i have no idea where Honey is... Honey.. im back ayee... i think..
good morning! yawnnnnnnnn........how are u ppl today? me is doing fine. tryin to avoid heatwave its SO DAMN HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!
it sux. all u wanna do is drink water.........and stay home....shezzeeeee we need rain.

NEWS: my baby is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk............julia is finally home. am so happy.she is still havin jetlag.

OTHER NEWS: i am NOT PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

and it really sux that i always miss pj. wanna chat with you man!!!! its been so long lah. hope u doin ok pj..hugs and kisses to ya!!! mwaaaaaa
we goin on a ship today. and later we gonna have a good time. i enjoy bein with jaiveer. so does julia. ohhhhh guess what ppl.sami requested to see me . lol. so i guess we gonna make hotel tour again hahahhaa. nahhhhh. i will let him spoil me. lol. lets see what he is up too this time. i am glad to see him again. maybe i talk him into visiting basel. he loves shoppin anyways and we spend some time with jaiveer. will be strange though to stay in the hotel and not with jaiveer. hmmmm . anyways.what else is new. got blisters:( from heat. no sunburn yet. at least that. andy will have his bday this month. so gotta go find present for him. maybe i book a stripper for him. hahaha. he will kill me:P

time: 8:35 am
drinking: wiener melange
eating: nothing
wearing: bra and string
missing: jaiveers massages
will do today: write some postcards
hearing: tina turner on radio
person i last talked on phone to: byron
will kiss: julia and jaiveer today:P
last big think i bought: shoes that were too damn expensive but i had to have them
smelling: still havin jaiveers smell on me from last night
need to: shower and get ready, and make brekkie for them
last night i ate: indian food made by jaiveer
i wanna chat to: PJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ
last cute guy i met: salvatore an italian friend of J...wohooo nice guy but too much ego


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OH NOOOO HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?????? arrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhh shit.......jaiveerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol........scott? nah lol damn

phewwww.......damn that was close.....not pregnant......lol

now there i was....havin fun in kl1........there comes arab_malaysia1....long time friend...made me laugh so many times....he asked bout his kids of course...i said they are well....lol and we rocked the room for a bit.....talked to MARIE....so nice to have chatted with you marie ..hugs....then arab surprised me with a room specially created....(smile) we had some errrr interesting chat hahaha...he saw me on cam (blush)

You are in "C :1" ( )

*smartie*: ohhhhhhhhhhh
Arab in Malaysia: welcome to C world
*smartie*: thank you
Arab in Malaysia:
*smartie*: the C world
Arab in Malaysia: no thank u
*smartie*: ah common
*smartie*: u had it and left me
Arab in Malaysia: what
Arab in Malaysia: had what ?
*smartie*: me beside you
Arab in Malaysia: oh come here

*smartie*: your ring is not on my finger anymore
Arab in Malaysia: dont worry m not that fast
Arab in Malaysia: well i am into
*smartie*: u go over 1 min now?
Arab in Malaysia: mmmm
Arab in Malaysia: well say 1 min and half
*smartie*: woawwwwwwww
Arab in Malaysia: guiness book of records
*smartie*: half min more pleasure damned
*smartie*: what have i missed
Arab in Malaysia:
Arab in Malaysia: u missed alot :
Arab in Malaysia:
*smartie*: i did?
Arab in Malaysia: u never complaint
Arab in Malaysia: so what can i do ?
*smartie*: u would always shut me up

luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ok look at my eyes and see the colour
arab_malaysia1: its not clear
arab_malaysia1: they look black
arab_malaysia1: u scared me
arab_malaysia1: sweety i know u r an angel
arab_malaysia1: but seems God didnt give u must light
arab_malaysia1: on the light
arab_malaysia1: i will speak to ur titties later
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: they are green
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: my eyes
arab_malaysia1: i thought ur nipples
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: nah they got other colour
arab_malaysia1: dont u have low light
arab_malaysia1: like red light or something ?
arab_malaysia1: leave that thing
arab_malaysia1: and speak up

arab_malaysia1: stop sticking ur tongue
arab_malaysia1: thanx
arab_malaysia1: i wish we didnt divorce
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ahh too late now

arab_malaysia1: i wish u were my mom
arab_malaysia1: i would make sure
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: mom? lol
arab_malaysia1: i sleep with u every day
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ahhhh
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: to snuggle up
arab_malaysia1: and then u will tell me
arab_malaysia1: i do it better than daddy
arab_malaysia1: where is ur dildo ?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: my dildo is attached to a body and away
arab_malaysia1: booted again
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: are u booting me huh??
arab_malaysia1: no m not
arab_malaysia1: why should i?
arab_malaysia1: m having fun with u
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ah really
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: wishing i was ya mommy
arab_malaysia1: yah
arab_malaysia1: i would never miss the milk time

arab_malaysia1: u cheating on me ?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i see no ring on my finger so how could i cheat? lol
arab_malaysia1: breastfeed me until i grow a dick
arab_malaysia1: well its not about the ring
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u should look into my blog
arab_malaysia1: its about the nice days we had togother
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: http://honeylauren.blogspot.com/
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i never forget those days
arab_malaysia1: what s in there ?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u used to make me laugh so hard with your impression on indians lah
arab_malaysia1: sad days her
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: why sad?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i enjoyed bein on mic with you
arab_malaysia1: i had it and i leave
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: aiyooooo
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: am not the only woman in world lol
arab_malaysia1: oh

arab_malaysia1: who made ur site is it PJ ?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yeah
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i do the writing and he the html stuff
arab_malaysia1: no i didnt
arab_malaysia1: what s in there ?
arab_malaysia1: what section should i see ?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: its like an online journal
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ahhhh lots of interesting stuff there
arab_malaysia1: what will u say about me ?
arab_malaysia1: the man who had it and left me
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: dont know
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: talk bout my friends in there too
arab_malaysia1: yah a british gal was writing her diary in station
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: jsut saw in the guestbook that arty signed ......how nice
arab_malaysia1: and i went to her and said
arab_malaysia1: dont forget that u met a cute arab guy
arab_malaysia1: so plz write that down

luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i will remember
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: maybe i paste this part of conversation
arab_malaysia1: ok sure

arab_malaysia1: i was like what the fuck
arab_malaysia1: where is this song from
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ya it changes
arab_malaysia1: i thought u were singing
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: when i like another song we change it
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: no
arab_malaysia1: cool
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: but its a cool song .......liek the lyrics

luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: turn it off then
arab_malaysia1: but is nice and clear no i love it
arab_malaysia1: here is my picture
arab_malaysia1: http://geocities.com/far4_u/klcc.jpg
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ok u gonna be in the fotolog as soon as i get in touch with pj

arab_malaysia1: m impressed
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: mouth open to speak up as always huh

luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: well that goes out to pj he did the work i just blog
arab_malaysia1: u want me to stay quiet
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: nahhhh
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: wouldnt be the same lah
arab_malaysia1: sure it would
arab_malaysia1: i would have done it for u
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ahhhhh
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: how long? lol

arab_malaysia1: wait
arab_malaysia1: how long u mean
arab_malaysia1: inchs
arab_malaysia1: minutes
arab_malaysia1: days ?

hahaha.......so here u see....with a lil censorship lol....cant let u guys know all of our conversation (smile).....the answer to the last lines u will find in the guestbook.......so if u wanna know go and see !! hugs arab

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You make him work for it, like the dog he is.

