please dont jump !

i read on one of my fave blogs ( ) this morning and i had to cry.
a postcard read ...

I have lived in San Francisco since I was young.
I am illegal. I am not wanted here.
I don't belong anywhere.
This summer I plan to jump off the Golden Gate.

i wanted to shout out . PLEASE DONT!!
what a life wasted if he/she would ! we all belong somewhere dont we? most of the people in america are immigrants!!! u are not alone!

more amazing is that a few started a facebook group and in a few hours more than 17500 people joined and leave touching messages.
so good to see and read in this cold world !
we are not lost yet !


everything will be fine

The boy is gone....

The boy's gone. The boy's gone home.

What will happen to a face in the crowd when it finally gets too crowded.
And will happen to the origins of sound after all the sounds have sounded
Well I hope I never have to see that day but by god I know it's headed our way
So I better be happy now that the boy's going home. The boy's gone home.

And what becomes of a day for those who rage against it
And who will sum op the phrase for all left standing around in it

Well I suppose we'll all make our judgement call
We'll walk it alone, stand up tall, then march to the fall
So we better be happy now that we'll all go home.

Be so happy with the way you are
Be so happy that you made it this far
Go on be happy now. Please be happy now

ecause this is something else
this is something else

I tried to live my life and live it so well
But when it's all over is it heaven or is it hell
I better be happy now that no one can tell, nobody knows
I'm gonna be happy with the way that I am
I'm gonna be happy with all that I stand for
I'm gonna be happy now because the boy's going home.

The boy's gone home.

Jason Mraz - The boy's gone