And... ahem...

And...ahem...those are two of the italian players who played against Australia....
this is for all the ladies who come here...
look and enjoy...


Oh Nooooooo.....

Monday, June 26th 2006. It´s 5 pm and a living room here in austria filled with georgeous looking girls ( hi hi thank you) were sitting in front of the tv, waiting for the soccer game to start.
Two of the girls wore yellow shirts with a green print. No, they didnt cheer for brasil.
They cheered for...AUSTRALIA!!!!

Yup, it was Australia against Italy. And the socceroos had a fair chance to win this. They played so good this far, they deserved this chance to get to the quarterfinals.

We baked some pizzas, the kids ran around playing and we cheered for the aussies. Number 15 from the aussies was a hot looking guy ( Angie said that, yes angie!)
We yelled, we cheered, we were angry at the referee but it didnt help, they lost in the 95th minute. damned. wasnt fair.
But hey, we are happy for you guys that u came that far!!!

Scott was sleeping, lol. I messaged him with the bad news. He took it well. Guess sleeping was priority for him.

So, we are so sorry our dear australian friends. We did all we could. But yay for ya to make it that far!!!

Everything will be fine



Amadeus Amadeus...

"Rock me amadeus" from our own superstar FALCO who died much too early!!!

Er war ein Punker
Und er lebte in der großen Stadt
Es war in Wien, war Vienna
Wo er alles tat
Er hatte Schulden denn er trank
Doch ihn liebten alle Frauen
Und jede rief: Come and rock me Amadeus

Er war Superstar
Er war populär
Er war so exaltiert
Because er hatte Flair
Er war ein Virtuose
War ein Rockidol
Und alles rief: Come and rock me Amadeus
Amadeus, Amadeus...

Es war um 1780
Und es war in Wien
No plastic money anymore
Die Banken gegen ihn
Woher die Schulden kamen
War wohl jedermann bekannt
Er war ein Mann der Frauen
Frauen liebten seinen Punk

I love Vienna. Love , love, love it!! It´s so full of history. July 8th we gonna visit vienna for a week. Am so looking forward to it. Will make lots of pics but here a few for u to enjoy our wonderful capital city... ( where a lots of aussies are in summer, met quite a few!!)


Originally i didn´t want to react to Scottys entry but a few mails asking if i was ok changed my mind.

NO, i am not single!!
And NO i am not upset with him!!

It´s like that. People have different opinions. When he posted that it was 4 am and he was drunk and Australia just lost in soccer. lol. I don´t wanna apologise for him, but that´s the way i see it.
He asked me to take the entry out but i said no, i don´t care if ppl read how he felt right that moment. It´s ok for me and that is all that matters.

I do see it differently. There is a difference for me having a crush on a famous person or a crush on the girl next door or at work. I wouldnt have a problem if he would fanatsise being in bed with Nicole Kidman or whoever he thinks is hot. But knowing he has a crush on the girl next door, wanting to be with her, yeah, i would have a problem with that. Maybe it´s just me? but it´s the way i feel.

He feels differently. So, here we are. Of course i look at handsome men, i said that before. But there is a difference, and i wont change my mind just because he gets the shits with me. But we talked it out and we are ok. He has to accept my opinion too, since i am not a " yes darling, whatever u say" girl. I will always say what i mean, even when he gets shitty.

So to all you ppl who were so happy seeing him post that. Duuuuhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Such shit cant tear us apart. We survived the bitch and her gang, this wont kill us.

Everything will be fine


the oppoite sex we go.
Tonight we had a discussion about the opposite sex! nothing too serious.... So I thought!!
I asked a simple question along the lines of... If you saw a hot looking guy..would you have impure thoughts of him and would like to have your way with him? to which Ange had replied.... NO I wouldnt! I wold not look at another guy and think those thoughts...

BUT!!! if we take a venture back just a few days... what do we have?...