That’s the way of the world.

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oh since i have to cure my hangover i was curious what drink i would be.....a cosmopolitan yeahawwwww.....yummy
i decided that we have a cocktailparty soon since the caipirinha party was a few weeks ago...we had brunch...brekkie again....so its gonna be cocktail now........lets see what we can come up......maybe make a theme for it......like "sex in the city"
went for a walk......will go out later again since i have this cravin for icecream....ahhhhhhhh......talked to jaiveer on phone....he said he was just thinking of what i was doing and that he let me sleep since i was hmm what did he say? lookin so sweet? yah that was it. proove otherwise ha ha. he be back 2morrow morning. the last thing he said was " angie try to be back home then too!" ahmm me? commonnnnn . (grin)cheers my dears!!!!!!!!!

THIS TEST I MADE FOR SCOTTY LOL !!!!!!!!! see what i am babe.....a boob piercing lol hahaah

nipple piercing

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oh man i think i am bored hmmmm.....am gonna go for a walk ......oh see what came out at this quiz....i am angie lol

Angie Everhart

Which ridiculously attractive model are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
time: 4:30 pm
wearing: bra and pantie ( its hot )
drinking: water
eating: apple
missing: juliaaaaaaaaaaaa
want to: hear julias voice
dreaming of: huggin julia
person i last talked on phone to: jaiveer
yesterday i : drank too much i think hmmmm
2morrow I: go home i think lol
am listening to: a song from shania twain on radio
feeling: tired, alone, headache comin up, hungry
last time i laughed: with lawrence
i wanna talk to : jafar but he is more interested in his friends on msn:(
i think i will.......: call jaiveer
i got upset at: thommy grrrrrrrooooowwwwwwwllllllllll

60 Things Not to Say to a Naked Guy

1. I've smoked fatter joints than that.
2. Ahh, it's cute.
3. Who circumcised you?
4. Why don't we just cuddle?
5. You know they have surgery to fix that.
6. It's more fun to look at.
7. Make it dance.
8. You know, there's a tower in Italy like that.
9. Can I paint a smiley face on that?
10. It looks like a night crawler.
11. Wow, and your feet are so big.
12. My last boyfriend was 4'' bigger.
13. It's ok, we'll work around it.
14. Is this a mild or a spicy Slim Jim?
15. Eww, there's an inch worm on your thigh
16. Will it squeak if I squeeze it?
17. Oh no, a flash headache.
18. (giggle and point)
19. Can I be honest with you?
20. My 8-year-old brother has one like that.
21. Let me go get my tweezers.
22. How sweet, you brought incense.
23. This explains your car.
24. You must be a growing boy.
25. Maybe if we water it, it'll grow.
26. Thanks, I needed a toothpick.
27. Are you one of those pygmies?
28. Have you ever thought of working in a sideshow?
29. Every heard of clearasil?
30. All right, a treasure hunt!
31. I didn't know they came that small.
32. Why is God punishing you?
33. At least this won't take long.
34. I never saw one like that before.
35. What do you call this?
36. But it still works, right?
37. Damn, I hate baby-sitting.
38. It looks so unused.
39. Do you take steroids?
40. I hear excessive masturbation shrinks it.
41. Maybe it looks better in natural light.
42. Why don't we skip right to the cigarettes?
43. Oh, I didn't know you were in an accident.
44. Did you date Lorena Bobbitt?
45. Aww, it's hiding.
46. Are you cold?
47. If you get me real drunk first.
48. Is that an optical illusion?
49. What is that?
50. I'll go get the ketchup for your french fry.
51. Were you neutered?
52. It's a good thing you have so many other talents.
53. Does it come with an air pump?
54. So this is why you're supposed to judge people on personality.
55. Where are the puppet strings?
56. Your big gun is more like a BB gun.
57. Look, it fits my Barbie clothes.
58. Never mind, why bother.
59. Is that a second belly button?
60. Where's the rest of it?
oh man oh man oh man... i think i am drunk... too many caiphirinhas....and jaiveers delicious food...and now serving desert...am gonna burb...hmmm sorry.....enjoying my time here with him and bein pamperd.....yahhh rub my back more .sighhhhhhhh ohhhh how nice it is....ok dessert is served gotta go...byeeeeeeeeeeee love ya all
and this song goes out to SCOTT! i feel the song scott.


You are far
When I could have been your star
You listened to people
Who scared you to death, and from my heart
Strange that you were strong enough
To even make a start
But you'll never find
Peace of mind
Til you listen to your heart

You can never change the way they feel
Better let them do just what they will
For they will
If you let them
Steal your heart from you

Will always make a lover feel a fool
But you knew I loved you
We could have shown them all
We should have seen love through

Fooled me with the tears in your eyes
Covered me with kisses and lies
So goodbye
But please don't take my heart

You are far
I'm never gonna be your star
I'll pick up the pieces
And mend my heart
Maybe I'll be strong enough
I don't know where to start
But I'll never find
Peace of mind
While I listen to my heart

You can never change the way they feel
Better let them do just what they will
For they will
If you let them
Steal your heart

And people
Will always make a lover feel a fool
But you knew I loved you
We could have shown them all

But remember this
Every other kiss
That you ever give
Long as we both live
When you need the hand of another man
One you really can surrender with
I will wait for you
Like I always do
There's something there
That can't compete with any other

You are far
When I could have been your star
You listened to people
Who scared you to death, and from my heart
Strange that I was wrong enough
To think you'd love me too
I guess you were kissing a fool
You must have been kissing a fool

FRIENDSHIP FOREVER SCOTT! i promised you...love you crazy australian:P
its friday. jaiveer is showering. couldnt sleep at night after jaiveer errrr hmmm "woke me up" (smile). had some nice chat with julia from malaysia. miss chattin with her. we laughed a lot. to pj ............ u in love with another woman lah....why should i say u my bf???? u dont even come online to chat with me lah:( i do miss you mr bloghead. i got a song for you pj .................



