ah yeah make fun of me pj huh......i am a newbie in this bloggin thingy and i think i do pretty good man...let me see wheres my newspaper`???? better get ya helmet on !!!!!!!!

Blog-Wastage: #1: How to compress three (3) separate posts of the same story into one (1) consolidated post:

SO SO SO ...... i told pj a joke today ...... and he didnt get it...i had to explain it to him... sighhhhh.... and i am supposed to be the blonde one here lol ahahahah

By accident a lil grey cell ends up in a guys brain... its dark.. empty... the cell yells.... "yuhuuuuuu"... no reply... its silent.. "yuhuu" the cell yells again.... nothing... then another cell comes along.... "hey whatchadoin here all alone??? we are all downstairs!!"

pearl_jam98 (09:11:03): how long this takes??

luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel (09:11:11): its finished already

luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel (09:11:13): duhhhhhhh

pearl_jam98 (09:11:44): wait im thinkin

pearl_jam98 (09:11:49): where s downstairs

pearl_jam98 (09:11:55): aww cummon

..pj recalls.... and once upon a timee.... i was reprimanded... scolded... hit wif from one newspaper to yet anotha newww newspaper... for what??? yesssshhh.. for blogging a logfile.... untilllll... untillllllllllll.. one fine day... yours truly meee..... yess meee.... ended up being actually BLOGGEDDDDDD yeshhhh..... by the SAMEEEE.. yressss..SAMEEE person... who s been hittin me wif the newspapers on endless dayss.... for blogging her out... yesssss.... [>] PJ DA BLOGHEAD
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yuhuuuuu
pearl_jam98: yO
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yo
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yo
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: got a problem yo
pearl_jam98: yes
pearl_jam98: i slept 9pm - 1am
pearl_jam98: brb
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: k
pearl_jam98: just tell me
pearl_jam98: im on off my seat thats all
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ah saw you message on the tagboard
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ha ha ah
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: that was my problem
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i couldnt blog long then the post sign dissapeard
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: when i wanted to put it all in one blog
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: so i had to split
pearl_jam98: hehe
pearl_jam98: huhuuu
pearl_jam98: thats the trouble when ppl start blogging me
pearl_jam98: im paranormal wat
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i scrolled up and down......but when i blogged to much it dissapeared
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ah shadap
pearl_jam98: disppear how
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: the post puplish sign dissapears
pearl_jam98: mebbe just a browser error
pearl_jam98: ?
pearl_jam98: repeated error
pearl_jam98: ?
pearl_jam98: tried cold booting reboots
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i dont know
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i tried a few times
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: not working
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: then i split the blog lah
pearl_jam98: hehe
pearl_jam98: then how do u publish
pearl_jam98: when its gone u said
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: typed again
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: then i got tired of it and left to literati
pearl_jam98: but u did manage to p n p
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yeah
pearl_jam98: u said it goes?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: when i wrote just a few lines
pearl_jam98: ...
pearl_jam98: izzit a matter of duration of time u stay on a particular post event
pearl_jam98: or a matter of how much how long ur putting onto the post
pearl_jam98: ..
pearl_jam98: make me understand
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: how long the blog is
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i write a few lines its ok
oh goin to play literati now wtih jafar...wish me luck...am goin to finish bloggin later.....its all good
SORRY ppl.....i am sick.....vomitting all night...feel so weak.....i blog again soon.....its all good.....HUGS
HMMMM......spent some nice time with my gf darlene today...lost in literati to her..she is good..i am glad u ppl like the song "der weg" ..didnt know i would get so many responses to it.

oh i am tired....sorry ppl i blog more 2morrow..sweet dreams.....its all good!!!!!!!

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Goto My Der Weg Page

"..ich trag dich bei mir, bis der vorhang fällt.."

Herbert Grönemeyer - Der Weg

full wav sample Der Weg - download


I cannot do no more long

do not trust any longer my eyes

can hardly still believe

the feelings turned..

My Der Weg Page


Ich kann nicht mehr sehn 

trau nicht mehr meinen Augen 

kann kaum noch glauben 

die Gefühle haben sich gedreht..

