hurt him... i can be such a bitch at times... i wanted to protect myself... but from what? from being loved?

All i have to say to you and u know who u are... I am really sorry! i didn´t mean to hurt you. I didn´t want to break ur heart. I am sorry.

so how u are all doing? i saw Danny saw Jason in Singapore. I AM OFFICIALLY JEALOUS!
gosh Danny.... but i am so glad i got u to go ;) so all my babbling about jasons music and how talented he is worked lol

i do hope i get to see him too. my friends said they got tickets to see the sold out concert. pretty expensive ones. but they arent here yet so i am not getting my hopes up.
i am glad Danny had the pleasure to see this talented man perform. i am sure he had a blast.

Jason still gets me through days and nights. Just knowing what his music means to him makes listening to it more fun and exciting.

hey tomorrow is womens world day !
celebrating all those beautiful heros of everyday life. we are all heros in our own way!
it´s the little things that count!
here in austria all women can use railway for free.. so we gonna hit the train and make a nice trip to innsbruck... i´ll post some pics for u... if i dont forget lol

You can tell by the way, she walks that she's my girl
You can tell by the way, she talks that she rules the world.
You can see in her eyes that no one is her chain.
She's my girl, my supergirl.

so with this song i will leave into the weekend!
everything will be alright!

Angie ... is letting Jasons Music heal me ... float right through me... touch me..

Haven´t u ever listened to music that made u cry? It’s like the melodies reach in through flaring nostrils and caress your skin from underneath making all your hairs rise at attention, they too trying to listen. And then all the tingly sensations, the unnamed emotions, culminate at the dam on your eyelids until they fall from your body like a stream flowing over the top of a mountain. I liken it to a musical detoxification treatment; freeing yourself of non-required thoughts and feelings and returning to your inherent self - a being made of love and light.... Jason Mraz

there can be nothing more said... he brought it to the point



how was your weekend? fun? hope u had a great valentines day!
it was snowing here on the weekend and it was wonderful. ya i love it!
on saturday i went to a carneval concert here ... monsterconcert lol. hard to explain to you all. but its fun. i will try to get some videos for u to see!
so on sunday we decided to take a winter walk and we even made snowangels! lol

today i am strangely tired ... i dont know why. this week my bday is coming up and everybody asks what i will do. i hope to spend it with my friends... although Manfred told me on saturday he wont come cause he will go to a ball! WHAT?? ya right.... thank you so much ... and then he tells me he comes before he leaves for the evening for me to put make up on his face... a pirate... ya i will make ya a pirate grrrrrr
everything will be alright

ok... found a video from last years concert... but now u have an idea what a guggamusik is ;)... carneval yaaaaaaaaaaaay

hope the sound is good... couldnt listen to it... ;)
Happy Valentines day to you all!

i really do hope u are spending the day with people u love... or with the person u love!
sending u lots of love and positive energy! thank you for ur love my faithful readers!

hugs and kisses

Happy valentine Pictures, Images and Photos
its thursday .... valentines day on saturday.... arghhh :(
somehow i hoped i spend it with that certain someone ... but he is far from me... far from my heart.... yesterday he messaged me saying he talked with his friends about me and they took his phone and sent me that message ... sounds so unreal and he keeps trying to explain it ... but it do makes me wonder what he told them about me ... he said nothing bad ... ya right as if there was ... i would have kicked his arse all the way to Timbuktu!

I am trying to get into touch with Pj! we keep missing each other... i left a voicemail on his phone... hope he is doing ok!!

then my phone beeped again in the middle of the night .... gosh i am getting used to it... i tried to read it and saw it was from Aims! AIMSSS!!! are u and Brian ganging up on me to keep me awake at night? but luckily i went right back to sleep.... Happy Valentines day to u too! hope u spend a wonderful day with Andrew!

everything will be ok!
i really start to hate saturday nights... i went to sleep with the feeling i would get a message from Brian... thats how it is lately... last week it was 5 am and yesterday night it was 2 am... i know i should just turn my phone off ... i should... but i can´t... last week his message was worrying me... yesterday night it was ..well... i heard the beep and looked at the message with one eye only... decided though to not message him back and go right back to sleep!

