Heya Darlings,
Can u believe it´s friday once again?
Time flies so fast!
It´s a bit sunny here so mood is up!
Summer really been missing 
this year:(

1. i love hugs! cuddling. affection. i love it when my man
comes up from behind to hug me and kiss my neck.
2. love that my sweet daughter came home and
needed her mom when she was sick last night!
oh yeah i am not used to 
staying up all night and cleaning up after...
well u know what i mean.
but she needed her mom!!! yay!!!

3. Love George Gina & Lucy bags!
I have a few of them already! 
4. fresh fruit... uh dont u love fresh fruit!
strawberries, bananas, cherries ....

5. i love The Big Bang Theory!
laughing just so much and loud
when watching those cute nerds
and penny... penny... penny!
Sheldon is fabulous!
best time when cuddling with my man!

darlings have a great weekend! smile at someone!
be kind! be love!

Forgive all who have offended you, not for them, but for yourself. ~ Harriet Nelson

with love,

Oh yes "I want!!

Elena MaxiDress from www.igigi.com

Dear Darlings,
summer still didnt come back :(
We are still dreaming about it sighhhh
I really do want  this maxi dress from Igigi !!
I happen to catch 2 nice ones on sale... not from Igigi though.
But where is my opportunity to wear it???
when wheeennnnn!!!

How are u all doing?
hope all is well with u!
We are married since 1 month now!!
Time flies i have to tell you!
And its still feels perfect!
gosh my heart jumps typing this.
I love my man!!

And.... we finally gonna get the pics!!
It took long enough.
I dont wanna go into details why.
I am happy the fotografer sent me the message 
apologising and telling me its finished soon.
14GB... wow!!
Lots of new pics and the videos!!!
Really looking forward to the funny videos!

Hope u are having a wonderful time whereever you are!
Just remember....

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~ Dr Seuss

with love,

Summer ?

Dear Summer!
Where have u gone?
I miss you!
It´s so cold and rainy!
Please come back!

with love,

Tragedy in Norway

My darlings!
So sad to hear of all those dead in Norway.
and most of them are Kids between 14-19 years old.
How could he or they think about killing just only kids?
He/they went onto that island knowing that 
there were 700 kids camping!

And then that akward moment when your 
terrorist turns out to be the blonde 
christian by the name of Anders B. Breivik!
His twitter profile gained over 1000 followers 
in 1 day!!! Why? why would u want to follow him?

I already saw pics and vids of the tragedy online and on tv.
One pic haunted me and i wont post it here...
dead kids on the beach and the terrorist
standing there aiming at a kid in the water...
it made me sick!
still does!

Please stop cruelty in the name of religion or any causes!
no more dead people!
we can only survive when we help together!
we are all gods children. 
Whatever god u believe in!
It´s so sad to know so many young lives are wiped out.
For what?
PLEASE stop the killing!

with love,

Mindful Smack - victim or author

Yet again i wanna share a Mindful Smack with the wonderful
Elena Brower taken from thedailylove!

Release the idea that you are the victim – of anything. Take some helpful, clarifying notes.
How are you a victim? With whom? Past, present or future?
1. Write down all the ways in which you’re a victim – with your partner, in your parenting, anything.
2. Interview those involved (like a journalist, Handel Group™ style) to explore how this came to be – in order to:
3. Shift your vantage point towards authoring – truly creating – your life. This is far more risky than living as the victim, but way more fun. You’ll actually make things happen – which you can. And you must.
What you see really IS what you get.

with love,

Time flies.....

Hello my darlings,
time flies!
So sorry for not posting regularly!
Life is just keeping me busy.
Also i am working on building up my other new blog.
No worries i wont desert u here....
and of course u will soon enough find out
where to go and visit me .

My new babyblog is something i wanted to do
for a long time.
And for yet another time i will do something
that is new to the people around here.

I love to step into deep water.
Let´s go swimming together! 
New things are always exciting
and its time to throw out old.

And until we meet again ... dont forget....
found on weHeartIt

with love,

It´s monday but it´s ok !

Happy monday ;)
It´s monday but it´s ok !
How did ur weekend go?
Hope u spent it with people u love !
Even if its just alone with urself...
you should love yourself !

I wanted to start this monday with a nice cup of coffee.
Had to make a new one cause i used bad milk ewwww.
But.... didn´t stop me from smiling ;)
Still waiting for the pics from the photografer.
Oh yeah being patient.
A good practise.

Also woke up to the news that Vic Beckham gave birth 
to a baby girl. Congrats to them.
Finally a girl ! 
But.... they named it Harper Seven???
Oh well... since she will never visit public school she wont 
be mobbed and all will be ok .

