Happy easter !

Happy easter my darlings!
are u ready for this long free weekend? This year i didn´t coulour any eggs since julia wouldnt do it with me.
My friends didn´t approach me neither so i guess they are all grown up now and don´t need me anymore sighhhhh lolz. Soooooo but senor gonzales requestes my annual easter brunch to be  held.. baaaaaaah.
My plan was to be quiet and see if my friends come up with a plan but i guess it´s gonna be my place again?
I still have to work that out. Would be nice to be invited once. 
Well i will keep u up to date. Today is Karfreitag or Good friday. No meat no pleasure nada.
Jesus got nailed to the cross. I am not very religious but i do know whats going on. Do u talk with ur kids about it? Do u just hunt for eggs and choclate or do u go to church too? 

Anyways i do wish u happy easter... funfilled happy moments with ur loved ones!
Enjoy ;)

with love, Ines

Happy saturday !

Happy saturday darlings !
How is everyone? i am having a chilling afternoon floating around on a musical Mraz cloud and eastering up my blog a bit... it´s raining eggs now ;) isn´t that cool? lol thank god for bloganimation. i really suck at those things. but its so easy nowadays to pep up ur blog. That makes me miss my missing in action webmaster PJ!!
PJJJJJJJJJJJJJ!!!!!!!!!!!! where the hell are u? can u at least know u are ok??? inbox me!!! I have no idea where he is floating around. His spot on this blog here is still open. It was his gift to me many years ago.
this laptop is bugging me lately... acting up too many times.. or just the mouse? it´s driving me mad nevertheless.
awwww live high live mighty is playing as i type this.... u just gotta love this amazing musician. he has so much talent!! but BUT b4 u go and sighhhhh oh no not Mraz again... i was listening to sexy JLO singing with Pitbull on the flooooooorrrrr.... i do listen to other things tooo no worries. and that song is getting me to moveeee yeahawww.
hatschiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuuuuuuuuuuuu sorryyyyyyy.... still sick.. didnt mean to sneeze at ya! aren´t u glad that there is a screen between us? lol but i am getting better. having the best male nurse some can have! my man. he is the most caring guy. i swear i sometimes think how did i deserve him? but then... i deserve the best!!
i accept his love and caring and give it back to him! ( i think my mom sent him my way to be honest! thank you mom up there in heaven!! i love and miss u !!!)
so now i gotta go and get ready for senor gonzales... he anounced a visit today and i promised him some delish iced coffee.... ;)
have a fab weekend my darlings and spread some love! smile and be happy... u deserve just the best!

love, Ines

It´s friday .. already?

Hello  my darlings!
Can´t believe it´s friday already.... wow week has gone very fast.
That also means Easter is racing towards us. But i have already decided to NOT colour any easter eggs this year. Julia doesn´t want to do it so why should i go through all the work. Always did it for her . Means .. yeah she is growing up too fast... many wonderful afternoons during all these years b4 easter when we decorated, crafted, coloured eggs... sighhh. Time flies so fast!! Do enjoy every second with ur kids!! They are out and about too fast. 

What are ur plans for easter? We usually had easter brunch on sunday at my place. I am gonna keep quiet this year seeing if anyone else comes up with a plan? you think i got any luck? lol hahhaha
spending time with my darlings friends is quality time. It´s been rough between a few lately and i swore i wont get inbetween... still not. I try to stay neutral.. i am austrian hahaha ;) just kidding.
Let´s see how it goes at my wedding. I expect everyone on their best behaviour!!!!

speaking of wedding.... i was thinking about opening an "i-do" blog... how bout that? Shabbyblogs has so many lovely layouts... i will seriously think about it!