Turn down the lights
turn down the bed
turn down these voices inside my head
lay down with me
tell me no lies
just hold me close
don't patronize
don't patronize me

I can't make you love me
if you don't
you can't make your heart feel
something it won't
here in the dark
these final hours
I will lay down my heart
I feel the power
but you won't
no, you won't
And I can'tmake you love me
if you don't

I close my eyes
then I won't see
the love you don't feel
when you're holding me
morning will come
and I'll do what's right
just give me til then
to give up this fight
And I will give up this fight

Cause I can't make you love me
if you don't
you can't make your heart feel
something it won't
here in the dark
these final hours
I will lay down my heart
I feel the power
but you won't
No, you won't
and I can't make you love me
if you don't

There ain't no use in you trying
if you don't love me Baby!
ain't no use in you trying
if you don't
if you don't
if you don't
if you don't love me
there ain't nothing I can do

awesome_dick2001: malaysia? i see...ur bf
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: he is not my bf !!!!!
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: he is my good friend

owh my.. this is so tragic eyy.. and there i was... owh myy..

good morning everybody. its tuesday. just got up and showerd. wanted to hug jaiveer but realized he is not in bed beside me :(
its another sunny day and i will go walk by the rhein. ystd was a nice day. talked to many ppl online. had fun with sir_chivas_regal. we giggled on and on.
the most time i spent with scotty. and i told him everything that i had on my mind about what happend. i told him just to listen. i looked at him on cam and
said all i had to while seein his reaction. it was good for me. i knew he had listend and understood now how he hurt me. i feel so much better now that i know i told him. he has his own problems to solve and i promised i be always there for him. friendship forever. we spent quite some time together but it was the damn time difference that made him tired ( 5 am on his side). i hope he got enough sleep. he made some cam shots of me and i absolutly hated it. i looked grouchy and bad bad bad cause of the alcohol. that sux. i have to tell him to delete them !!!!!!!!! black magic woman lol.
still couldnt get a hold of pj...........grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........where the hell is that guy damned....get your sorry ass online man HONEY IS HERE !!!!!!!!!

at last: HAPPY BDAY !!!!!!!!!!! to dhiran.............................sorry i forgot it babe but i know u liked the bday present i gave you. (blush) love you!
its monday morning. i am here in jaiveers appartment. he went to work and i miss him. he will be gone till thursday. i got so used to him bein around me. he is good for my soul and he makes me laugh and makes me feel good and yeah i want his massagessssssssssssss (sorry babe lol). he is a wonderful host and he trusted me enough to leave me alone here. i had to promise no wild parties lol hahahah. i will go take walks and explore weil am rhein and basel.
time: 10:23
wearing: panties and morning gown
feeling: alone since jaiveer left to work
dreaming: cant remember
smelling: can still smell jaiveer on me
drinking: water
eating: an apple
yesterday: i took a walk with jaiveer in france
missing: juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
last time i cried: ystd night
on phone i last talked to: andy
listening to:news on radio
when i look outside the window i see: rain
i wanna chat with: pj

awesome_dick2001: :-*
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hmmmm
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u have an awesome dick huh lol
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hey azly
awesome_dick2001: i am
awesome_dick2001: hey angie..long time no see
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hey
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: whats up
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: everything ok with ya?
awesome_dick2001: nuthin much...still doin the same old job
awesome_dick2001: am okay..how bout u?
awesome_dick2001: miss u badly
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: me ok thank you
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ya ya.....me and the other 10000 of women online lol
awesome_dick2001: hows ur daughter?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: she is fine thank you
awesome_dick2001: hahaha...angie..i ain't don juan demarco
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: now thats a joke
awesome_dick2001: pls send my warmest regards to her angie
awesome_dick2001: joke? hell no
awesome_dick2001: do u have webcam?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i will thank you
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: no i havent
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i am using my sis puter
awesome_dick2001: i see
awesome_dick2001: still in austria?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: for the moment yeah
awesome_dick2001: u know wut? i have new id
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: just came back from vienna
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: what new id?
awesome_dick2001: its don juan de marco
awesome_dick2001: i see...good for u
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: suiting id
awesome_dick2001: u still using same phone no?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yeah
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: its messed up sometimes though
awesome_dick2001: wanna see my new pic?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: but still same old
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: sure do
awesome_dick2001: oh okay...
awesome_dick2001: u better add my nu id order for u to browse my pic
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hmmm ok
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: how is it written?
awesome_dick2001: don_juan_demarco7
awesome_dick2001: hey..where's your pic in ur website?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: what u mean?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u still look at my site?
awesome_dick2001: yeahhh
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: how sweet
awesome_dick2001: didn't ur your lovely voice since ages
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hahhaa
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: its an adult profile?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: whats in there???
awesome_dick2001: nope...juz teasin ppls
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: something devilish?
awesome_dick2001: nope...
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hmmmm
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: not trying to get my code
awesome_dick2001: wanna sex u up
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u cant lah.....u got long term relationship
awesome_dick2001: hahaha...whats that...juz a gimmick lahhh
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: thats u in the pic?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: noooo
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i still remember your face
awesome_dick2001: yeahh....its me...
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oh common
awesome_dick2001: hahahahaha
awesome_dick2001: 8-}
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: cant see face clearly
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: if its you.......GRRRRRRRRRRr
awesome_dick2001: angie...when can i see ur lovely pic..plsss
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ahhhhhh i love it when guys beg
awesome_dick2001: plsssss...honey
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: plsss what?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i still look the same
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oh no
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: changed haircolor
awesome_dick2001: plss..i wanna see ur pic..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: gained some weight
awesome_dick2001: changed haircolor?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: my boobs got bigger damed
awesome_dick2001: really?
awesome_dick2001: woww
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yeah i think i am not your type anymore azly
awesome_dick2001: angie..whatever...i dun care
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: she just has to have a pussy huh
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oh and boobs
awesome_dick2001: hmmm...simply delicioussssss
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i almost forgot lol
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hahahha
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u didnt change
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ahh why the sad face???
awesome_dick2001: aha...
awesome_dick2001: i wanna see ur pic plssss
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: first i am on my sis puter azly
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: second go into my briefcase
awesome_dick2001: oh okay
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i ll be updating my site soon with some new pics
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: from our time in vienna
awesome_dick2001: great
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: but i cant get a hold of pj
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: he dissapeared and i miss him
awesome_dick2001: pj??whos pj?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: my good online friend
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: some bitch broke his heartgrrrroooowwwwwlllllll
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: she better dont come near me i will ")(/(&/%&$"§&()/()/) her
awesome_dick2001: is he from europe?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: no he is malay
awesome_dick2001: hahahah angie
awesome_dick2001: malaysia? i see...ur bf
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: he is not my bf !!!!!
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: he is my good friend
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: <<<awesome_dick2001: hmmmm...
awesome_dick2001: single and horny or wut
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hahahah ya ya ya
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i forgot how sexual minded u are lol NOT ....just teasing ya
awesome_dick2001: angie...i saw once...a young lady leaning on a car wearing short blue jean...wasn't that u?
awesome_dick2001: angie...
awesome_dick2001: i am what i am angie
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i was never in malaysia azly so i wasnt that lady on the car
awesome_dick2001: no..that pic i've seen it on lauren's prof
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oh yeah
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i think i took it out....oh i hope i did
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: just attracted sickos
awesome_dick2001: gosh...
awesome_dick2001: its u rite?
awesome_dick2001: ahahaha...
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oope wsowwy
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: sowwy
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: what?
awesome_dick2001: your occupation...i have a job dun worry..a job? wut? blow job? lol!!
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: shut up
awesome_dick2001: i never forget especially we were talking on the phone
awesome_dick2001: whenever i said..no..no..no..no
awesome_dick2001: u replied...yes yes yess
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oh ya
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: long time ago
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: seems ages
awesome_dick2001: yeaa seems ages
awesome_dick2001: how nice huh
awesome_dick2001: i wish i could fly to vienna
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: awwwww
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: but thats 8 hours away from me
awesome_dick2001: angie...i will..somehow someday
awesome_dick2001: i am ready n willing
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: well u got my number....just give me a call then
awesome_dick2001: gotcha
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ready and willing yaaaaaaa thats azly
awesome_dick2001: will u pick me up at the airport?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: sure
awesome_dick2001: angie;p
awesome_dick2001: err..any nearest hotel/motel near to u?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: many
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: so u dont like my guestroom huh?
awesome_dick2001: next door eh?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: whatever suits ya
awesome_dick2001: eh...am i invited to ur house?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: if u behave good?
awesome_dick2001: how big is ur guest room?
awesome_dick2001: >>good boy
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: what kind of q is that???
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u just need a bed and bath lol
awesome_dick2001: oh okay...lol!
awesome_dick2001: nah..no worries babe...
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u still singing azly?
awesome_dick2001: nope..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: why not?
awesome_dick2001: that wuz to kill my time
awesome_dick2001: am a professional bum...
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ohhhhh but u gotta sing for me again....i liked it
awesome_dick2001: i can't sing anymore
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yes u can
awesome_dick2001: really?
awesome_dick2001: beautiful maria of my soul
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yeah.....u serenaded
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oh i remember that song
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: always think of u when i hear it
awesome_dick2001: oh okay...u want me to sing it over the phone?
awesome_dick2001: ohhh how nice of u angie
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: over phone??
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: uiiiii expensive song then lol
awesome_dick2001: angie..why u chg ur id?
awesome_dick2001: why didn't u use the old one
awesome_dick2001: smartwomen?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hmm dont know
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i seldom use smartie
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: well never use it anymore
awesome_dick2001: why so dear?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i dont know
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u liked that one better?
awesome_dick2001: didn't u add my nu id?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u in my list already...i added you azly
awesome_dick2001: i like that one very much mucho gusto
awesome_dick2001: muchas gracias senora
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: de nada senor demarco
awesome_dick2001: si si..senor demarco azly