Now after my 3rd coffee and a little Mraz i need to start into
my day.
It´s sunny and nice here and we have a lot of things
to get done.
My baby girl starts work on Aug 1st and we
need to do a little shopping.
Oh she grows up too fast :(

Looking forward spending time with my darling Hubby who
has so much work.
So i leave u with a hug and a smile.
have a wonderful week ahead my darlings!

I am releasing-letting go of everything that is best for me to release now!

with love,

Things i LoVe friday

It´s friday and time again for ??? 
Yeah... things i love friday!

1. thank god Ballerinas are in this summer!
my highheels wearing days are long over
so i am thankful for this trend 
this year!

2. for this song that should teach us women and girls to
love ourselves no matter how we look !
well said India Arie !

3. love for summer to be finally here!
sun and light clothes... just wanna find a nice summer
maxi dress!
pic taken from www.weheartit.com

4. i love that breakfast tv today showed me this fresh new (well in my world lol)
artist Jill Scott
groving through the day on this song right now
"i´m magnificent, i´m queen on my throne i´m magnificent...."

4. i love being happy !
oh yes nothing better than being happy. and there is no reason not being happy.
so shine and pass it on my darlings!

5. i love morning cuddles... nothing better to start a day
than to be cuddled!

have an amazing friday my lovelies!
with love,

Mindful Smack - Apologies ..... the daily love

I wanna leave u with another Mindful Smack from Elena Brower taken from TheDailyLove
one of my fave sites!
go there for inspiration and learning.

It´s there i discovered Elena Brower and i love her.
i wanna share her piece of  Apologies with u here.

Mindful Smack No. 17, Elena Brower for TheDailyLove.com from Elena Brower on Vimeo.

How do we know how to apologize when were never taught? We practice a deft combination of Grace and Wisdom.
Wisdom is what must be said, what you must ask and what you must own.
Grace is HOW you say what must be said, ask what must be asked and own what you must own.
From my work with the Handel Group, I’ve learned of the clear need for both, and it’s only by practicing our hand at both that we become super proficient at apologizing. Because a well-wrought apology is a cure for whatever ails you.
And while you’re practicing, include your whole being, please, so it’s real. And you might as well practice in the tiniest moments in your house, with the closest people to you, so nothing ever really has a chance to build up and take root and become a lifetime of anything.
Write down your Grace and your Wisdom and sort out how to say it. You know you want to feel free. Go for it.

Bring love to a situation when the other person is bringing hate & you will help them transform.

with love,

A bit of Mraziness for you !

Heya darlings!
It´s thursday and this week almost over again and i got to no blogging.
I am sorry my darlings.
Been busy with life and being a wifey lol
Just now i try to work through all the tweet from my
Mrazzzetteeesss over on Twitter.
So many soooo many.
I did see a few new vids from the concert.
Sexy and talented as always our amrazing J!

I wanted to share some with u...
just a summer treat....

love butterfly... was my ring tone for a while... such a sexy song...
and watch the hips action ;)

signed, sealed, delivered i´m yours.... cant remember who originally sang it
but he pulls it off darn sexy!

a song about opening up and letting go.. learned to love Unfold!
and... Toca with short hair!!!!!
so glad though he is back on stage with J.
Toca is such a talented guy!
Listen to the way they harmonise!

And last but not least one of my new faves... Up
i just love the easiness and the vibe this song has.
and of course the message....

somehow the embedding code wont show so i
am gonna post the link here...
its worth listening to!!

And here my lil Mraziness post ends...
enjoy my darlings
have a great thursday!

with love,

Happy sunday ;)

Darlings.... it´s sunday and July already!
How is everyone?
I know i been quiet but u can guess there has been
a lot going on!
we are married over a week now. 
Time flies.
But still friends call and tell me how awesome and 
beautiful our wedding was.
I am so glad everyone enjoyed themselves.
Still don´t have all the pictures!
the wedding photografer is taking his time...
but he has to look through a loooot of pictures.
So i am trying to be patient!

weather is getting better here.
It´s not as hot again and thats ok.

As i am typing this i am having some
strawberry cheesecake made by
the eversofunny and wonderful Brian.
He always makes us laugh so much.
Delightful times we had and still have ;)

Today i wanna add another photo i got.
It´s so funny seeing Andis face in the back.
We had so much fun hahaha.

Remember darlings.... THERE IS NO REASON TO NOT BE HAPPY !
There isn´t!!

"Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

with love,