You my lovelies have a fab Friday! enjoy the sun and smile at someone! make their day ;)

with love, Ines

Another monday .... Fat acceptance

Bonjour my darlings !
Happy monday... weekend is over as usual so fast sighhhh.
Monday is here and the sun is out so i only needed 2 coffee lol ;)
How was ur weekend? Did u have fun? I hope u spent it with people u love <3

Yesterday and today i saw a new trend on twitter #thingsfatpeoplearetold .
Since being a big girl myself i follow a lot of interesting people on twitter. From bigsized fashion blogger to Fatacceptance fighters. It´s very interesting and helpful. Women need to accept their body as they are.
And society needs to accept "fat" people. It´s very hard growing up big and being a fat adult.
Unneccesary making it harder for all of us. I don´t tell u what to wear or how to be! ur gay? fine.
ur working on getting or being thin? fine. whatever makes u happy. and if i dont complain about me being unhappy with the way i am ... then don´t tell me i should be!!! 
i have a good selfconfidence but lots of big girls dont own that and get hurt a lot...  i wanna share some tweets with u .....

Taken from www.red3.blogspot.com ( http://red3.blogspot.com/2011/04/thingsfatpeoplearetold-first-24-hours.html )

The #thingsfatpeoplearetold hash tag is still tearing it up over at Twitter with over 1,400 tweets and retweets as of this writing. I'm so grateful for the courage its taken so many people to share what are often very raw experiences with entitled fat stigmatization. To be clear, some of this can be trigging given how brutally honest the experiences are, but I want to share some of the Tweets here. I can't stress enough that these are just some of what people are sharing. Follow#thingsfatpeoplearetold to know you really aren't alone or to learn what fat people are really experiencing.
  •  Your body sends a bad message to your children. #thingsfatpeoplearetold
  •  "no one will ever love you." actual #thingsfatpeoplearetold
  • Fat people are stupid. If they were smart, they wouldn't be fat. #thingsfatpeoplearetold
  • Telling anyone that it's ok to be fat makes you personally responsible for their death #thingsfatpeoplearetold
  • You have such a pretty face... #thingsfatpeoplearetold  ( oh thats a classic one!!)
  • They probably didn't give you a promotion because you might not fast enough to do the job. #thingsfatpeoplearetold

  • "You're not fat!" (Meaning: I know & like you, you're not like those *other* lazy smelly greedy fat people.) #thingsfatpeoplearetold
  • But have you really, really TRIED to lose weight? #thingsfatpeoplearetold
  •  In the back of an ambulance, by a police officer: "Who would rape you?" #thingsfatpeoplearetold

just a few examples takes from red3.blogspot ... there are more and feel welcomed to go there and take a look. take a loot into a fat persons life. what he/she has to deal with on a daily basis.
share some love my darlings .. not hate! accept eachother ... its important!

with love, Ines

Another virus on FB ??

Heya my darlings!
How is ur sunday going along?
As i spent some time on fb i learned there is yet another new  virus spreading... a fb clock... who saw ur profile? who visits u? when for how long? how many hours have u spent on fb? fake pics.... its spreading fast.. once one fell for it it spreads through friends lists! even in chats messages pop up. its really getting annoying!

a few of my friends unknowingly sent me one via chat box.. but i am not one who clicks on stuff without checking... so far i didnt catch any yet.... so if u get something like this....

even if its from a friends u know well... dont click on it DON´T!!!! even being tagged... remove that!!! 
And please darlings do NOT click on every posting u see.. (Farmville and so on... even there are fake posts !) Beware and take more caution... then u wont catch one and send it on to your friends.... they get trickier every day and there will be much more to come! 

And when i am at it... do NOT post any pics of u for all the world to see!! or make comments u will regret!!
use Facebook wisely... change ur private and account settings! protect urself !!!
and most importantly... protect YOUR KIDS ! check the friendslist of ur kids and do it often.. ask them who they interact with and see that they protect their information and posted pics! help them change private settings. many bad people out there trying to take advantage of our loved ones.
we are here to protect them! do it!

much love to all of you and a hug

with love, Ines

Sunday morning .....

Guten morgen Darlings ;)
happy sunday ;) how is everyone doing? 
hope life is treating u well ;) 
it´s sunday and its a sunny one. bliss !
i woke up alone since my man left for work early :(
waking up alone is not what i fancy sniff sniff
but he did turn the coffee machine on so that i have fresh coffee when i wake up.
i do love him much... it´s the little things that count! dont u agree?
already talked to my darling daughter who is spending the night at her bf... ya she is big now sighhhh
so what are ur plans for this sunday? i will spend it enjoying sun and errrr do some ironing... hate it but it has to be done right? 