"...and Duncan, well Duncan James i wouldnt say no to sittin in my bed waiting for me. Sorry baby!!!...."

How about that?? she tells me that she would not even dream of it..yet.... right there in front of my very eyes she says, that if this guy was in her bed then sorry baby...!

How hypocritical is that?? It is even posted right there on her blog site. And yet I am supposed to believe that it was totally bogus?? That she didnt really mean it? and that everything I read was a joke??

To be honest guys...If Ange had told me that she did fantasise about him...I would have been cool about it. Every guy does it. So Does every chick. You cant tell me they dont?
Well.... I have come to the conclusion that I have been lied to. Something I will not tolerate. Considering I have done my fair share, doesnt make it right for everyone else.

Think before you speak!!

Hooroo... Scotty

Australia - Brasil

Oh Oh oh....!!!!

Australia lost 2:0


Oh my. But brasil is playing lousy since the beginning. All the big favourite teams are.
Oh well. Gotta talk to my man, he is a bit frustrated. He is waiting for me to cheer him up.

Lifes good. Got a tan, went swimming a lot. Julia is happy, school will be out soon. Yeahhh!!!


everything will be good



Meine Augen suchen Wasser in der Wüste
Meine Füße tragen lange schon den Durst
Ich bin gefallen und blieb liegen
Stand auf wollte siegen,
denn ich schmeck das Meer ist nicht mehr weit

Es ist schwer die Spur im Sand zu finden,
denn Staub und Sturm stehlen mir die Sicht
Doch wie ein warmer Sommerregen,
regnest du auf mein Leben
Wie ein Heer aus Tropfen, auf den heißen Stein

Und wir waren unendlich
und das Wasser legte sich auf unsre Haut
Um uns alles vergänglich
das behalten wir für uns
und den Tag tragen wir bis ins Grab

Für den Augenblick hielten wir die Luft an
und zusammen tauchten wir bis auf den Grund
Wir ließen uns treiben,
mit dem Strom der Gezeiten
und wir strandeten, sind angekommen

Es ist schwer den Weg im Sand zu finden
denn Staub und Sturm stehlen dir die Sicht
Doch jeder braucht den Sommerregen,
was wäre ohne ihn das Leben
Jeder brauch ein Stück Unendlichkeit


Today i got a wonderful surprise. A parcel from australia. Can u guess from who it was???
Hmm thats a hard one i know. LOL.
Yeah from Scott.
I have to say i already knew what was in there. He bought me something a while back and now
it found its way to me.

On a day, dont remember why, he bought me 3 cds. He bought me BLUE, yup the british boyband. I know, I know, but i love some of their songs. Lee Ryans voice is unbelievable, and Duncan, well Duncan James i wouldnt say no to sittin in my bed waiting for me. Sorry baby!!!
Ah no worries, my heart belongs to Mr. Scott Sexy Australian. Well and everything else about me too. So back off guys. U know who i mean!! LOL
The other Cds were from a artist called Alex Lloyd. Scott talked about him b4. I heard 2 songs of
him already. "Amazing "and "Never meant to fail". Both songs are nice to listen to.

With "Amazing" i have a special connection, I know Scott will kill me but he sang it to me one day on the phone. LOL. Okay i have to say he was a wee bit drunk already, but he stood outside the club and sang it for me. It was so sweet. I had to laugh though, but that´s the way my man is. Wonderful romantic. I know he doesn´t like me to talk about that side of his, but he is and he is making me so happy.

One of the other things in there was a beach towel, well, julia saw and claimed it.

So Scott made 2 Girls very happy today. YAY for him!!!
Thank you baby!

Weather is wonderful and we went swimming already. Finally summer is here!!!!

Everything will be fine


Multiple Sclerosis

Hey Guys.
Well I am back from Townsville, but wish I could have stayed. I went up to see my mother whom is not doing very well at the moment. For those of you who dont know, my mother has M.S or Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic and unpredictable disease of the central nervous system (CNS), that produces mental and physical symptoms that may relapse, remit, and/or worsen over time.

