Summer is here.... kindof

hello my darlings !
happy monday ;)
It´s a happy one in honey´s world
cause i dont have to work!
a loooong free weekend.
so i woke up and....

fresh brewed coffee, sunshine and
some Mraz. What a life sighhh.
On the other side we start look for 
a new appartement.
It´s time to move on.

Also looking forward this weekend to...
yay its that time again.
Laughter, good food, fab friends,
wine, music.... la la la life is wonderful.

so my darlings time to get dressed cause
we are having a Mother/Daughter day today.
Really looking forward to that.

Love my new  shoes. 
Lets see how comfty those wedges are.

enjoy your day lovelies!

with love,

all pics exept last one are from

Jason Mraz - you fckn did it

wanna leave  u with .... u fckn did it!
yup u did!!
 u are a.w.e.s.o.m.e !!

with love,

happy humpday !

Happy humpday ;)
how are u doing?
consider urself ((((hugged))))

i write this post while listening
to the - oh yeah -
amrazing mister mraz

weather is finally getting better here.
too much work and nothing to post here lol.
dont wanna bore u darlings.
it will get better soon.
dont u leave me here!
stay ;)

just chose love and be love !

I'm letting myself off the hook for things I've done
I let my past go past
And now I'm having more fun
I'm letting go of the thoughts
That do not make me strong
And I believe this way can be the same for everyone <3

with love,

Live chat with Jason and Bushwalla

Happy friday! happy weekend!
hope u are all doing well.
Weather is up and down here.
April style.
still so cold brrrrrrr
so Jason and Billy warming
hearts ;)
Jason did a live chat ystd.
there were 2 parts.
i was watching the 1st one
live and i wanna share
the 2nd one with u here.
SharkReefMini aka Eric Morgensen
recorded it once more like many more
fabulous Mrazmoments.
So thank you Eric!

I love J and Billy together
they are so much fun.

Make at least one person happy today. #BeHappyMakeHappy

with love,

Finally... happy #loveisafourletterword day !

Happy LoveIsAFourLetterWord Day !
It´s out and there are millions of happy
Mrazfans all over the world today!
and today he was 
on Ellen performing 
The woman i love.
No idea who that band is..
where the hell is Toca???

and as a treat... Jason explains why he is simply the best lol

with love,

Love is a four letter word #2

happy tuesday ;)
did u have a nice easter? 
i loved my long weekend.
even more since i could
float around in
Mraz heaven listening to
Love is a four letter word.

I recieved lots of different reactions
but most nice ones.
Mrazfans are full of love!

But i wanna clear a few things up
that were brought to my attention.
Obviously over on RKOP.
i have an acct there since 2010 but didnt remember
my username or pw lol
oh well ... i am in touch with all my
lovely Mrazettes and never felt i 
am missing anything.
I DO NOT work with a record company!
I preordered like many others at that music store.
YES i paid 
€ 21 for the album. and have no problem with it.
i honestly never checked the price. not knowing it only 
costs around €16 on amazon. but oh well.
Mr Mraz is worth it.
No i wont leak songs.
they are out there anyways.
hmmm was there anyhting else?
if i forgot remind me darlings!

spread some love !

with love,

P.S: and YES i wanna get rid of this snow on the blog but i have forgotten how to do it

Tour is a four letter word ;)

with love,

Jason Mraz - Love is a four Letter word

OMG i got my cd and i am loving it!
 Ok i am a Mrazette but he gets better With every Album. 
We all know live he is da bomb lol
if u dont want to know about the album then stop reading and 
leave the blog!! i wont tell all but i have to share a few things..
i have to ! :P
when i got the call ystd from the musicstore where
i preordered the album i thoght omg dont
let it be a joke. 
will they see it comes out on the 17th and wont
give it to me ?
gosh i would have freaked out right there lol
but the guys
handed me the album right away 
and even after me asking about the 
early delivery they said its ok.
they didnt sign a form with the record company 
like with some others and i can have it ?!?
alrighty then. i took it and left real fast...
didnt want them to change their mind 
and keep it lol

can u imagine me smiling all the time 
knowing i have the cd in my purse.
gosh just my man got annoyed.
jason jason jason lol

finally home i had to listen to it right away.
u guys understand dont u?

there are 12 songs on it.

and after every song there are the credits and
a few personal words.
love it.
wont spoil it for u all and wont go
into detail but one is interesting
"In your hands" - For you xo xoxo xoxoxo.
 In the end a lot of credits... and also to 
the fab Tristan Prettyman.

there are 12 fab songs on it.
but i didnt expect less of Mr Mraz.
he keeps on amazing me.
i cry and laugh and sing out loud.
He has just so much talent and 
i am glad he shares it with us.
cant wait to see him in november!!

sorry i am blabing on and on
but i am so happy.
listening to the songs as i post here.

I dont wanna go into more detail.
the songs are great.
if u wanna know more then email me.
i dont wanna spoil it for my lovely mrazettes.

have a wonderful easter!
with much love,

Love is a Four Letter Word ....

OMG OMG OMG i am so excited my Darlings!!
 I got a call today from the Music store
 Where i ordered Jasons New cd and.... I can pick it up!!
 Oh yeahhhhh it arrived and i can Pick it up tomorrow! 
How can i sleep tonight ?? 
What if he tells mie its a mistake And i still have to wait arghhhhhh
 Gosh i am Super excited! 
Writing this Post on our New iPad In bed at Night. Cant sleep. 
Much Love to u my Darlings! 
 Everything will be ok!