awesome_dick2001: u know how i missed u
awesome_dick2001: looking for u hi n lo
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oh dont u go sweettalking me
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: that wont work on me nomore
awesome_dick2001: am honest...angie
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: <<awesome_dick2001: i ain't sweettalker
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oh yeah u are
awesome_dick2001: am serious angie
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: there will be a woman comin into your life who will be the one for you......it aint me azly
awesome_dick2001: i know u'll invite me to your hse one sweet days
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hahahaha
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: and? u be a good boy azly
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: lol
awesome_dick2001: do i have to sleep in the guestroom or wut?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u will charme me to death or what?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: azly hahaha
awesome_dick2001: yeahh..charm u and tickle u to death
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: uhhhhh
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: azly
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i gotta go
awesome_dick2001: me too angie
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i am goin out
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: was nice chattin with u again
awesome_dick2001: meeting ur client?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: take good care of yourself
awesome_dick2001: same here angie
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: nahhh a friend
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hugs and kisses to ya.......see ya soon
awesome_dick2001: u too angie...dun make love with other men
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: too late azly hahaha
awesome_dick2001: hugs n kisses to angelicasmoochhhh
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: byeeeeeeeee
awesome_dick2001: astalavista

my friend azly......he is too funny.....but was nice to chat again.......i am off for today..........love you all....bye

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.am goin off soon....was hopin to talk to pj.....but he was not reachable.......FOR PJ!!!!! miss you.....hope u are doin ok......wanted to have a chat with you....hugs
so so so.....we havin a heatwave.....oh man i need something cool....just came back from vienna....was a wonderful time...we had lots of fun....visited castles and lots of over places.....we felt like bein thrown back 200 years....it is a wonderful city.....thanks to gaby and michael we felt welcomed there....they are very good friends ....i hope to see her soon....especially fabian....her baby boy ....he is the cutest....julia was havin a blast.....seeing so much new and she was bein a good girl...she is in guatemala right now......i miss her lots......i even cried myself to sleep .....but she is a big girl.....i know she be fine....i be in miami soon ......lookin forward to it......but this weekend i am lookin forward to meet jaiveer again.....he was visiting me this sunday and we had a nice time....but now i know what alcohol makes him do lol.....i better not tell hah ha ahahha.....!!!

ystd i went to have breakfast with my friend conny.....a few friends joined us and the breakfast lasted from 9 am till 7 pm...with lots of prosecco ( thats why the headache i guess lol) ......we all jumped into her bed ( her, me and ingo and harry) and we saw a movie.......it was funny i laughed so hard. i left around 7 pm and went to visit silvia where we watched another movie and ate icecream.......damn i feel bad today......but just got other sms for another brunch 2morrow...arrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh
time: 3:45 pm
wearing: bra and panties (its so damn hot here)
Drinking: lots of water !!!!!!
eating: nothing
listening to: sarah connor / skin to skin
talked last on phone to: jaiveer
feeling: weird, tummy pain, moody? i dont know
want to: make larry understand me
angry at: larry
thing i have to do: buy some wine for jaiveer
looking forward to: visiting jaiveer this weekend
yesterday i ....: had breakfast all day with friends
i am glad that: i heard julias voice over the phone
damn that YM is giving me the creeps....it sux...i managed to talk to victor and to piau....oh he is still as charming as ever.... asking if i ever think of goin back to his tai kor.....sorry no piau...thats over and done...then i talked to jafar....wow what a guy....he would eat me with skin and hair ....absolutly all huh.....he called me the other day.....i thought cause he missed me but NO...cause i cursed him (lol when?) shezzzeeee......i cant read u jafar.....talk clearly with me lah.....i missed u too but u goddamned abandoned me mah.....and dont say otherwise !!!!!!!!!!!

and now to TOMMY.....ok tommy....asking me to marry you.....yah it flatterd me.....u ignoring my NO....hmmm slowly begins to worry me.....callin me late at night....rippin me out of my dreams about ahhmm welll some nice dream....and trying to trick me into saying yes when i am still sleepy and asking me to marry u.....shezzzzzzeeeeeee tommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
i guess we need to have a lil talk.....one more time !!!!!
so here i am....long time since my last blog....i havent missed it and thats the weird thing...i have missed pj though...hope ua re ok pj....will call u again soon....i read my last blog.....scott and me...grrrr darn.....i needed reality check...why do i let him treat me like that??? but i wont let him...NOMORE!!!!! i know that theres a guy out there...loving me and he hurt probably when he read it....i didnt mean to....its all so difficult....but scott wont let me go.....scott LET ME GO U CHOOSE KAREN!
dont say those things to me...just dont...treat me like a friend ...plz....i dont know what to say about that topic anymore................