In the 19th century, French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot examined nerve fibers under the microscope and noticed unusual plaques, or lesions, in the nerve fibers that send messages to and from the brain and spinal cord. He identified a pattern of symptoms that seemed to appear and disappear over a period of time. One day they were present, another day they were not.

The two weeks I spent with my mum I noticed how on some days you would find it hard to believe there was anything wrong with her at all! And then, she would wake up and not know who you were, or what you were doing in her house.

She found it difficult to finish complete sentences and often became frustrated because the word was right there, yet she could not get her tongue around it in order to say it. She often complained of pins and needles in her hands and feet, which prevented her on most days to open doors, lids on jars, pick up cups of hot tea and not even realise that it is hot, and would be constantly losing her balance. Quite often falling and injuring herself. She also experienced total numbness on the side of her face, quite often the right side where she would constantly ask me to help her get whatever it is on her face, off!

It was hard seeing mum like this for the first time. And to be honest, I was rather ignorant of the disease and its effects until I saw what it did to my mother.

Much progress has been made in understanding the disease, but the exact cause is still unknown. New methods of diagnosis and treatment have improved the long-term outcome for many people living with MS.

To fully understand what M.S is and its effects, let's understand how normal nerve cells work. The central nervous system contains the nerves of the brain and spinal cord. Each nerve cell (neuron) has a body with branching tendrils (axons). The axons of one nerve cell communicate with the axons of other nerve cells, sending and receiving messages from the brain and spinal cord. These messages tell the body how and when to perform a certain action. They communicate movements, touches, smells, sounds, and sights.

The axons of most neurons are wrapped in a protective insulating sheath called myelin, which has the same function as the material wrapped around electrical wires—myelin protects the neurons. The nerve cells send electrical impulses along their insulated fibers to other nerve cells. Impulses require less energy and move faster along fibers covered with myelin than those without.

There are cells in the central nervous system that produce myelin, cells that remove debris during damage, and cells that help substances pass through to the brain and heal damaged nerves.When myelin is damaged, dense, scar-like tissue forms around nerve fibers throughout the brain and spinal cord. These scars, sometimes referred to as sclerosis, plaques, or lesions, can slow down or completely prevent the transmission of signals between nerve cells. Messages from the brain and spinal cord cannot reach other parts of the body. Damage, or scarring, occurs in many places throughout the central nervous system, hence the term "Multiple Sclerosis."

Although it is still uncertain exactly how far the disease has developed or progressed in mum, it is evident that she has rapidly shown signs of deterioration. And it was hard fo me to believe that the person who stood in front of me a year ago with no indication there was something wrong, was now finding it hard to stand alone.

Although mum has her bad days, she also has her good days and will make every attempt to keep herself occupied. No matter what it is. But she is also aware that the rest of her life is un predictable. So much is she prepared for this, that she has asked me to be her enduring power of attorney, and when the time comes ( Hopefully not TOO soon ) to be the executor of her will.

Not exactly something that I wanted to be responsible for, but she asked for my help, and I am gonna help her. Because she is my mum, and the only one I have.

I love you mum. Dont give up hope. There is still a long way to go.

Soccer WM...

Oh my, soccer WM begins. So many lonely wifeys at home the next time. Or...? hmm that could be a chance to... have fun with ya girlfriends. Make something positive out of loosing your man to the TV !!!

13 things u shouldn´t say to your man during soccer WM ...

1- Guess what!! My sister and her friend get to see the game live!!They managed to get tickets!

2-Well i cheer for the italians- they all look so cute!!

3-I also invited Sara, Gwen, Lulu and Celine to watch the game. that doesn´t bother u does it?

4-Olliver wouldnt have let that ball go through!!! ( a big NO NO for our german girls ! lol)

5- the orange dresses are much more nicer than the blue ones!