From my mom.....i got a cd....from a german artist...HERBERT GRÖNEMEYER...a wonderful artist...he gave us so many beautiful and meaningful songs already...but wtih this cd he outdid himself. The tragic thing is the cause of the cd...his brother died about 2.5 years ago..3 days later his wife. Very tragical! He left to london with his kids to mourn. Now he came back with these songs, and u can nothing but feel for him and with him!!
this is an artist u can be sure..he sat down and wrote the songs himself...u can feel with him..cry with him (as i do).
The song that moves me the most is "DER WEG" (the way), about the love to his wife. I cry evertime i hear it.
I hope somebody one day loves me like that:(


Ich kann nicht mehr sehen, trau nicht mehr meinen augen. Kaum kaum noch glauben, gefühle haben sich gedreht. Ich bin viel zu träge um aufzugeben. Es wäre auch zu früh. Weil immer was geht.
Wir waren verschworen, wären füreinander gestorben, haben den regen gebogen uns vertrauen geliehen.
Wir haben versucht, auf der schussfahrt zu wenden.
nichts war zu spät, aber vieles zu früh.
Wir haben uns geschoben, durch alle gezeiten, haben uns verzettelt. Uns verzweifelt geliebt.
Wir haben die wahrheit so gut es ging verlogen.
Es war ein stück vom himmel, dass es dich gibt.
Du hast den raum mit sonne geflutet, hast jeden verdruss ins gegenteil verkehrt.Nordisch nobel deine sanftmütige güte.Dein unbändiger stolz. das leben ist nicht fair........
GOOD NIGHT to DANI in miami who i just tugged in lol.....thank you for your view on things....but i told u its hard when heart disagrees with mind...:(
" so confused , my hearts bruised...was i ever loved by you?"
lookin forward to more talks bout guys with ya ....lol
10:15 am.WOAHAWWWWWWW the aftermath lol...hey i can think clearly now the alcohol is gone lalalalal.....THANK YOU ALL FOR THE CARING AND PRESENTS AND GOOD TIME!!!!!! made my bday a memorable one......and thank u so much SILVIA.....for the catering.....your cakes are yummy as can be....*hugs*
ty to all the ppl who made the party a good one
and.....to 2 ppl who came who i didnt see in long time....1.missed u CONNY..was so happy to have u with me...and i hope everything will clear up...i am always there for you!!!!!!!
2. OLiIVER......what can i say.....wohaowww .....lol....sorry i almost fell asleep on the sofa beside you ystd lol...hope u forgive me.....was so damn nice to see you again..thank god for the gas station lol......i always enjoy our talks

SO........THANK YOU FOR ALL THE CALLS PRESENTS PM GOOD THOUGHTS FROM EVERYBODY!!!!!! if i forgot somebody plz complain in my guestbook lol
22:40pm...OMG OMG sorry but today i really have to sleep...i am havin such a hangover...just fell asleep while my friends visited me...so embarrasing lol..good night everyone...its all good

1:15 pm......goin to shower now....byrons gonna be here soon and then we need to leave to julias party....and ehmmm PJ.......TRANSLATION SERVICE??? who is the TRANSLATOR???? now dont say thats ME!!!!!! hahahaha

!talked to jaff ystd....he feels a bit lonely in aussie...u be back soon babe....

jaffnoisevox (23:08:56): angie....the norther star shines brightly...

jaffnoisevox (23:09:24): flickers thru...moonlite 

jaffnoisevox (23:10:08): maketh not a bright spark to earth...but a jewels in dark sky

jaffnoisevox (23:10:25): i see u...angie ..

jaffnoisevox (23:11:03): not near me...far sighted but nearness where harts a flutter

jaffnoisevox (23:12:31): My north my south..my east my west....my morning sun my evening rest

jaffnoisevox (23:14:50): a place where the sky n earth binds..u are my favourite waste of time

his fave waste of time *smile* ME!!!!!!! lol *blush*

dont kill me cause i posted that here..muahss


and i miss jafarrrrrrrrrr.....get ya ass online man....miss talkin to you....*hugs and kisses*



by our resident professional translator.

Check if she's online -->Send me a message

English/German Online Dictionary

[editor's note: hmm..btw  coulda sworn i seen dat butt somewhere..]

