its getting late. me getting sleepy. was trying to dive a lil into the chatworld again. and i have to say i dont miss it. i miss my friends. but thats about it. no more nahhhh. just wished i could spend more time with scott. but i guess life is killing us. too busy to life. ya right. he must be getting up now.

left some messages for pj. hope u doing fine babe !!! dont know whats going on with him and that worries me a bit. hope he is healthy again.

There's a thousand words that I could sayTo make you come homeOh, seems so long ago you walked awayLeft me aloneI remember what you said to meYou were acting so strangeand maybe I was too blind to seeThat you needed a changeWas it something I saidTo make you turn away?
To make you walk out and leave me coldIf I could just find a wayTo make it so that you were right here
But right now..I've been sitting hereCan't get you off my mindI've tried my best to be a man and be strongI've drove myself insaneWishing I could touch your face

But the truth remains..You're gone..You're gone..Baby you're goneGirl you're gone, baby girl, you're gone..You're gone..You're...I don't wanna make excuses, babyWon't change the fact that you're goneBut if there's something that I could doWon't you please let me know?

Time is passing so slowly nowGuess that's my life without youand maybe I could change my every day But baby I don't want to So I'll just hang aroundand find some things to doTo take my mind off missing youand I know in my heartYou can't say that you don't love me tooPlease say you do
I've been sitting hereCan't get you off my mindI've tried my best to be a man and be strongI Drove myself insaneWishing I could touch your faceBut the truth remainsYou're gone..You're gone..You're goneYou're're gone.. you're....GoneOhhh...Oh what'll I doIf I can't be with youTell me where will I turn toBaby who will I beNow that we are apart

Am I still in your heart? Baby why don't you see?That I need you here with meOohhh...I've been sitting hereCan't get you off my mindI've tried my best to be a man and be strongI've drove myself insane
Wishing I could touch your faceBut the truth remainsBeen sitting hereCan't get you off my mindI've tried my best to be a man and be strongI drove myself insaneWishing I could touch your face
But the truth remainsYou're gone..You're gone..You're goneYou're goneGoneYou're gone..But the truth remainsYou're....
You Gotta Be
Listen as your day unfolds,challenge what your future holdsTry to keep your head up to the skyLovers they may cause you tearsGo ahead release your fearsStand up and be counted,don't be shamed to cryYou gotta be..
You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold,you gotta be wiserYou gotta hard, you gotta be tough,you gotta be strongerYou gotta be cool, you gotta be calm,you gotta stay together.All I know, all I knowLove will save the day
Herald what your mother saidRead the books your father readTry to solve the puzzlein your own sweet timeSome may have more cash than youOthers take a different viewMy oh my, you gotta be..
Time asks no questions, it goes on without youLeaving you behind if you can't stand the paceThe world keeps on spinning, can't stop it if you tried toThe best part is danger staring you in the face
Got to be bad. Got to be boldGot to be wise. Don't ever be coldGot to be hard. Not too, too hardAll I know is, love will save the day
time: 9:24 pm
drinking: too much ice-tea
wearing: jeans and a shirt
listening to: my love is like whoaaaaa from mya
i am glad that: the day is almost over
am proud of: my beautiful daughter- she had her first trumpet concert-she was awesome
last talked to on phone: mom from school
last cried: oh i dont know-crying so many times
enjoyed: laughing and having a coffee with sabine-my lovely neighbour from 1st floor
tomorrow i have to: do too many things-grrrrrrrr
today i: had another argument with my father-yup its hard to be the black sheep in the family

sorry i missed ur call scotty- i do miss u terribly too darling-hope u keeping chin up-we going to make it, no worries. today was a nice day. spent it with ppl i like, and thats very good. lots of things coming up this weekend. being in politics turns out to be very interesting. going to make the best of it. learning new things. yeah.

skin on skin- just a lil bit more love- just a lil bit more passion- this is how it should begin- skin on skin!
hope i didnt hurt u by going out with another guy. i had the feeling u were putting up a good face just to make me think ur ok with everything. or maybe i was just hoping for a lil bit more jealousy. was there any? i dont know. could i expect any? hmmm. its hart to so far apart. but we know and i think u agreed that we would mess it up. so lets make the best of it mr missen. u know i think a lot of you. but.... i just cant trust u yet. thats the one thing u dont have of me. i am sorry but i cant trust u yet. i still have worries. i dont know what happend last time. i didnt see it coming and i am scared of that. i dont wanna be hurt again. u promised me that´ll never happen again. i do want to believe u. trying so hard. but i think the it is its ok. i do miss u terribly. i hope u know that !!!!
ayaaaa pj. so nice to see u post here. plz come back here to talk to me. glad u doing fine. me doing ok too. much stress but i am living i guess. sunday is julia´s first conzert playing the trumpet. she is already nervous. she is growing up so fast. i am doing ok. diving into politics. trying to survive there. i am still working on my personal changes i need to make. damn i am so lazy sometimes. but one positive thing or man in my life turns out to be SCOTT. yah him. love him so dearly. we´re so close friends now. cant miss him in my life. he picks me up when i am down. Love u scott ! hope to hear from you pj!!!

here is my number
Hun i didnt get the sms.. Try calling or sms this number instead when ur up to things aye.. I wish we can catch up on things @YM some day soon aight.. I'm mostly on this id, add me up. Its easier cos its linked to my mobile device, so I'd know if ur online:

mobile: +60134269000

Good luck wif ur stuffs aight. I miss you..
time: who knows
wearing: oops i was colourblind this morning
drinking: coffee
spoke last to: my neighbour
proud of: julia, she has her 1st solo with her trumpet soon in a conzert
worried about: scott- whats going on with him-wish i could be closer to him to be there for him
cried last: ystd when i was watching a bollywood film- gosh i love those movies
today i have to: attend the almost last meeting b4 the election

it was a beautiful day 2day-took time off in the afternoon 2 be outside with the kids-also sad-1 year ago i lost the baby-emma