arrrgggghhhh deleted the last sux....what did i write???? looking forward to easter i said...gonna do some easter breads and colour easter eggs...yeahaaaawwwww....looking forward to hide julias easter nest *devilish smile* ...i hope we will have nice weather!!!
looked at joes profile today:

kindof miss him..sighhhhhh. am so said it went so sour with us...wish i´d still have him as friend ( ya ya pj i know..u dont have to say it lah)...should i pm him??? (ok pj i wont!!!) but i wanna talk to him...but what to say??? arghhhhhhhhhhhh JOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

SIGHHHHHH.....ok now to the q to scotts and my first date....hmmmmm its was wonderful, unique...he was sweet .....i was looking sexy ( to make him drool)...he did everything to make me feel comfty....we were friends b4 our first we already knew a lot about each other...we felt comfty with eachother....i thought i knew him well..till to that fatal day....i still remember.....OMG...nobody ever did that to wonder ppl ask me how i stil can talk to him and like i said ppl....I FORGAVE HIM SO U CAN FORGIVE HIM TOO!!!!
he really put me through hell...heaven knows i have been crying a lot...but what a surprise.. ...his own brother (BRENDON ...thank you miss you my sexy grrrrrrrrrr woof woof friend) helped me a lot.....ya and there was petmystupidblonde ass......groooowwwwwlllllllllllllll......i lost against a ugly old hog....damned....uhhh i better stop !!!!!. anyways sarah..and all the other ones asking bout scott and me......leave me the q and i try to answer it/them. will ask scotty to answer them too for ya all!!!


i was so bored i did a boob quiz....hey i love my you? And mine are definiately not fake!!!!!...right scotty??? hahhahaa

perfect boobs

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Time: 3:50 pm
Drinking: coffee
Eating: m & m
Wearing: jeans and sweater
Talking online to: nobody
Doing: was reading mails
Talked last on phone to: tommy
My mom is: still in hospital and not too much better yet
1/2 hour ago I: was ironing my grannys nightgowns, it sux
Listening to: cry me a river- justin timberlake
Missing: jafar, pj, larry, scotty, brendon and most...darleneeeeee!!!!!!1
last time i laughed: in the morning when i julia was tickling me
/wensday april 02/03 1653 hrs local msian
eyyO! dropped by a bit checkin on things. hopin' she goes thru the pain wif her mum alright.. life's not quite the same wifout u around @honey as i sayz it. but it does feel nice getting away from YM over time save mebbe among those few dat relly matters like u for eg but even then on-call on-demand basis.. its like "sms" me if u need me be on YM and i'll be there asap.. i think its kinda k%l btw.. i dont relly think i ll be around much @YM even after i get bit better..

eyes.. half closed still swollen
trying.. very hard not to laugh
holding.. my rib cage, it hurts when i do
i nearly missed this one @honey.. wonder wut conversation that wud be btw.. ur very funny eyy..

Saturday, March 29, 2003 ... Surfing: Last caller: Andreas Wearing: black pants and grey shirt ( fits my mood:()... Dreamed: about havin a conversation with pj

**Muahs Muahss**Miss Miss** @HoNeYbUNNy
/think i notice 1 blog not published..
Time: 3:00 pm
Talking to: amir and john
Lookin at: my blog
Last talked on the phone: Manfred
Drinking: coke
Wishing: that pj feels better soon
Doing next: goin to have coffee with manfred
Listening to: Julia singing to herself

so its tuesday afternoon...a sunny day...i wish the sun could warm me up too...feel so drained and out of sux...logged on and got a pm from amir instantly..he is cute
Amir deep: *hugs and kisses*
Amir deep:
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: hiiiiiii
Amir deep: hi darling
Amir deep: how are you doing
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: ok and you?
Amir deep: not too bad
luv_it_when_u_call_me_miel: good to know

then i got a pm from john...the first friend i got from chat...woooooww long time now...he is doin so glad...hello john..hope u be a steady reader of honeys world..wont blog our conversation lol....missed ya !!!

i do miss PJ....pj i hope u are feelin ok...been thinking bout you...kisses for ya!!!!!

to hawwy....sowwwyyyyy i was typin larrys name...larry hawwy....hope u forgive glad to always see u on my tagboard babe.....kisses for you!!!