Next week we will finally go and get our wedding date... fingers crossed!!!
smile at someone darlings! share a hug!

with love, Ines

Happy hump day ;)

Hello my darlings!
Wishing u a happy humpday! middle of the week! weekend coming closer.
i took another step towards our wedding date today. got my papers ready. so as soon as we have time we go to get a date yaaaaaaaay. i also ordered or tried to order my dress... i found a fairly good priced online store www.lightinthebox.com .. they have dresses up to size 26 and thats fab. u can also order taking ur own measurements .so i am very excited. its gonna cost me less than i thought it would.
this wednesday turned out sunnier than it started. our turtles are enjoying the sun too ... life everywhere.
seems like everybody wakes up ... flowers, plants, people... its a joy to see.
i tried to be positive and happy today... so far so good... i survived an annoying ex hubby. whom i gave 1 hour of my time to listen to his problems... he IS a part of my life since we have julia. his family is not here and we are all he has. spread love right? be positive...  much love out to you and welcome to all the new visitors coming from www.blogger.com.... come in and enjoy ;)

with love, Ines

day 30 - your favorite song at this time last year

Hello my darlings!
Happy tuesday ;) did u all get over monday well? it rained all day ystd but today the sun decided to come back out and warm us up! yay!
Today is the last day of the 30-day song challenge.... what? did i just hear u yell "finally"??? oh common!!! lol hahahha u know i love music... next challenge up is a Jason Mraz one... yup... now dont go running!! i will wait a few hours, errr days till i start that one hahaha!

for todays song i had to do a little google research... and i chose Rihanna "Rude Boy"... over here was Lena "Satelite" in the charts but i swear i drop dead if i need to hear her voice again.. she is so annoying.. ui i know i know lets spread some love.... we wish Lena all the best with her singing career!

so move ya hips a bit to Rihanna  ( and i promise i wont say anything about her style of clothing) .....

with love, Ines

Dear Monday ,

Its monday ! I used to hate mondays... tell me why i hate mondays but i learned to love em.
It´s a new beginning... a fresh start. Although it´s a rainy one today every day is welcomed!

affirmation of the day : "Right now I am perfect, just the way i am !"

with love, Ines

day 29 - a song from your childhood

Happy monday darlings!
a song from my childhood... it has to be from WHAM! yes baby!
i loved em! i loved George Michael! well still do... his voice is grrrrrr!
i still know all the words to their songs! 
have a good start into this new week!!

with love, Ines

Happy weekend!

Bona sera mon ami !
trying to be a bit international here ;) 
welcome to all the readers from all over the world!!
it´s sunday and its sunny and there is icecream in the freezer screaming my name... oh my!
i am weak ... sorry !
as soon as i finish this post the icecream will be mine muahahha!

i wanted to tell u that our marriage plans are going well!
i see a marriage coming up soon ;) 
so excited!!! after all the problems it is sooooo good to finally make plans again!
the gown is already chosen. i cant show u here.... dont want my man to see it!!
he got all his stuff together exept for the tie.. thats my task to find one that i like.

so its a happy home here! and guess what .....

and its true!!!

with love, Ines

day 28 - a song that makes you feel guilty

Heya darlings!
happy sunday! i started my day with a delicious cup of coffee my sexy man brought while i was still cosy in bed!
la la la la life is wonderful! and then some jason mraz.... after an afternoon... better... u fucking did it... yay what a perfect beginning of an sunday morning!

to todays challenge.. i really thought about it.. but i cant come up with a song... i feel a lot of songs and they guide me through a lot of emotions but guilt..hmmm sorry no can do that :P lolz

have a fab sunday .. smile at someone!

Are U celebrating today? Celebrating what U ask...All of it! Celebrate you-Celebrate them-Celebrate upsets-Celebrate beginnings. Celebrate

with love, Ines

day 26 - a song that you can play on an instrument

hello my darlings!
happy saturday to you! hope u are having a fab day ;)
its a sunny warm one over here in austria... thank god its about time spring has arrived!

todays challenge is a tricky one since i dont play any instrument at all lolz!
but IF i would i think it would be guitar and jasons guitar skills are rad! look at this vid and be amazed at his talent!

with love, Ines