Happy birthday !

Happy birthday 

to my darling man Kader ! He is turning 35 today. What a baby lolz.
He is my rock. He is my sun. He just completes me.
I am his queen and he lets me feel it every single day.
Have never seen such a generous loving man.
Yay for me, my prince charming found me.

Baby when I think about 
The day that we first met
Wasn't looking for what I found, 
But I found you, 
And I'm bound to, 
Find happiness in being around you, 

Im glad when I'm making love to you, 
Im glad for the way you make me feel, 
I love it cause you seem to blow my mind..every-time, 
Im glad when we walk you hold my hand, 
Im glad that ya know how to be a man, 
Im glad that you came into my life, 
Im soo glad, 

I dig the way that you get down 
And you still know how to hold me 
A perfect blend, masculine 
I think I'm in love, damn finally, 

Im glad when I'm making love to you, 
Im glad for the way you make me feel, 
I love it cause you seem to blow my mind..every-time, 
Im glad when we walk you hold my hand, 
Im glad that ya know how to be a man, 
Im glad that you came into my life, 
Im soo glad, 

Im glad, 
That you, 
Turned out, 
To be, 
That certain someone special who makes this life worth living, 
Im glad, 
Your here, 
Just loving me... 
So say that you won't leave, 
Cause since the day you came I've been glad, 

Im glad when I'm making love to you, 
Im glad for the way you make me feel, 
I love it cause you seem to blow my mind..everytime, 
Im glad when we walk you hold my hand, 
Im glad that ya know how to be a man, 
Im glad that you came into my life, 
Im soo glad,

with love, Ines

Merry christmas !

merry xmas my darlings!
i hope u have a fab time with ur loved ones making new season memories.
not the gift are important, its being together, laughter, having a good time.
i bought all of the presents and they are all ready wrapped in the closet.
tomorrow my darling man and i will spend a relaxing day doing some last minute
shopping and trimming the tree.
i am so looking forward to it.
so merry xmas my darlings.... ho ho ho!

with love, Ines

All i want for xmas is, us

Tristan Prettyman & Jason Mraz
Feeding The Soul Foundation CD Release Party

so adorable and cute!! just look at him looking at her .... sooooooooo cute!!

with love, Ines

Funny messaged in my Tagged inbox pt 2

U want something to cheer u up? get a tagged acct and be wooooed by all the men who think u are their only one ! The one they cant live without ( and the 150 other women they sent the same text to lol )
Its always good for a laugh... and i share some with u...

U look good.. got attracted to your profile and wouldnt mind to meet your aquaintance. You look cool and gorgeously charming..lol. Just a s a brief, I'm a young and humble african residing here in Malaysia where I am presently working on my movie making skill @ SAE Institute, To be precise, am in here to search for new friends and get serious with that lady who wish to build a strong benefiting relationship , a single who is ready to mingle. Correct me If I am wrong, age is just numeric ? I would be glad to know you and get serious with you if the chance is been given. I fancy constant calling rather than mailing, would appreciate if ur phone contact is given. Please forgive me if this message got to you in you sad mood...lol.. hope to read from you.

There are three possible parts to a date, of which at least two must be offered: entertainment, food, and affection. It is customary to begin a series of dates with a great deal of entertainment, a moderate amount of food, and the merest suggestion of affection. As the amount of affection increases, the entertainment can be reduced proportionately. When the affection IS the entertainment, we no longer call it dating. Under no circumstances can the food be omitted.  how are u doing pretty.

hello my new freind ,
,i wish to be good ,,,evryone in this world need simply things but have Great value for exemple the freindship ,,,
sometime we need freind before the lover ,,we can talk all things (if good things or bad things ),,,
i have 28 years ,,,i have diploma chemistry ,,i live in tunisia ,,,
really i don't need more information for you ,,because the picture Reflect your personality ,,that why my heart feeling good sentiments to you ,,
i feeling you are kind woman ,,and you have more true beautiful in your heart ,,,
 i wish that you understand me ,,because for me the freindship or the love build for many important things (we must to be honest ,,serious ,,say the truth ,,,have the respect ,,to help they other and .........) really i want to read my message and to understand me ,,i want to talk with you and to know more about my self ,,sometime we must to speak and explain what in the heart ,,,my msn :prof201146@hotmail.fr ,,really i wish to invit me or send me the msn if you havent probleme for this

Good day to you, 
I am so sorry for sending you this unsolicited and unexpected mail.
 Am Martin by name, from West Africa but am in UAE Dubai doing my business. 
Baby u are so beautiful that l wish you will be my life partner and am serious about it, try to understand me. 
Am 37yrs old Singh but looking for a beautiful, nice and sexy lady like you for my life partner. Wish I could see you and if everything was alright with you. Hold you long in my arms until its light Your smiling' face would make a wonderful sight. I wants to be with you, love you, eat with you, sleep with you, stay with me all of my life.
 I’m living in Dubai as l told you before for over 2yrs and some mouths now and some of the people life here is difference from Africa life but I’m managing to try and cope with them but the life here is not suitable for people like me. 
Like here so many people doesn’t have the freedom of moving about or having funs like European people but sometime l use to go to disco with friends and drink and also dance with my friends. 
l likes cooking because l have to eat, playing music also. l am very romantic person love chat and plays with people around me but l know what am doing. Am planning to stray or live in a foreign country so that l will live there with my family and trial them in a good behaverious. 
About myself which l have told you before that are from west Africa Nigeria, 37yrs old. l came from a lovely family with five sister and four brother and my father and mother is still alive waiting to see there ground and ground children’s. A bout my dream in future, well l pray to GOD to bring us together as husband and wife and also bring peace and understanding to each other and that is my dream to you. l know you are not from my country and l also know that it is not easy to commit a lifetime partnership without knowing each other, well it is true but in other hands before your mother brings you out of this world GOD have already sing who is going to be your husband in life and l believe it is me. 
Honey l know that love grows at a time and it's very important that we most know each other very well and l have giving you my word and my word is my bond and l valued it more than money, so think about it. Honey if real love or like to know me more you have to do something. but is true that l support to come over there to see you but my vacation will be on feb.18th till ending of Feb. So what do you think and l don’t want you to be in internet because l doesn’t want any man to see you expect me. l will like to hear your voice, 
Here is my contact number +97********* Dubai UAE.

this last one was my fave... so funny !!! 
and the scary thing... women actually fall for this!!!
Beware my darlings !!

with love, Ines

3. Advent !! Xmas is coming closer !

Hello my darlings !
the 3rd candle is burning... one more sunday and one more candle and xmas is gonna be here.
And honestly... i havent bought any presents yet. I dont even know what to get. wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!
been busy doing some charity colleting money for xmas presents but still havent got a clue what to get.
oh my. it will be stressy towards xmas time. at least there is snow now. i hope it will last till xmas!!! i really do !
havent had white xmas in a few years. sighhhhh.
so here in this pic julia and her friends try to sing a few xmas song and julia tries playing the flute ( paid enough money over the years for that)

so i hope u all are in a good xmas spirit!
season of giving. loving. gratitude.
season of family gatherings.
laughters. making new memories.
doesnt that all sound so wonderful
enjoy the time my darlings !

with love, Ines