well.....this saturday i visit my friend gabriela in vienna....after that its off to miami and guatemala...i am looking forward to it.....what i really wanna do is also visiting jaiveer...who has become such a good and dear friend to me....and ya ok...i need his massages.....and also his laughter his hugs and the talks with him......i know he is sleepin right now, but i am looking forward to his call tonight....

julia is doin fine....i am very proud of her.....she got 2 medals in gym competitions this year.....she is just the best thing i have got.......ya and happy bday to jaff....we tried to call you jaffy but we couldnt reach ya....hugs and smoooches
Time: 4:08 pm tuesday
Drinking: caffe latte
eating: muffin
feeling: sad, tired
talked last on phone to: jaiveer
wearing: black pants, blue shirt
listening to: ignition/ r. kelly
need to: shop presents for my trip to vienna
missing: all the ppl that make me laugh and feel good
time: almost 5 pm
Wearing: pants and sweater
Listening to: myself cry
feeling: my tears runnin down my face
Want to: hurt scott the way he hurts me
eating: nothing
drinking: thinking of opening a bottle of wine
person i talked last on phone to: jaiveer...he always makes me smile
thing i need to do next: get myself a man and hurt scott, that wouldnt work i know.....
why: do i let him do this to me? where is pj when i need him?

oh well.....here we go again...wasnt this a nice day..till i came on.....i must be sooooooooooooooooo oh i dont know what.....well.....he hit me again...with a even bigger hammer...will i get it now?????? oh well...arent we stupid enough to believe guys.....i cant blame him....he choose her...i am happy for you scott.....and dont worry...we be friends forever.....

what else.....my mom is doing ok..loosing her hair.....i am dissapointed at jafar.....u deserted me jafar....i never thought u behaved like that....saturday i went out with andy....he took me to the movies.....we had a good time....mothers day was nice....we went to eat .....afternoon i spent on sofa cause i ate too much..sighhhhhh.......i am like a robot right now...i am functioning......i wont allow somebody close to me right now.....i dont want my feelings hurt again....scott teached me a lesson and i forgot it....but i will try my best to remember it now. i need a break
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: the point is...u dont want more
madness181_69: once bitten twice shy
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: and i forgot that
madness181_69: this is not good
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i am sorry........i am happy for you...u made your choice ...i hope she makes u happy
madness181_69: you come on line after so long to say hello...and look what happens
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i am sorry
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: my fault i guess
madness181_69: its not your fault
madness181_69: I am negligent in your feelings
madness181_69: I should be more considerate
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: why should u care bout my feelings?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: its ok
madness181_69: why shouldnt I?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u dont love me...u dont need to care bout my feelings
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u love karen
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i should be more considerate....and step back and dont forget i am not the one who u love
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i forgot for a minute....i am sorry
madness181_69: dont be sorry
madness181_69: its not your fault
madness181_69: I am the arsehole here remember
madness181_69: the one who tore your heart out.
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u act on your feelings
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: so
madness181_69: Angie..I never want to lose what we now have
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yeah yeah.....i understand....dont worry
madness181_69: It is unfortunate that I never considered you before I did anything else..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i will act as a friend and not as a woman who loves you
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: sooooo
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: how was your weekend?
madness181_69: I am feeling like a riteous prick right now
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: just face it
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i am not the woman u want to be with
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u acted on that
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: its ok
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: karen has it
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i dont
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i will try not to forget
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: and act like your friend
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i promised we always be friends
madness181_69: what am I to say without saying the wrong thing
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: be yourself
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: are u happy when u are with karen?
madness181_69: being my self is what got me into this mess
madness181_69: yes...she makes me happy....
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hey...how are your kids?
madness181_69: good
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: good to know
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: how is ya gf?
madness181_69: we broke up..
madness181_69: she had issues..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oh no
madness181_69: but I um...
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: sorry to hear
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: but u um?
madness181_69: went back to..
madness181_69: umm
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: dont say karen
madness181_69: |
madness181_69: :-S
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u went back to kitty?
madness181_69: yes
madness181_69: makes ya mad
madness181_69: doesnt it
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: not mad
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: makes me feel like shit
madness181_69: I thought it would
madness181_69: what happened to your bloke?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i broke up with him
madness181_69: ok
madness181_69: you never said
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: was it important?
madness181_69: no
madness181_69: i mean here on line
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: omg
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i lost cause i wasnt online?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u know why i wasnt online
madness181_69: you dont get it..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: and u knew how to contact me
madness181_69: you were busy
madness181_69: I know..
madness181_69: i contemplated that for so long
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oh u mean she shows and i dont show myself naked and all
madness181_69: hey...
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: well i am sorry....i am just not like that
madness181_69: no thats not it
madness181_69: and its not fair
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u asked me to be fair?
madness181_69: no i didnt
madness181_69: Angie..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i dont know what i have done to you so u treat me like that.....hurting me like this
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: but i have to accept
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: dont worry
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i accept
madness181_69: I missed you heaps
madness181_69: really i did
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u missed me so much u went back to karen
madness181_69: I just considered you had finished with me
madness181_69: thought you were happy with what was happening in your life..
madness181_69: after I hurt you so much
madness181_69: I never knew that I would ever be considered again
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u knew
madness181_69: i did not
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: but u didnt want too
madness181_69: I knew we would always be friends..
madness181_69: i didnt think you would want anything more again
madness181_69: i mean here on line
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: omg
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i lost cause i wasnt online?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u know why i wasnt online
madness181_69: you dont get it..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: and u knew how to contact me
madness181_69: you were busy
madness181_69: I know..
madness181_69: i contemplated that for so long
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oh u mean she shows and i dont show myself naked and all
madness181_69: hey...
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: well i am sorry....i am just not like that
madness181_69: no thats not it
madness181_69: and its not fair
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u asked me to be fair?
madness181_69: no i didnt
madness181_69: Angie..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i dont know what i have done to you so u treat me like that.....hurting me like this
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: but i have to accept
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: dont worry
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i accept
madness181_69: I missed you heaps
madness181_69: really i did
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u missed me so much u went back to karen
madness181_69: I just considered you had finished with me
madness181_69: thought you were happy with what was happening in your life..
madness181_69: after I hurt you so much
madness181_69: I never knew that I would ever be considered again
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u knew
madness181_69: i did not
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: but u didnt want too
madness181_69: I knew we would always be friends..
madness181_69: i didnt think you would want anything more again
hello everybody..am still alive...thanks for all the calls and cards and sms and everything else...been a hard time..still is..my mom is brave but i aint :(....miss you all my friends...thanks for your call scott...really missed hearing your voice mate.... to PJ ..i got your sms...will try to contact you tomorrow....to larry...i am ok...will try to contact u too....i couldnt log into my blog...tried through blogger...pj i hope u are ok now.. i saw u didnt update your blog yet...u got me worried...hugs and kisses to you pj....i will try to update soon ....am just to tired to do anything....am so drained and oh well...dont wanna whine.....love u all.....hugs and kisses from HONEY
arrrgggghhhh deleted the last blog...it sux....what did i write????....am looking forward to easter i said...gonna do some easter breads and colour easter eggs...yeahaaaawwwww....looking forward to hide julias easter nest *devilish smile* ...i hope we will have nice weather!!!
looked at joes profile today: http://profiles.yahoo.com/binihana

kindof miss him..sighhhhhh. am so said it went so sour with us...wish i´d still have him as friend ( ya ya pj i know..u dont have to say it lah)...should i pm him??? (ok pj i wont!!!) but i wanna talk to him...but what to say??? arghhhhhhhhhhhh JOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