*yawwnnnnnn* good morning everyone!!!!! its so foggy outside...cant even see into my neighbours bedroom damned hahahahah lol....but hey i got my coffee already..so i feel ok...julia is puttin makup on for her fairy outfit..lots of glittterrrrrrrrr.....she be havin her party in the afternoon...and i am gettin into party mood to ...listenin to some salsa songs...suavemente besa meeeee (shakin bootie) besa me otra vez...yo quiero sentir tus labios.....besa meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
i hope we all have a good time.
UHMMM gotta practise my malay or my teacher deep will scold me lol...selamat pagi amir... awak apa khabar...awak makan tengahari??? saya perlukan kopi lagiiiiiii lol lol lol
ahhh pjjjjjj......come back when u feel like it...i be gone to bed soon and 2morrow is busy day...but ..."U GOT A FRIEND"
will be goin to bed...gonna have a busy day 2morrow...pj connected to the song like i did.....listen to it and enjoy visitors and friends of HONEYS WORLD....love ya all and remember.........its all good....peace
Danke Sylvia für den schönen freitagnachmittag..hab ihn sehr genossen.....ich hoffe, dir gefällt die page hier..obwohl nicht alle seiten dein geschmack sein werden...pj texted auch und macht links ....bis morgen *grins*

Kanne und Troll, die Homepage !

thats the homepage of friends in germany...just in german language sorry....diese homepage is von freunden aus deutschland....schaut sie euch an...sehenswert...maren kriegt bald ne kleine kanne mit troll.....*knuddelknutsch*

goto my OUT OF REACH page: full wav sample: download

    Gabrielle: Taken from her Greatest Hits compilation: Don't Need The Sun To Shine is an untypical uptempo Gabrielle hit, debuting at no 9 on October 28th, 2001 in the UK. Recent hits have included Out Of Reach from the soundtrack of the film adaption of Bridget Jones' Diary. Her acclaimed album Rise spawned more hits in 2000 including another UK no 1 in the title track. Born Louise Gabrielle Bobb in 1970, Gabrielle was an overnight success in the UK in 1993 with her first release Dreams which topped the charts, and which also became a US Top 30 hit.

    Lyrics: Don't Need The Sun To Shine (UK:9), Out Of Reach (UK:4, Aus:9), Rise (UK:1), When A Woman (UK:6)

“Roses are Red,Violets are Blue,

 What's so great? I haven't a clue!”

A failed poet who was given 1,800 strokes of rotan and sentenced to death for plagiarism

Why Penang..? Why Not Singapore.. Why Not Bali.. Why Penang is Still The Pearl of The Orient


an obvious attempt to get people into Penang

[>] ::: pJ

 Recipe for the legendary Penang Laksa

Arguably Penang's greatest contribution to the culinary world, Penang Laksa or Assam Laksa is a spicy and savoury dish of course rice noodles in a sour based fish soup with 'assam' (tamarind), sprinkled with

shavings of 'bunga kantang', onions, sliced chilli, cucumber and pineapple; topped with thick black fish paste.

Here's your chance to download the recipe and prepare this delightful dish for yourself.

Which Sex and the City Vixen Best Matches Your Sex Style?

uhhh i am carrie...always knew lol
12:20 pm damn i ate too much pastries lol....i stumbled across a cd again..which somebody gave me some time ago...i loved one song right away....

"Out Of Reach"

Knew the signs
Wasn't right
I was stupid for a while
Swept away by you
And now I feel like a fool
So confused,
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?

Out of reach, so far
I never had your heart
Out of reach,
Couldn't see
We were never
Meant to be

Catch myself
From despair
I could drown
If I stay here
Keeping busy everyday
I know I will be OK

But I was
So confused,
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?

Out of reach, so far
I never had your heart
Out of reach,
Couldn't see
We were never
Meant to be

So much hurt,
So much pain
Takes a while
To regain
What is lost inside
And I hope that in time,
You'll be out of my mind
And I'll be over you

But now I'm
So confused,
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?

Out of reach,
So far
I never had your heart
Out of reach,
Couldn't see
We were never
Meant to be

But now I'm
So confused,
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?