i had wild dreams though... i saw him with another woman... in ran from room to room and all i ever saw was him with a girl... gosh... GOSHHHHH ... he accused me of cheating but i never thought about if it might be him who is doing it? got rid of me saying i cheated cause he was...hmmm... well i dont wanna think like that... thats not me

then i got woken by another beep... 8 am .... ok ok... i had to use the bathroom anyways... so i got up and while sitting on u know what i opened my messages...
gosh i better open both eyes... Brian... I knew... oh... wow... now i was awake...

at 2 am...... "If i come and i am the one, will u marry me?" WHAT? wait.....
at 8 am....... " Sorry, someone played with my phone."...... WTF?

and all that while i slept?? now i was wide awake... still my phone in my hands i thought about what to say.... what to think.... oh man
OH MAN!!!!

didnt even have coffee yet and darn it was too early to have to think bout such things...
i decided to not message him back... yeah u heard right! na i am not lying!!!!NO, i am not! oh u shut up!

i really think he wrote that message and when i didnt respond he got scared and said someone played with his phone. cause that cant be the case. who knows about me? just his sister. bullshit. he got scared i could say yes.

i honestly thought he never thinks about me. he is so cold. he just remembers me when he drank. and that is once a week lately. saturday. so i dont think i should follow up on this too much. wonder what it will be next week? darn thats valentines day... arghhhhh

everything will be alright!
arghhhhhhhhhhhhh.... tonight i really meant to blog... been on for 2 hours now and people keep messaging me ..... i have 5 conversations at a time.... one with webcam... how do i do that???
and then Andi too lol... well thats fun ... spent a fun afternoon at his place... cant talk bout it though sorry !
now its late and i am too tired to blog... hey blame all the ones wanting to talk to me online!
but i had good intentions... well new try tomorrow!

have a good night ya all!

If it´s a broken part replace it....

If its´s a broken part, replace it ... it if´s a broken arm then brace it... if it´s a broken heart then face it !!!

heya all! whats new? doing alright? sorry i have been a bit unfaithful to you all... i have been asked to to a blog for the social party here in town... guess they want some fresh blood to get more votes this year .... ya lets see what we can do ... it´s quite different though ... have to behave there lol
but... i did hit them with Jason mraz already hihihi ... yup
Mr Mraz is going with me everywhere ;)

my birthday is coming up .... ahhhh... wanna go away and just escape .... be alone... but i guess that wont work this year either sighhhh

PJ messaged me today! PJJJJJJJ !!!!!!!!!!!!! i messaged back but silence then arghhh... common mr Pj.... u like keeping me worried dont ya grrrrrrrrrrrrr

A big shout out to Aims! Miss u too girl! But u know as long as u are happy i am too! hugs hugs hugs

Everything will be alright
and.... what a surprise... i got an sms at 5 am today... anyone can guess from who it was? ... common think harder u know it.... ya ya? Brian .... ya there we go u all knew it... guess out drinking once again... sending me a message that worried me... gosh.... i want off that emotional rollercoaster!!!!!

Butterfly by Jason Mraz

ya the wonderful and talented Jason Mraz still accompanies me through the day and night sometimes... and I wanna share yet one another one of his beautiful songs... he is life in concert so darn good... hope i get to see him next month in Zurich!!!

everything is fine

new layout...

sooooooooooooo.... i have been wanting to change my layout forever... and now after i dont know seeing how many different ones... i thought what the heck and chose this one.... feel free to leave a comment.... i know the shout box is tooooo big.... but i am not a professional and i am working at that... so have patience... i am doing my best!

since my fave Web master "mr i keep dissapearing on angie and worrying her PJ" is M.I.A once again... now somewhere in glasgow as far as i know!... i had to do it on my own... at least he cant yell at me for messing it up... arghh i even miss Pj yelling at me... PJJJJJJJJJ!!!!!!

January 15th... i got through the day....