SIGHHHHHH.....ok ok.....so now to the q to scotts and my first date....hmmmmm its was wonderful, unique...he was sweet .....i was looking sexy ( to make him drool)...he did everything to make me feel comfty....we were friends b4 our first date....so we already knew a lot about each other...we felt comfty with eachother....i thought i knew him well..till to that fatal day....i still remember.....OMG...nobody ever did that to me....no wonder ppl ask me how i stil can talk to him and like him....like i said ppl....I FORGAVE HIM SO U CAN FORGIVE HIM TOO!!!!
he really put me through hell...heaven knows i have been crying a lot...but what a surprise.. ...his own brother (BRENDON ...thank you miss you my sexy grrrrrrrrrr woof woof friend) helped me a lot.....ya and there was petmystupidblonde ass......groooowwwwwlllllllllllllll......i lost against a ugly old hog....damned....uhhh i better stop !!!!!. anyways sarah..and all the other ones asking bout scott and me......leave me the q and i try to answer it/them. will ask scotty to answer them too for ya all!!!


i was so bored i did a boob quiz....hey i love my boobs....do you? And mine are definiately not fake!!!!!...right scotty??? hahhahaa

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Time: 3:50 pm
Drinking: coffee
Eating: m & m
Wearing: jeans and sweater
Talking online to: nobody
Doing: was reading mails
Talked last on phone to: tommy
My mom is: still in hospital and not too much better yet
1/2 hour ago I: was ironing my grannys nightgowns, it sux
Listening to: cry me a river- justin timberlake
Missing: jafar, pj, larry, scotty, brendon and most...darleneeeeee!!!!!!1
last time i laughed: in the morning when i julia was tickling me
/wensday april 02/03 1653 hrs local msian
eyyO! dropped by a bit checkin on things. hopin' she goes thru the pain wif her mum alright.. life's not quite the same wifout u around @honey as i sayz it. but it does feel nice getting away from YM over time save mebbe among those few dat relly matters like u for eg but even then on-call on-demand basis.. its like "sms" me if u need me be on YM and i'll be there asap.. i think its kinda k%l btw.. i dont relly think i ll be around much @YM even after i get bit better..

eyes.. half closed still swollen
trying.. very hard not to laugh
holding.. my rib cage, it hurts when i do
i nearly missed this one @honey.. wonder wut conversation that wud be btw.. ur very funny eyy..

Saturday, March 29, 2003 ... Surfing: www.rankweil.at Last caller: Andreas Wearing: black pants and grey shirt ( fits my mood:()... Dreamed: about havin a conversation with pj

**Muahs Muahss**Miss Miss** @HoNeYbUNNy
/think i notice 1 blog not published..
Time: 3:00 pm
Talking to: amir and john
Lookin at: my blog
Last talked on the phone: Manfred
Drinking: coke
Wishing: that pj feels better soon
Doing next: goin to have coffee with manfred
Listening to: Julia singing to herself

so its tuesday afternoon...a sunny day...i wish the sun could warm me up too...feel so drained and out of power..it sux...logged on and got a pm from amir instantly..he is cute
Amir deep: *hugs and kisses*
Amir deep:
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hiiiiiii
Amir deep: hi darling
Amir deep: how are you doing
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ok and you?
Amir deep: not too bad
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: good to know

then i got a pm from john...the first friend i got from chat...woooooww long time now...he is doin fine..am so glad...hello john..hope u be a steady reader of honeys world..wont blog our conversation lol....missed ya !!!

i do miss PJ....pj i hope u are feelin ok...been thinking bout you...kisses for ya!!!!!

to hawwy....sowwwyyyyy i was typin larrys name...larry hawwy....hope u forgive me...so glad to always see u on my tagboard babe.....kisses for you!!!

Time: 6:45 am
Wearing: panties
Talking to: scott
Looking at: scotts new eye piercing
Listening to: survivior from destinys child
Wishing: for pj to recover soon
Doing next: go to sleep
oh just bout when i was to log off ......guess who came back............

Mad: Still there?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: uh huh
Mad: coool
Mad: what are you doing?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: was updating my page
Mad: ok..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: how are the kids?
Mad: how is it going?
Mad: they are good ty
Mad: mitch is sposed to be sleeping
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: well i got the q of writing about our first date
Mad: and livvy is watching Shrek
Mad: realy?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ah shrek.....thats a cool one
Mad: OUr First date??
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yup
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: our first date
Mad: when we umm...
Mad: got to know about each other?
Mad: had a wine.
Mad: and talked?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yeah
Mad: then umm...
Mad: ok..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: well they dont know
OMG!!!! pj had an accident and doesnt feel well..he is hurt quite a bit....so sorry pj.....hope u be better soon

pearl_jam98: honey
pearl_jam98: caught me in a real bad time
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oops
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: sorry then
pearl_jam98: i miss u
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: miss u too
pearl_jam98: i wont beblogging
pearl_jam98: for some time
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: why?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: u ok???
pearl_jam98: had an accident last nite
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: omg
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: are u ok?
pearl_jam98: im a bit hurt bad physically
sighhhhhh....so here i am...finally online for a few hours..and pj not here...really wanted to talk to him.....nobody else in my friends list online....then....i get a pm from scotty...he pmd me to say he is busy...yaaaaaaaaaa...he got this talent to dissapear on me when i need him most...i wanted to yell...NOOOOO scottyyyyyy stay with me...just a lil bit....but i was too much of angie to say.....he had to go.......

