where there´s tea there´s hope....

hello my darlings,
right now is the season for tea for me.
as daylight leaves early in the evening i 
tend to cuddle up on the couch with 
lots of candles on and a cup of tea.
and if i am real lucky my man is 
here to keep me warm.

i love this season. autumn. 
the colourful leaves.

it also means xmas is coming up soon.
and you wouldnt guess... i am in a xmas mood
already lol
oh well we remember last year when it didnt come along 
till last minute.
so this year we will have more xmas decorations here
in our lovely home.
oh yes this wifey will make it a xmas wonderland!

andddd look what i discovered on youtube...
oh what memories... Sheneneh!!!!
oh my how funny... we laughed so hard!

with love,

pics from www.weheartit.com
#tea #autumn #candles #sheneneh #martinlawrence

Picture post....

I'm letting myself off the hook for things I've done 
I let my past go past 
And now I'm having more fun 
I'm letting go of the thoughts 
That do not make me strong 
And I believe this way can be the same for everyone <3 span="span">

with love,

A bit of MrazLove.....

hello my darlings!
november is here.
my girl turned 17 and gosh she looks
more and more like my mom
makes me cry
and i sometimes do.
i miss her so much.

well enough of me whining ;)
i wanna share a bit of MrazLove.
since i cant (WAAAHHHHH)
make it to a Mraz concert due
to sooo much work sighhh
i sit here and enjoy this
lovely piece of love
who Eric Morgensen put
So i sit here pretending i am in first row....

with love,

#mraz #jasonmraz #concert #bc #vancouver

Tristan Prettyman ... come clean

oh before i forget... Tristan Prettymans new
cd finally arrived and i love it!

this is one of my fave songs on it!

Not the way you planned it
You didn't mean to happen
Could have been anyone
You should stop do what you started
Say goodbye and dearly parted
You're right back where you came from

Come clean when lines get blurry
Come clean when the dawn gets dirty
Holding your breath
When you just wanna scream
At some point we all have to
Come clean

Promises get broken
Details go unspoken
I never say too much
Spend too much time thinking
And the weeks lead up to leaving
Summer's gonna get crushed......

with love,

Catching some rays of autumn sun....

hello my darlings,
hows everyone?
we are having some beautiful sunny autumn days.
since i had a friend from vienna visiting 
we decided to jump onto a boat and make a little cruise.
oh well it was a lil cruise on 
the lake of constanze.

the MS Vorarlberg entering port of Lindau.

we had a wonderful time exoploring the old town of
walking along the shore....

sending u some warm autumn sun my darlings... enjoy

with love,