So far
You never gave your heart
In my reach, I can see
There's a life out there
For me!!!!!

isnt it funny when a song crosses your way that expresses how u feel at that moment?? or makes you remember things u wanted to forget....this song has meant a lot to me...and now again....
GOOD MORNING !!!! yawwwwnnnnnn....i need coffeeeeeeeee.....and i miss talking to darleneeeeeee:(either she is busy or i am
PJJJJJ no more butts porfavore lolololol....have enuff now..need to blush everytime i come on grrrrrrrrrrrr hahahahaha
oh wow ..what a butt..pm me when u got that one lol...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....11:00 pm and my bday almost over...damnnnnnnnnnn....tomorrow morning i am gonna spend with my friend claudia...and the afternoon with silvia..the kids will be gone.....just the big gals lol

uhhhh andy was skiing today....and he errrr had a not so soft landing in snow hahahahah..he had some scratches on his face...poor baby....muahss on your boo boos..and he said he will give me the present on saturday....hmmmmmm

yummy lookin forward to the cake silvia is gonna bake me...oh man i should go to sleep.........

HoNeY's MuSt-CLicK [Please ensure you're sound-enabled]

"By tHe LigHt oF uRANuS" i dO LoVe YoU :

>> KLiK Me <<

This Butt's For You

Still very much on the topic of her birthday.. this is the EXACT specs & model of a butt im currently WORKING ON for her NEXT birthday.. Notice the full cushion and exciting contours... **drool drool** I think i'd have some chance to give her a run for the money if im on this.. This may call for a MAJOR PLASTIC SURGERY but hell who cares... i hope this is not too graphical for the purpose of my announcement and hope some leverage & leeway is allowed by the CENSORSHIP BOARD in view of Her Highness's Birthday. am sure however a DELETION procedure is about to be applied regardless.... ***sigghhh** get me my helmet!~ yours truly: [bozo]

11:20 am...wohooooo what a day...didnt have time to blog yet.....pj my bozo ty for the balloons and clown and cake...my tongue got dusty from lickin it ....reminds me of cleaning my monitor more ofthen lol....so many calls already and visitors...already feel drunk and its just morning....and so many pms!!!!!!!
THANK YOU MY FRIENDS!!!!!! hugs and kissesssssss

deep_metrix (08:01:51): happy bday lurve
deep_metrix (08:01:55): *hugs and kisses*

lovelydarlene (03:05:27): Happy Birthday GF, hugs and kisses for you Hope you have a good one.
rockgods1 (07:05:01): xxoxoxooxoxooxx
rockgods1 (07:05:11): HaPPy BiRtHdAy
thealien1977 (06:52:15): happy birthday
xig_xagger (00:12:58): darling ... CONGRATULATIONSSSSS

and thank you for the greetings from kl 1.....SF, MARIE,PRET, HANIE,FRUITY AND SO ON !!!!


HEY ITS COOL TO BE 30 !!!!!!!!!

[>] a LiL Bit oN tRiCk oF hER tRaitS :::

Goto HoNeY's PiEsCEs PaGe

YUHUUUUUUU ITS MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! and SCOTT came on and BRENDON was with me and ANDY!!!!

madness_181: Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you....Happy birthday dear Angie....Happie Birthday to you..
madness_181: Happy Birthday Sweetheart
madness_181: its me mum
madness_181: she said to wish you a happy birthday too
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: thank you scotts mom
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: <<<<madness_181: she said your welcome
madness_181: hey..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yeah?
madness_181: ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
madness_181: yeeeeehaaawwwwww
madness_181: Happy Birthday again Honey....


four_parts_rum_and_one_part_rum: Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Dear Angie, Happy birthday to you.
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: aww ty for the song
four_parts_rum_and_one_part_rum: yw
four_parts_rum_and_one_part_rum: gettin drunk fer yer B'Day ??
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: uh huh
four_parts_rum_and_one_part_rum: good girl
four_parts_rum_and_one_part_rum: <----- Birthday kiss for you
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ok .......will miss ya
four_parts_rum_and_one_part_rum: I know . I'll miss you too, dont get too drunk wif out me
four_parts_rum_and_one_part_rum: be back soon


hornyblokeinca: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!
hornyblokeinca: 12:00 AM
Thursday, February 20, 2003
Standard Time +0100 UTC
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: tyyyyyyyyyyyyy
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: .x
hornyblokeinca: .... hope u have a lovely lovely day today
hornyblokeinca: cheers
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: cheers

11:40 pm....GRRRRRRR 20 minutes left.... i created a chatroom and it fills up with ppl....will spend some time there.......saya gembira lol.....puttin champagne on ice
9:45 pm...feb 19 grrrrrrr just a few hours then i will hit the 30....was in miami 1 today and saw joe there....for a moment i missed him...but then i rememberd what the said and did....even j was there...long time no see him... i thought about pmin him..but then...i am on tunnel and i wont get his response...tried to log into www.e-nada.com...his site..but it wouldnt load...check that out ppl if u can...its a cool site