madness_181: I wish I could talk right now
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ahm
madness_181: But I am kinda busy
madness_181: Sorry
madness_181: How are you anyway?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hmmm
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: shitty
madness_181: Hmmmmm??
madness_181: Really?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: this is the only time i will be online
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: nvm
madness_181: Oh?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: nice u said hello
madness_181: I am sorry..
madness_181: Kinda got me hands full
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: np
madness_181: Guess what?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yeah?
madness_181: I have finally got adsl
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: olivia and mitchell are there?
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: oh
madness_181: yes they are..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: good for you
madness_181: i think it is..
madness_181: ( having adsl that is..)
madness_181: its good ahving the kids too..
madness_181: Having*
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: yeah
madness_181: well I better go.
madness_181: I am sorry...
madness_181: they are getting into mischief..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: uh huh
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ok
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: bye
madness_181: mithchell is whingeing..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: then go
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: smooch them for me
madness_181: oops...Mitchell*
madness_181: okies.
madness_181: will do
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i ll be i dont know
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: whatever
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: no clue
madness_181: Give one to Julia for me too...
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ya will
madness_181: Miss you..
madness_181: hope to talk again soon..
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: miss u too
madness_181: hooroo
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: i dont know
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ya
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: horooo
madness_181: lol
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ty
Surfing: www.rankweil.at
Last caller: Andreas
Wearing: black pants and grey shirt ( fits my mood:()
Hearing: my daughter playing flute..they have an easter
conzert soon
Drinking: water
Eating: tuna sandwich
Weather: sunny, a few clouds
Talking: to nobody
Thinking: bout the meeting ystd
Dreamed: about havin a conversation with pj
Playing: with my hair
Mood: not good
Watching: the ppl walking by
Craving: a hug a hug a hug a hug
Smelling: hospital
song on mind: "pray pray pray" from paddy kelly
Wish: for my mom to be ok after the surgery

to pj!!!!!!
as for my next wanted song on here....its ......PADDY KELLY..."pray pray pray"
the lyrics speak for itself..he is an european artist..very talented

was just readin and enjoying all your comments..thank you for thinking of me...i dont know what to say..my mom is so brave...i really am trying to be so strong for her..its so weird when u are confronted with the fear of your mom dying...u take everything for granted...this is such a wow experience...am trying hard to be the rock for everybody..but its hard....pj...thank you so much for takin care of my blog and all..love u ....i will be back friends..thank you for your support...mwaaaaa
welcome to honey's world @all.. honey's still away for now but i hope you'll make your presence felt whether you're friends of honey or you've just been in here. feel free to tag messages or post your thoughts regularly at the fotolog we've made available to everyone. tx y'all

honey's fotolog

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"for every baby that is born another gets wasted for every truth that we unfold another lie gets untold. for every peace that dawns, another war is born.. for every pride i have in humanity, another shame banishes it to flames.."

[[ I Am þêªR£ jªM aka The MAN Who FUCKED The World™ ]]

"All the money you made Will never buy back your soul And I hope that you die And your death'll come soon I will follow your casket In the pale afternoon And I'll watch while you're lowered Down to your deathbed And I'll stand o'er your grave 'Til I'm sure that you're dead.."

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Masters Of War/Bob Dylan

performed by Eddie Vedder/Mike McReady/Pearl Jam/Acoustics/BobFest: [[ download ]]

Come you masters of war You that build all the guns You that build the death planes You that build the big bombs You that hide behind walls You that hide behind desks I just want you to know I can see through your masks You that never done nothin' But build to destroy You play with my world Like it's your little toy You put a gun in my hand And you hide from my eyes And you turn and run farther When the fast bullets fly Like Judas of old You lie and deceive A world war can be won You want me to believe But I see through your eyes And I see through your brain Like I see through the water That runs down my drain You fasten the triggers For the others to fire Then you set back and watch When the death count gets higher You hide in your mansion As young people's blood Flows out of their bodies And is buried in the mud You've thrown the worst fear That can ever be hurled Fear to bring children Into the world For threatening my baby Unborn and unnamed You ain't worth the blood That runs in your veins How much do I know To talk out of turn You might say that I'm young You might say I'm unlearned But there's one thing I know Though I'm younger than you Even Jesus would never Forgive what you do Let me ask you one question Is your money that good Will it buy you forgiveness Do you think that it could I think you will find When your death takes its toll All the money you made Will never buy back your soul And I hope that you die And your death'll come soon I will follow your casket In the pale afternoon And I'll watch while you're lowered Down to your deathbed And I'll stand o'er your grave 'Til I'm sure that you're dead

Copyright © 1963; renewed 1991 Special Rider Music

Birthday in Baghdad: "What a day to be thirteen 

Iraq Diaries

Electronic Iraq is a news portal on the US-Iraq crisis published by veteran antiwar campaigners Voices in the Wilderness and respected Middle East supplementary news publishers, the Electronic Intifada.

@honey: we've been working on ur fotolog alot and im glad that its adaptive. so we were able to pump in the codes and make it a lot more different than most of the fotologs i seen. i think not many ppl there are aware of that. anyway i think its very inneresting and experimenteable and u can post messages right under each pics and make it very alive as i alwiz wanted it like i said before. it works a lot like a threaded pic message board. i think the fotolog is the most significant addition since u were away bcos of its fumctionality as u will find out one day soon.   honey's fotolog

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Honey`s Worlds March Hunk Of The Month

PseuDoNyM: HoNeY´s BaBe

AgE: 22

LoCaTiOn: in HoNeY´s WoRld

*HeIgHt: TaLL EnOuGh To KiSs HoNeY ( on cheek )

*InTeReSts: GF, MoViEs, TrAvEl, MuSiK

*AiM: tO HaVe A FaMiLy

*DrEaM oF: SkY DiViNg

*LaSt BoOk i ReAd: "SeCoNd ChILd" - JoHn SaUL

*HoBbIeS:dIvInG, BeAcH AcTiViTiEs

*SoNg I DaNcEd tO lAst: NeLLy - RiDe WiTh Me

*PeRsOn I kiSseD LaSt: GF ( not honey buhuuuu)

*CiTy I WaNt To LiVe In: PaRiS

*WhAt I liKe AbOuT HoNeY: cRaZy, SeXy, CoOL

*My FaVe Sex PoSiTiOn: DogGiE, sexy sidesaddle! (information bout that one with HoNeY!!)

*PeRsOn I tAlKeD lAsT On PhOnE tO: GF ( not me again duhhh lol)

*PeRsOn I WaNnA SpEnD aN EvEnInG WiTh: anggun citra sasmi

*WhAt WuD U Do WiTh WhiPcReAm AnD cHeRrIeS: duh!! i dunno....somebody told me it can initiate a BJ

*3 ThInGs tO TaKe On IsLaNd: does the island provide telecomuication services?if it does the 3 things would be, hand phone, lighter, and a cute lil pic of my gf!

*LaSt RoMaNtIc tHiNg I diD WaS: throw a suprise birthday party for my gf

*SoMeThInG I WanNa AsK HoNeY: *** (censored by HoNeY)***

*My IdEa oF An RoMaNtiC EvEnInG: boating with my gf to a float restaurant, candle light dinner, and nice hotel room with aroma theraphy, (yikes!!!) was that romantic?

*LaSt TiMe U LaUgHeD ReAlLy HaRd: the last time i laugh really hard when I got fooled by a friend on a riddle 


*In 50 YeArS I sEe MySeLf: in 50 years i see myself lying on a carribean beac with my gf....just enjoying ourselves

*wHo Is An InSpiRaTioN iN YoUr LifE: my inspiration would be my mom

*NaMe A TaLeNt U HaVe: a talent i have but no one else...read my own handwriting

*OnE ThInG I ReGrEt Is: one thing i regret is when i hurt my gf

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My dear friends!!! i wont be comin online regularly for some time....my mom has a tumor and she needs me right now...u can still leave me messages here..email me or sms me..calls are welcome too..plz bear with me...love HoNeY

Are you NASTY or NICE?