January 15th... i got through the day... dont know how but i did... it hit me hard this year... its been 3 years and it doesnt get better... i wished somebody would have hugged me... oh now i am being unfair... julia did and late at night silke.... i got through the day yes i did... i made lunch for sabine and deniz.... i got through it... i was as normal as i can be... i took a long walk with marianne.. had coffee... i was as normal as i can be... i got through the day... till the evening...

then when i was alone... it hit me... i sat there crying... it was just jason and me... i reached out to brian... he was out till late ...

all i remember are her hands and andis presence... he was there... i remember yelling at a doctor cause he was being so cocky... i dont wanna cry so i have to stop talking about it...

i miss her so much....i got through the day...... yay

sick :(

sick again arghhh... yesterday afternoon it hit me.... spent almost all night infront of my toilet bowl.... headache... dizzy.... shit.... as i was trying to go back to sleep this morning i got a sms from Aims... too sweet... took me like an hour till i got it lol... fell asleep... oh i had my mobile in my hand... oh aims... falling asleep.... ouch whats that... oh my mobile... ah a message from aims... lol ... bless her
now i am going back to sleep!

Sooooooo cold.....

its so cold !!! i swear it is.... i wear so much clothes.... stripping for Brian? nah... he would fall asleep before i reach my bra lol he he .... surprise Aims got up for some air lol.... was really happy talking to her... she´s been M.I.A for some time now... but hey i´d be the same freshly in love... glad i could talk to her.... whenever she is happy i am ... so we are all good....
ouch fingers getting real cold typing here.... drank so much tea i have to go pee all the time arghhh.. but that means rip off all the layers of clothes ... hell what am i talking here? lol sorry... well everyday problems in cold austria here...

we had a holiday yesterday... Andi came over... he ate so many cookies ... i was happy to see them go :P
sorry baby.... we had a great time talking bout personal matters... he cracks me up at times
our friendshíp reached a new level and i love it!!!

Brian is back at work... means he will be lost too !!!
he wants me to come visit him next month for my bday.... ya know what u gotta do darling!!!

Sabine was over this morning for a short visit... she is still sick ... poor darling... they have both been sick lately... this weather sucks... snow is good but not these freeezing temperatures!!!!

But i got jason to keep me warm!! awww.....

sending u all warm thoughts!!!
warm me up people!!!
everything will be fine

Brians call at 2 am.....

heeeeeeeeeeeeya allllllllll !!!!!!!!! happy new year! did u celebrate good? safe? lol
well i am almost sober again! we had a fab time... i enjoyed sliding into the new year with my fave people! (missed u aims!!!!) we laughed so hard at manfred that my makeup was gone at 10 pm already ....... oh my god he cracked me up!

we got safely into the new year........ and then.... everybody was gone... julia in bed.... cleaning up the mess.... i got undressed and got comfty on the sofa to watch some more tv...... my phone rang ...... errrrrr

Brian.... uh oh...... i didnt send him a message to wish a happy new year.... i simply forgot.... i chose to answer.... hell yeah he hasnt called me since.......well since i spent some time in vienna with my doctor....... oh ok here we go
i was so happy to hear his voice..... gave me a warm feeling..... instantly... i was so happy but i didnt want him to know that... yup i tried to sound cool lol

then he surprised me.... he told me things he wanted to say such a long time ago... he opened himself to me... i was really positively surprised!
i did hope i sounded sober lol... but he wasnt sober either... another halfdrunk call hmmmm

then he said ......... "i want u to be there when i come home.... i want u to be there..... "
oh wow .... goosebumbs
"what are we gonna do angie?"........ " so u really love me angie?"
so he decides to have that conversation now...... at 2 am .... both being drunk... that can only go wrong can it?
i tried my best to tell him how i feel... what i want.... he tells me things that i wanted to hear for so long ... and it was so wonderful to hear them ... and i knew they came from his heart... he kinda poured his heart out and i appreciated it very much.... i felt so much love for that man
and then it went sour........ i felt that he thinks that i can make his life better.....yeah i can... well wrongly put... i feel that seeing and being with me will change it all.... well how can i put it.... hmmm... i felt so much pressure on me right that second... to make it all good for him.... and i tried to tell him... thats when he said sorry and hung up on me...... grrrrrrrrr i hate when he does that... i couldnt even explain myself....

i have to sort my thoughts..............
Seify is disturbing me on msn.........seify shut up!!!!!!!!!! no u cant see the pics! lol..... the message box is blinking and blinking lol...........

everybody have a good relaxing day!
everything will be fine