AWWWWW PJJJJJJJJJJ .....i know u hate to hear cause u think thats not you....but that is so sweet...thank u so much...muahhhs and hugs....ty the site is so cool..u put so much effort in makin my site look cool..ty for your help

and ty dani (mr web master) from miami for the pic...good luck in turnin me into mrs web master and teachin me things lol sent ya the postcard hon ....hope u like it!!!!!

am gonna go lay down a bit with my daughter...see ya later!!!!!

dear honey:

im not very good @celebrating things and neither am i good @expressing myself in a normal way spasshly when it
matters most being the goofball that i am. im not very good at stripping either nor am i good at sending presents to people dat matters most when it matters
most like a birthday i mean. but im quite glad i managed to get the coordinates and layout in much better for ur
blog in time for ur bday.

i know its not as good at u'd want it to
be like the other blogs u been to.. but hell blogging's probably another thing im not good at when it matters most.. what im relly trying to say on this
birthday of urs is u mean a lot more to me than words can say and yeah hell why not..


p/s owh i 4got.. february seems to be the month for relly special ppl like u and ME oshkoshBeGosHH!!~™

feb 20 2003

[>] PJ™

3:25 pm...saw mrcoolhimself again in kl 1...how nice..havent seen him for so long....definately wanna hear him play one time...i heard he is good....seein him reminded me of the old times in kl 1...we used to have so much fun...times changed... a lot of booters and a lot of ppl who are out to fight..but its really good to see "old" chatters ..like hallie, sf, marie,kane,brotherhood,sic and pret and so on.....love ya all roomies lol
7:15 am...*yawn* good morning...here we go doin some work again....and errr chat a lil first lol...came into kl 1 this morning and saw MARIE there...always so nice to talk to her.. hope she will feel better...i got amir to marry me if tom cruise wont lol ....hahahhaa he is funny...tomorrow is big day ...30..wohoooo....and i still feel bad that sami cant come :( he said he got me a present from london but i rather have him....sighhhhhhh
23:45pm *yawn* tired.. was watchin tv and will be off to bed soon.....nighty night everyone

and yeah :( my friend sami wont come to visit me..he had to fly back..sighhhhhh...hopefully gonna see him soon
8:20 pm ANDY tried to leave a message for me on the tagboard but it says too long lol..now i will paste it into here

long_shanks_666: "Every so often one comes across someone on the Internet who captures your imagination. ...like a whiff of leather mingled with body wash scent on an exquisite lady. Here is hoping that we never have to loose each others numbers .... (or IGGY in Yahoo talk-- lol)" From "Andy" .. E-mail: Long_Shanks_666@Yahoo

thank you andy..the talks with u are always fun
*burb* damn i am full...i missed sayin bye to terry sighhh....and i missed talkin to jafar..he made me mad and i left jafar grrrrrrrrrr....i went to take a nap and damn i slept 2 hours...then he was gone

i wont touch your pants pjjjjjj....handle your monster yaself lol hahahaha and i saw julia online.....and missed pmin her buhuuuuuu julia miss you girl *hugs*

There's a monster in my pants.. let it OUT! [ ur supposed to click OUT silly.. its a LINK! tO dat MONSTER!]


ah i forgot to mention AMIR...mr deep_metrix..a very handsome man...but WHY WHY WHYYYYY u shaved bald..oh well...love you anyways *muahhssss*...i saw him singing on cam...and hope to hear him soon too when i get my damn vc back.. i miss voicing with ppl...sometimes i am just tired of typing....amir has a very nice smile and when he laughs out loud it is so cute to see...he is fun to be around with.....*hugs*
You were my sun. You were my earth .But you didn't know all the ways I loved you, no. So you took a chance, And made other plans. But I bet you didn't think your thing would come crashing down, no.
You don't have to say, what you did I already know, I found out from him Now there's just no chance For you and me, there'll never be And don't it make you sad about it.


oh my god this song is so powerful
8:45 am.....GOOD MORNINGGGGGGG!!!! awww..havin my coffee and feelin better....got some work done already..yelled at the supplier lol and....i come on and see that pj put MY SONG ONNNNNNN..he just reads my mind..i was about to ask him to put it on for me....muahhs @pj....he knows me well now...lol
I talked to terry b4 he went to take a nap...he was out again shezeeeeee lol...i am really impressed how he got his body in that shape....training every day...i would be too lazy..i am eating right now...and feel guilty lol...can see terrys face infront of me saying tztztztztt hahahaha *hugs* terry
to LARRY.....good luck with your moving..i dont envy you for all the work....but i hope u enjoy your new home..and plz cheer up for gods sake...*hugs*

Welcome to PJ's J-SPOT [JukeSpot] @Honey's B-SPOT!