Quiz made by Angela

You do the nice thing MOST of the time - even though sometimes you'd like to be a bit more selfish. Your friends know they can rely on you but you can be a little fickle so they don't always confide in you as much as they might want to.


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I cannot do no more long

do not trust any longer my eyes

can hardly still believe

the feelings turned..

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Ich kann nicht mehr sehn 

trau nicht mehr meinen Augen 

kann kaum noch glauben 

die Gefühle haben sich gedreht..

republished from: [3/13/2003 7:48:57 AM | honey lauren]

I'm getting more and more cheesed off with this idea that going to war with Iraq is the only way to deal with the situation. I have to admit that I'm slightly puzzled about what the situation is anyway. Why, after all these years, is Iraq suddenly seen as such a risk? Why is Hussein such a monster and not Ariel Sharon, who presides over the state-sponsored terrorism going in in Israel/Paletine every day?What, exactly, is going to be achieved by bombing innocent men, women and children - people who have been suffering for years because of the sanctions we put on them after the Gulf War of the 90s?

I’m not totally naïve, I know that war sometimes is unavoidable, but only ever as a final resort. In this case I don;’t believe that we have got to that stage, there are other, peaceful, options that can be followed:

(1) Lift the sanctions on Iraq. The Iraqi people have been starved into submission. During the Gulf War schools, hospitals, medical centres, water purification centres and food production factories were flattened. The combination of that and the sanctions means that there have been shortages in food, medical supplies and even clean water in the last ten years, and over a million people – most of them children – have died as a direct result of these shortages. The sanctions empower Saddam Hussein because he is in control of what supplies there are – the people have to bow to him to be able to survive. Lift the sanction and the people will become stronger and more able to rebel against Hussein and his regime.

(2) Try Hussein as a war criminal. Isn’t he exactly the kind of person the International War Court exists to prosecute? Tell him he has two options – leave Iraq and live in exile as a free man, or face arrest for hi numerous crimes against humanity. If he stays, send in a UN peacekeeping force to remove him.

(3) Leave the weapons inspectors in place – in fact, increase the number, just to keep the pressure on. If there are enough inspectors there monitoring the situation and supervising disarmament, things can never get out of hand.

(4) Instead of spending billions of pounds/dollars on killing people, give it to the Iraqi people. Help them to rebuild their country, and in return they will overthrow Hussein. The Iraqi people don’t want him; they are just too weak at present to do anything else about him.

(5) Sort out the problems with Israel and Palestine first.. That is a more pressing problem and poses more of a threat to the state of the Middle East and the world than Iraq. If the Iraqis see the west helping their fellow Arabs, they are more likely to comply.

(6) Support Saddam’s opponents. Change should come from inside the country, not outside, and if they have support, both financial and spiritual, from the world they will be in a better position to force change within their country.

But of course my suggestions won’t do. They aren’t exciting enough. They don’t leave America to claim the glory and hero status. They don’t allow America exclusive access to Iraq’s oilfields. Yet they do fulfil the supposed objectives of this Iraq situation – they remove the regime, disarm the weapons, stop the humanitarian crisis. So why won't they be implemented? Why are we told day after day, week after week, by Blair and Bush that there is no alternative, we have to invade, it's all in the name of humanity? As far as I can see there are four reasons why they want to go to war - to get revenge on someone - anyone - for September 11th, to take over the oilfields, to finish off what Daddy Bush couldn't do, and to prove to the world that America is a force to be recognised - a bully, in other words. That’s why I am so against this war.
and to HAWWY!!! sorry to have missed ya...ty for coming back...love ya too...we keep in contact through emails...*hugs* keep on studying hard..lol...hello to izzy too...love ya guys!!!!

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......cant even tag on my own tagboard..lambrusco is an italian wine..am gettin drunk with it..lol....tried to talk to you through yahoo...messed up too...so sighhhhhhh.....i miss you all...thank you pj for ya help...scotty...keep on gossiping..even if i am gone..to all the ppl asking...ya the scott tagin is the scott who broke my heart...i forgave him so plz forgive him too ladies and faithful readers of honey´s world...he will be on this blog too as some readers asked for more of him and me...sighhhhh...well anyways....miss ya all......ask pj if u wanna know more about my whereabouts....HONEY LOVES YA!!!!!!! its all good
oke finally got to Honey. im sorry for the delay on the new tag box but we re working on it. honey's gonna be real bz and away for some time so.. i dunno.. well im still working around the blog anyway so waddaa.. btw.. WTF is lambrusco?
Time: 5:00 pm
Eating: pizza
Drinking: Lambrusco
Wearing: Jeans and sweater
Hearing: Alexander " take me tonight" ( ya ya ya take me uhh)
Feeling: annoyed, depressed moody (choose one)
Seeing: Julia´s pic in front of me
Talking: to my sister
Thinking: what the hell happend, grrrrooowwwwwllllllll
Browsing: pj´s blog (trying to leave him a message!!!)

HELLO !!!! Honey´s is back, jsut for a while. my stupid puter quit on me..and my puter repairman has him now..sorry for not blogging...its gonna take some time..but dont worry ..i am around and well...meanwhile PJ will skip in for me...for more information go to http://blogland.blogspot.com/...or email me....angelicacordero@hotmail.com...for the ppl who got my cell phone--ya know what to do---otherwise...see ya soon ppl.......leave me messages on my tagboard..will come to check them too......HoNeY LOVES YA ALL!!! muahhhhhssssssss
as i was blogging

in the meantime i still havent the faintest idea of where honey is.. i hope she'll start filling the blog up as what i mentioned in my taggie.. im really actually filling up for Honey. we'll delete this when she comes back ie. i think she's gone M.I.A or somethin hell i sure dunno.. she did seem to take the blog screw up real bad.. i hope she's not hospitalized in a coma or some.. in the meantime bear wif me as we try reconstruct this up.. man im really sorry for this, Honey cos it was such a bad day and everything went pOOf all of a sudden i still have a very vague idea of wut actually happened and how i just messed the codes up..

i think its very important that we have this new tag boards up honey cos i know ur crazy bout em smilies. in the 1st place the taggie add up was wat started the mishap earlier and it seems to be up and well now. the weather and mood thingy or any other additions will be added up progressively. cos i think i really need to be focussed sometimes the templates can be dang touchy and i also heard the blog was having some problems at the time.. so anyway, im hoping ur oke wherever u are @honey...
honey i think u better start blogging fast cos although all the past archives are still intact and can be accesss and viewed, they cant be made to appear on the main blog..

Time: 7:10 am
Eating: apple pie
Drinking: coffee
Wearing: a towel
Hearing: No Angels " still in love with you"
Feeling: tired
Seeing: the bruise on my boob, wondering where from
Talking: to DANI ma webmaster, he is trying to make a
webmistress out of me
Thinking: about jafars call last night
Browsing: aresha´s blog