Once in a while....

once in a while .... there comes a person back into ur life... one that u know since many years... one who has brightened up ur life.... one who can make u smile.... one of that person is my friend Jaffy !!

we stayed in contact over the years.... and a few days back i got a sms from him and a new facebook friend lolz .... its so good to see him happy.... to be happy with his lovely wife... i wish them nothing but the best ! he spreads love and love is what he gets back from us

love u uncle jaffy !!!!

honey & Julia

Finally ... the sun is here !!

Sun, sun,suuuuuuuuun finally the sun is here. I already thought somebody kidnapped our dear sun ! she abandoned us.... it was dark, grey and rainy... for 4 bloody weeks !!! can u imagine waking up to that kind of weather every single morning ! it really got to me. and i am usually i cheerful one... are u laughing??? heeeeeeeeeey ... i am grrrrrrr !!! lolzz
so since saturday the sun is back... warms our sould and bodies... gives sun burns lol.. get ya protection onnnnnnn !!!
its nice to sit outside and let the sun warm u... feel like a different person. all the grumpiness is gone ;) u people are safeeeeeeeeeeee heheheheheee

nothing much changed here.... still in love.. still mom of a teenager... still fighting every day to life the live i want to.
i miss my mom! i miss her smile.
still a jason mraz fan. ya his music still carries me through my days !!
and whats new with u?

time to go back into the sun.... i hope u are smiling whereever u are !

be love, use love
everything will be fine

Mothers day !

hello my darlings !
today is mothers day ! did u call ur mom? tell her u love her? hug her.. or take her out to lunch or gave her a pressie? oh lucky uuuuu... my mom is dead... miss her heaps... buttttt.... i have my darling julia... she just woke up... ya ya lucky one got to sleep in... brekkie? na i made that myself.. lol... she agreed to spend the day with me... yuhuuuuu wow... maybe after i told her to not make plans today or she gets grounded ? lol just kidding... i know she loves me and i love my darling julia.
but she is almost 15. ya. lots on her mind. how hard it is nowadays to grow up. i dont envy her.

i wish all u moms out there a wonderful mothers day ! a lot of strenght and positive thinking in raising ur kids. i know its a hard job but we can do it ladies ! YES WE CAN!

everything will be fine

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see ya lovelies ;)