Song Currently loading on this b-spot is "CRY ME A RIVER" - Justin Timberlake

download full wav sample @ here

its lateeeeeee and i wanna go to bed....just finished literati with jaiveer....wish u good luck on your new job ....and thank you for your friendship...hugs....then scott pmd me and i almost froze...what to do!!!! what to dooooooo ..listen to bro?
23:30 pm....jafar just called..his usual morning call...miss u when u not around lol...and u are crazy ahahaha.

FRIENDS AND VISITORS!!!!! u can leave me a msg on the tagboard....plz do...and thank u again pj for the nice work..muahhhssss.....GOODNIGHT YA ALL
Does anyone notice something unusual about the music I'm listening to? It's Justin Timberlake. I'll say that again: Justin Timberlake!!!!!! someone twist my arm!!! I am so in love with that song..and it reflects how i feel right now.

You were my sun. You were my earth .But you didn't know all the ways I loved you, no. So you took a chance, And made other plans. But I bet you didn't think your thing would come crashing down, no.
You don't have to say, what you did I already know, I found out from him Now there's just no chance For you and me, there'll never be And don't it make you sad about it.

You told me you loved me. Why did you leave me, all alone? Now you tell me you need me. When you call me, on the phone. Girl I refuse, you must have me confused With some other guy. Your bridges were burned, and now it's your turn To cry, cry me a river Cry me a river....

I know that they say. That somethings are better left unsaid. It wasn't like you only talked to him and you know it (Don't act like you don't know it) All of these things people told me Keep messing with my head (Messing with my head) You should've picked honesty Then you may not have blown it (yeah) You don't have to say, what you did, (Don't have to say, what you did) I already know, I found out .
The damage is done So I guess I be leaving !!!!!!
but now darlene is hereeeeeeeeeee .....makes me feel so much better just talkin to her.......hugs gf
8:00 pm....brendon just left to go to sleep...its 5am there...he was tryin to make me feel better...love u for that my cyndi bimbo friend..muahhssss...but its my own fault if i let scott do that to me again..why scott why???

four_parts_rum_and_one_part_rum (19:18:23): Awwwwwww. Huggs darlin
four_parts_rum_and_one_part_rum (19:20:01): you is my blond bimbo sex goddess

5:50 pm just finished chattin with LEE..he had to go back to work sighhhhhh....i miss chattin with him he is so busy lately... he is a very good journalist in atlanta...i like his articles...i got a lot of work done today..thank god...ystd i visited my friends claudia and thomas..to see their first born..his name is marco... a cute baby...i held him all afternoon..reminded me of when julia was a baby...now i am sure i wanna have one more child...lets see if i can find the right guy to make one lol

3 days left ....then BDAYYYYYYY....jaff just reminded me..its 6:30 pm now
jaffnoisevox: like..tho i am not ur pearl.to that i am totally resign..but to the outside world..i will not be define......
jaffnoisevox: hey 3 days to be 30 huh
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yeah
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: countdown lol
jaffnoisevox: 36 hours more........
jaffnoisevox: ops
jaffnoisevox: 72 hours actually
jaffnoisevox: 4320 mins

JAFF says i am his fave wast of time *blush*..he is in aussie right now...workin on some project

At the same time BRENDON pmd me...scotts bro...he is my bimbo cyndy mate lol....we gonna hang out together talkin shit bout guys or girls and do our nails haahhaha... i forgot to mention he is my 4th fave australiannnnnn...he always calls me "darling angie" ...he probly calls all the women that ...but it sounds sweet lol..he is in love again...i wish him the best....muahhs brendon

FOR ALL THE PPL ASKIN!!!! ty for bein so caring..got a lil wishlist.......


