A Jason Mraz christmas

christmas is only a few days away.
are u ready for some holiday cheer?
i have almost got all my presents.
tree is ready to be trimmed tomorrow.
no snow but oh well....
looking forward to make some new 
memories with family and friends <3>
and a bit of Mraz at xmas time....

silent night mrazzy style ;)

and of course my fave....

the silly song lol

and last week i was walking in a ...

and there is a few more i cant find at the moment.
a real funny one where he sings the silly christmas song
with a selfmade video.
anyways.... whatever tune puts u in a good spirit
listen to it, dance to it, sing along, be merry.

with love,

Christmassy nails ;-)

just love these different designs!
sad i dont have the patience or talent to 
try myself lol

with love,
pics from WeHeartIt

Jason Mraz feat. Bushwalla - Song For A Friend Live @ Melkweg, Amsterdam 21-11-2012

xmas is close.
are u in a merry mood?
we had so much snow but now
it rained :(
hoping for more but i guess it´s gonna
be a green xmas for us here.
still looking forward to a merry xmas
with lots of love and new memories.

stumbled upon a new video from the eversotalented
Jason Mraz.
Love this song and this version is awesome!

enjoy j and bushwalla

with love,

Flawless & Chic Make-up Look by Lisa Eldridge

hello my darlings,
 i am browsing through
Lisa Eldridge
page like many times
to find some ideas and inspiration
and of course help and tutorials
for make up and more.
i am a big fan of her work.
always happy to learn something new.
here i wanna share a video
for a flawless & chic make-up look
lets learn!!
with love,

Who to play Christian Grey?

Hello my darlings,
the most wonderful time of the year has begun.
the first candle is lit.
december is here and  it´s been snowing.
oh yes i am in a xmas mood.
next week i will bake a few cookies.
ho ho ho ;)

i am following a few sites on fb all
regarding 50sog or who to play
Christian Grey.

i have to say my first choice would be
Bradley Cooper
but he may be a bit too old to be
he still is some eyecandy!!
another contestant is 
Ian somerhalder
and i have to say i like him too.
matt boomer? oh well i cant
quite see him in that role.
robert pattinson oh NOOO!!
so who is your fave 
for the role?

oh grrrrrrr
pic from the fbgroup

with love,

#christiangrey #iansomerhalder #50SOG

where there´s tea there´s hope....

hello my darlings,
right now is the season for tea for me.
as daylight leaves early in the evening i 
tend to cuddle up on the couch with 
lots of candles on and a cup of tea.
and if i am real lucky my man is 
here to keep me warm.

i love this season. autumn. 
the colourful leaves.

it also means xmas is coming up soon.
and you wouldnt guess... i am in a xmas mood
already lol
oh well we remember last year when it didnt come along 
till last minute.
so this year we will have more xmas decorations here
in our lovely home.
oh yes this wifey will make it a xmas wonderland!

andddd look what i discovered on youtube...
oh what memories... Sheneneh!!!!
oh my how funny... we laughed so hard!

with love,

pics from www.weheartit.com
#tea #autumn #candles #sheneneh #martinlawrence

Picture post....

I'm letting myself off the hook for things I've done 
I let my past go past 
And now I'm having more fun 
I'm letting go of the thoughts 
That do not make me strong 
And I believe this way can be the same for everyone <3 span="span">

with love,

A bit of MrazLove.....

hello my darlings!
november is here.
my girl turned 17 and gosh she looks
more and more like my mom
makes me cry
and i sometimes do.
i miss her so much.

well enough of me whining ;)
i wanna share a bit of MrazLove.
since i cant (WAAAHHHHH)
make it to a Mraz concert due
to sooo much work sighhh
i sit here and enjoy this
lovely piece of love
who Eric Morgensen put
So i sit here pretending i am in first row....

with love,

#mraz #jasonmraz #concert #bc #vancouver

Tristan Prettyman ... come clean

oh before i forget... Tristan Prettymans new
cd finally arrived and i love it!

this is one of my fave songs on it!

Not the way you planned it
You didn't mean to happen
Could have been anyone
You should stop do what you started
Say goodbye and dearly parted
You're right back where you came from

Come clean when lines get blurry
Come clean when the dawn gets dirty
Holding your breath
When you just wanna scream
At some point we all have to
Come clean

Promises get broken
Details go unspoken
I never say too much
Spend too much time thinking
And the weeks lead up to leaving
Summer's gonna get crushed......

with love,

Catching some rays of autumn sun....

hello my darlings,
hows everyone?
we are having some beautiful sunny autumn days.
since i had a friend from vienna visiting 
we decided to jump onto a boat and make a little cruise.
oh well it was a lil cruise on 
the lake of constanze.

the MS Vorarlberg entering port of Lindau.

we had a wonderful time exoploring the old town of
walking along the shore....

sending u some warm autumn sun my darlings... enjoy

with love,

Don´t forget....

with love,

vienna was calling...

How are u doing?
I was on vacation in my beloved vienna.
1 week .
well it was almost too much i can say.
we wanted to cut it short and move on to salzburg.
but my dear friend Gaby wouldnt let me go without
seeing her... so we stayed the whole week.

we did a lot of things. sometimes being tourists.
we also hopped on a sightseeing bus lol
well i was looking forward to sit for a while hahahha
we did enjoy ourselves.... very much.

was just so nice to be spending time with just my
beloved hubby.

so if u ever near this wonderful historic city then pay a visit.

with love,

What we love is what we become...

