vacatime is near!!

Hola my darlings,
i am really, really, reaaaaaaaaaaallly ready for some time off work.
even supermario  cant keep me happy at work.
awwww gosh it´s a hard job being head of department.
sometimes i wish to have no respobability but oh well.
it will pass. it will paaaasss.
oh let me just feel sorry for myself a bit lol
yup thank you ;)
this song is getting me up in the mornings at the moment.
love the power of the song.
and i am bulletproof too ;)

and dont forget....

with love,

Knock knock....

knock knock.... somebody here? ughhhh i know i have been absent and i am sorry. work and life keeping me busy. i just couldnt be bothered to sit down and open the laptop to blog. i am online daily on ipad and iphone but somehow i havent figured out how to blog from those 2? any help out there??? oh well my live... this describes me best... 

so busy with all. we are doing ok and preparing for moving soon. daughter, hubby, friends, work... hardly time for me. but vaca time soon yay. but moving time then. oh well. i wanted to spend some days on the beach with my Julia but it has to be postponed cause of moving. we will catch up with that later this year.

so how are u doing? hope all is well. life treats u good <3
till soon my darlings... it wont be long i promise!

Don´t forget to be awesome !!!

with love,