wanna make me a happy girl ...buy me a toy ! grrrrrr
its 2:30 pm here.....am eating choclate....out of frustation..terry said gotta work on my waist buhuuuuuu....eat this terry...hmmm yummy choclate lol
and uhhh terry....I WILL EAT THE WHOLE DAMN BARRRRRRRR!!!!!!....gotta catch me first to train it off mr. asia hahahah
AND to BUXXE.....really sowwwwwwyyyyy... i didnt wanna hurt you.....thats the bad thing bout the net...ppl put wrong emotions in others words...u know u are an important friend to me....*hugs and kisses*

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YO YO YO WHAZZZUUUPPPPPPPPP!!!!! the next pic i saw...was vick...ma man in canada...and also my private dj...he is very talented..we know each other a few years now and he still is not sure if i am malay or not lol lol..vick man ..how bout all the hours we spent on phone...did i sound malay??? hahaha just kidding...i am glad u toned down and i dont have to worry that much bout ya ass anymore
and another MUAHHHHHSSSSSS goes out to KIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....am practising pool man...soon it wont be so easy to beat me....soon we ready for strip pool lol hahahaha

9:00 am.....am sooooooo happy.... a long lost friend just pmd me....we used to chat so much and i am glad he pmd me again...he is a very special friend....we were comforting each other when somebody broke our hearts... lol...glad to talk to you again ben...hugs and kisses
wakakakakaka @pj ...well mr-u-know-who is gettin addicted to my newspaper lol..i think i have to change to something more heavier..let me see where is my VOGUE...grrrrrr....there are a lot of things i never had on my bday....like a stripper lol hahahah

TO THE VISITORS OF MY SITE!!!!! thank you for visiting and enjoy......u will be readin about the ppl close to me and me myself and I!!!! would love to hear from you ....angelicacordero@hotmail.com

Its 7:15am and i need my cooffeeeeeeeeeeeee...where the hell is my slave????? ah yeh...still tied to the bedpost heehhehe...gotta go and take the handcuffs off ....see ya soon my friends....stay beautiful and its all good

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JAFF.......i wanted u to know today..that u are especially on my mind and in my prayers. you are such a beautiful, lovin person. you give so much of yourself to others. i pray that god´s many blessing will be yours - today and every day. you are a blessing to so many, and... we love u very much...angie and julia

i alwiz have a problem wif dis word.. aaaagagagagaga.. but DID ANYONE MENTION F***ing SPECIAL??? wif all due respect to ms you-know-who.. i am being extremely discreet here.. wat else u never had on ur bday honey now tell meeee.. WAT ELSEEEEEE????? **blink blink** sokay i better shadap its her blog.. dang i hate them newspapers.. gives me the "creeps"


we know each other for quite some time now..and u know how much your friendship means to me..i can always count on you and u cant count on me.. i love your honesty ...even when i want to hear something else..and i am sooooo happy that u and brian are finally hubbie and wife..u deserve the best my lovely gf...and all my best wishes are with you!!!!! 

When things are confused

i discuss them with you until they make sense

When something good happens

you are the first person i tell

so i can share my happiness

When i dont know what to do in a situation

i ask your opinion and weigh it heavily with mine

When i am lonely i call you

because i never feel alone with you....

When i have a problem i ask for your help

because your wiseness helps me to solve it

When i want to have fun i want to be with you

because we have such a great time together

When i want to talk to someone

i always talk to you

because u understand me

When i want the truth about something

i call you

because u are so honest

It is so essential to have u in my life



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@PJ...omg crossdresser....hahahhaa...i always thought u have a errr feminine style of dressing lol...but i love ya anyways my friend...and THANK U SO MUCH FOR MY BDAY POEM...never got one *blush*...u are so fuckin special !!!

What Spooky Being are You?