Happy saturday darlings!
how is everyone?

i often look at this pic 
in the morning taking
what i need....
try it...
today i choose laughter and peace

maybe cause i know i will spend my evening with good friends
a nice dinner , conversations, laughter, making memories.
U know... what we love is what we become...

with love,

Elena Brower - Sweetness - Mindful Smack

Happy weekend.
Hope u are enjoying whatever u are doing.
I have been hit with another mindful smack
and want to share it with u.

Elena Brower:

Instead of just being sweet to the folks we most want to impress, let's cultivate sweetness, for everyone and every circumstance, together. Even when we have to be firm and clear, may we find sweetness in our communications both internally and externally.
I find I'm great when I'm doing what I "want" to be doing, and not at all sweet when I'm feeling confronted or weak. Specifically cultivating sweetness regardless of context or content actually makes us softer, more receptive and more able to learn and heal. Start by noting the sweetness around you, in acts, words, gestures. Begin to incorporate these observations and see how it makes you feel to be more kind, to bring more sweetness.
Warning: you might love who you are when you're cultivating sweetness...

with love,


Affirmation. I am being I am. I am being who I want to be. I am speaking from my heart.

with love,

sunday bliss...

happy weekend!

You can't fight for a place in someone's life because no matter how hard you try to keep your place, they'll put you where they want to even if it's not where you should be!

with love,

Glass jar.... Tristan Prettyman

Happy friday.
Weekend is here and its sunny.
sorry i havent spent much time on the pc and
neglected u here.
shame on me.
i promise to better myself.

i wanted to share with u a new upcoming album.
the lovely Tristan Prettyman will 
release her new album Cedar & Gold 
on Oct 2nd 2012.
Happy happy joy joy.
do u know her already?
she has a wonderful soothing relaxing honest
Her newest album developed after her breakup with our
beloved Mraz. 
yup he broke her heart.
bad bad Mraz.
And this album explains so much.
hope she turns it into a success just like 
Adele did with her breakup album.

I am already in love with so many songs
and preordered her album.

Glass jar sounds like her answer to Jasons "I wont give up"
as much as i love "i wont give up" her answer song sounds
so much more sincere. heartbreakingly honest.
listen to her and buy her album darlings.

You handed me a glass jar and took my hand
We were sitting on the stairs
Staring at the sand
You asked me once and I said yes
You said I'd never have to worry about anything ever again

And now everything's as if nothing ever happened
The version of your story isn't really matching up
You gave up on us
You got the whole world watching and everyone's attention.
Turn your head and you never even mention us
You gave up on love

with love,

#tristanprettyman #cedarandgold #tprettyman #glassjar

Get right .....

how are u?
It´s sunday evening and the monday blues
is coming closer ;)
i am ending my sunday with the sexy
JLo. Love this song and video of her.

Been quite a chilling weekend.
Went to see Magic Mike at the movies ystd.
Was quite dissapointing .
Just the few sexy dance scenes were worth watching.
and hey... always wanted to scream... finish the sentenceeeee!!
oh well we had a wonderful time
and i got out again .
Not that often lately.
And the best part... i didnt have to use any money lol
andi took care of it all.
<3 guy.="guy." p="p" that="that">
Whats new with u guys?
hope all is well.

oh and i crave some....

smile at someone... make their day!

with love,

And whatever u do ----

And whatever u do don´t forget to ...

with love,

50 shades of Grey !

I am back. Vaca time is over.
went by too fast and i stumbled on a book.
i heard and read about it a few times
whilst in Innsbruck i ran across an
english version of the book and bought it.
what to say... i was hooked.... awed!

LOVED it. i ordered part 2 and 3 on Amazon 
and the wait felt soooo long!
sure theres a lot of sex in there but i 
liked the changing, growing CG.
so sexy, protective, jealous grrrrr

As i could see online many , many fans are very active out 
there in the world. love it. And the tweets of the characters on 
Twitter... fab.
go out and catch ur 50 shades of grey darlings!

i have #1 book beside my bed, #2 in the bathroom and #3 in the living room.
so i can pick up one whenever i want and start reading.
yup thats how affected i am with the story.
50 shades of awed ;)

share some love darlings, 
be kind!

with love,
images from google.com

vacatime is near!!

Hola my darlings,
i am really, really, reaaaaaaaaaaallly ready for some time off work.
even supermario  cant keep me happy at work.
awwww gosh it´s a hard job being head of department.
sometimes i wish to have no respobability but oh well.
it will pass. it will paaaasss.
oh let me just feel sorry for myself a bit lol
yup thank you ;)
this song is getting me up in the mornings at the moment.
love the power of the song.
and i am bulletproof too ;)

and dont forget....

with love,

Knock knock....

knock knock.... somebody here? ughhhh i know i have been absent and i am sorry. work and life keeping me busy. i just couldnt be bothered to sit down and open the laptop to blog. i am online daily on ipad and iphone but somehow i havent figured out how to blog from those 2? any help out there??? oh well my live... this describes me best... 

so busy with all. we are doing ok and preparing for moving soon. daughter, hubby, friends, work... hardly time for me. but vaca time soon yay. but moving time then. oh well. i wanted to spend some days on the beach with my Julia but it has to be postponed cause of moving. we will catch up with that later this year.

so how are u doing? hope all is well. life treats u good <3
till soon my darlings... it wont be long i promise!

Don´t forget to be awesome !!!

with love,