Ever heard about people being meant for each other?
I always thought: yeah yeah bla bla. But. It caught me. I can´t escape Mr. Scott Missen. I have to admit he got my heart, my soul, my body - I am his. I never thought this could happen. Especially with this man. I loved him, i hated him, i tried to forget about him, i cried, at times i wished i would have never met him. I was in other relationships.
He found his way back into my life. When i realized-we were already friends again. But i didnt take him seriously. Him being so far away i kept him at distance. We decided to be friends.
Better than than nothing. He was in a relationship. Then dating. I never minded. He lived together with his gf. I had no problem with it.

Now, july 29th 2005 he tells me he´s been on a few dates with a girl. My heart stopped beating, i was scared, shocked feelings i never wanted to feel again. I was plain jealous. I dont wanna think about him with someone else. Going out, having fun, laughing. It bothers me. I wanna scream.

How did he do it????
How did he get me into this condition??
I said: Let´s be friends- he stole my heart- once again.

I know of his good and bad sides. I accept his weaknesses. He was leaving it up to me.
- Angie, you decide if u trust me again, all i know is that i love u-
oh well oh well. All i know is that this man has come back to my life and swept me away.
And he is here to stay.
oh well readers, we have opend a new chapter. We began a new story. Let´s see. I am jumping abord. Australia here i come. An austrian in australia. Yeahaaaaa.

Mr. Missen i love u