OwH!! My GaWdd!!~ I crossdress????
[>] ::: PJ

i dunno how many people can recall this luvly tune. im taking off "Yellow" for a while see how it goes.. but its something thats been wif me a long time this song and i think its a very "Honey" song.. so she s still without her soundcard mebbe u guys can tell her if this is

full wav sample

BEING WITH YOU - smokey robinson -

I don't care what they think about me

I don't care what they say

I don't care what they think if you're leaving

I'm gonna beg you to stay

I don't care if they start to avoid me

I don't care what they do

I don't care about anything else

But being with you being with you

Honey don't go don't leave this scene

Be out of the picture and off of the screen

Don't let them say we told you so

Don't tell me you love me and then let me go

I heard the warning voice

From friends and my relation

They tell me all about your heart-break reputation

I don't care what they think about me

I don't care what they say

I don't care what they think if you're leaving

I'm gonna beg you to stay

I don't care if they start to avoid me

I don't care what they do

I don't care about anything else

But being with you being with you

People can change they always do

Haven't they noticed the changes in you

Or can it be that like love I am blind

Do I want it so much 'til it's all in my mind

One thing I know for sure

Is really really real

I never felt before the way you make me feel

I don't care what they think about me

I don't care what they say

I don't care what they think if you're leaving

I'm gonna beg you to stay

I don't care if they start to avoid me

I don't care what they do

I don't care about anything else

But being with you being with you

Being with you being with you

What Spooky Being Are You?

(a personality test telling you what 'true' paranormal being you are)

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a poem for your beshday..

iF EveR..

If ever you're lonely

call on me

if ever you need me

lean on me

if ever you're sad

talk to me

if ever you cry

come to me

if ever you worry

confide in me

if ever you're moody

sing with me

if ever you're lost

find me..

if ever i'm wrong

right me

if ever i hurt you

forgive me

if ever i'm busy

i'm sorry

if ever i'm weary

bear with me

if ever i'm human

that is me..

if ever you're joyful

jump with me

if ever you're sunny

shine on me

if ever you're merry

i'm happy

and if ever you're free..

please be with me..

[>] :: PJ

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[>] ::: pJ

PJJJJJJJJJ thank you man for covering for me lol...u the only one that was so smart to know i am the one in the white swimsuit....admit it ....U LOVE MEEEEEEEEEEE....lol..and about the party....come here and lets get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeee


i got my first bday present already.....thank you so much tommy....its so beautiful....that was a real surprise to me..will wear it on my bday....*bussi und umarmung*

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[>] ::: my fave 3 australians.....scott, mitchell and olivia....love u guys

SKIN ON SKIN!!! (by sarah connor)

dedicated to scott....hang in there baby..u get out of it soon..dont forget i love ya..muahs ya crazy australian

Just a little bit more love.Just a little bit more passion.This is how it should begin Skin on skin 

If you leave me now.Telling me you failed somehow.Better think it all over.Just as long as love’s around.Here’s a true romance.Be aware and take your chance.Tomorrow I’m gonna leave you.But I am here for you tonight

Every single day I want you to know My love is true.So baby let me show you what to do.

Just a little bit more love.Just a little bit more passion.This is how it should begin.Skin on skin.Just a little getting close.Just a little more affection.‘Cause I don’t think it’s a sinSkin on skin!!

Don’t you know that this game is to play Just as long as it’s time.Can’t you see that my heart’s gotta know When you’re gonna be mine!!!

So we better get it on.What is here will soon be gone.When the leaves are falling.Then maybe we could fall apart. And there may come a time When you will forget My love is true .So baby let me show you what to do!!!!


HAPPY LATE VALENTINES DAY!!!! hope u all spent it with someone u love....thank you for all your emails and ty jaff for your cards...julia says " thank you uncle jaff . i love u" we hope u have a good time in australia...and dont let the roo bite ya sexy ass... lol..peace..love ya all

oKEE ppl listen up!! this iz where i get to cover up for honey..

HONEY"S the ONE in the WHITEEE swimsuit okeeee???


[>] :::PJ

diD aNyOnE MeNtiOn PARTYY???




Hello to all my friends!!!!
Thank you for visiting my site (which pj created for me..thank you pj). I will try now to add pics and more with pj´s help. So plz be patient with me.
My big day is comin closer.Feb 20 is D-day. My 30iest bday. WWWWOOOAAAAAHHHHHH LOL. I wish ya all could celebrate with me.If somebody makes the decision to come and help me get trough the day lol..email me .....angelicacordero@hotmail.com.....need all the support i can get....lets PARTYYYYYYYYYY. till soon my friends....love and hugs for ya alll......HONEY
@honey: i've added the site meter. hope you'll get around to start making your own entries around here by logging in wif ur username: honeylauren. password's wif me if you ever wanna get around to it. cos im thinkin' it'll be much better wif ur own words rather than my delirious excusrions around town.. but i can alwiz help u around wif things i mean. :oÞ

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