6-Can i change the channel real quick?

7-Don´t worry baby, it´s just a game!

8-We could record the game and watch it later !

9-The brasil team can show their happiness real good!

10-GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!! ( if it was from the opposite team)

11-Do we play to the other way now baby?

12-Beer? Why? No, i bought Prosecco!

13-Which is our team?

Good luck girls!!!!


Yay its thursday already, short week and the weekend is close!!!!!!
Been talking to scott a lot this week, and fulfilled one or two of his wishes ;-)
Had some troubles with yahoo. Wonder why?

Scotts mom did get to see me on cam. Talked to her a bit. Was nice to finally meet her.
We did spend some time cam to cam. Was nice for a change.
Did make me miss him even more.

Today is a sunny day. Finally sun. Tshirt time again!!!

Scott and me had a lil arguement ystd. About a certain topic. We work that out somehow. It hurts him to talk about it, but i need to know. But knowing hurts. But i can heal then. He can heal. I forgave him but forgetting is hard being confronted with it almost every day.
One thing is sure, it wont break us apart.

We talked about Jaiveer. He suddenly got very jealous at somebody in my past. I was with him when Scott left me. I never knew how jealous he was reading about jai and me in my blog. It tore him apart. He can still tell me what i blogged about jai and me. wow. I dont even remember.

Honey: are u upset with me?
madness181_69: no..
Honey: u got very jealous just now?
madness181_69: yes
Honey: are u ok now?
madness181_69: its friday. jaiveer is showering. couldnt sleep at night after jaiveer errrr hmmm "woke me up" (smile). had some nice chat with julia from malaysia. miss chattin with her. we laughed a lot. to pj ............ u in love with another woman lah....why should i say u my bf???? u dont even come online to chat with me lah:( i do miss you mr bloghead. i got a song for you pj .................

madness181_69: I hate reading about you and him
madness181_69: you miss him so much
Honey: that was in the year 2003
madness181_69: you talked about him so often
Honey: now i talk about u
Honey: that summer i was in his appartment in basel while he was working
Honey: julia was in guatemala with byron
Honey: while he was gone working i took the chance and was online blogging
madness181_69: baby..
madness181_69: I am so sorry

madness181_69: just hard reading about it
Honey: then dont
madness181_69: he is always gonna be there
madness181_69: just realised I am more jealous than I thought
madness181_69: prolly why I disappeard for so long
madness181_69: yes
madness181_69: and I am sorry
Honey: but your actions spoke differently
Honey: u didnt want me, u pushed me away
madness181_69: I was good at hiding them then
madness181_69: my true feelings
madness181_69: prolly why I disappeard for so long
Honey: u dissapeared cause u loved me?
madness181_69: yes

Honey: i see it as u were lost and u found your way back to me
madness181_69: I was
Honey: i dont know how but i am happy
Honey: so happy u did
madness181_69: like I said before
madness181_69: that wasnt me then
madness181_69: I was going through a rough time
madness181_69: but I found my way back to you

Everything will be fine

Time: 4:22 pm
Listening to: `the reason`from Hoobastank, our song
Waiting for: Scott to come back on, he has pc problems
Talked last on phone to: Sabine
Drinking: Coffee, Deniz made it specially for me, he is my coffee man
Cried last time: when Scott explained what happend, wont say more
Laughed last: with my lovely daughter julia
Today i have to: recharge my phone to talk to my baby
Tomorrow i have to: go grocery shopping, yieakss need to badly!!!!

Blow jobs...

What`s with guys loving blow jobs so much?
I talked about it with a guy friend the other day. We joked about it but it developed into a quite funny conversation. I know guys self esteem is mostly located in their pants. And there is not a lot of space. A lot of them have their personality and brains down there too. sorry.
So that wud mean, to give a guy a blow job is as u wud say: u are so right my love, u are so wonderful my baby!
And if the size of the organ is a lil problem, a blow job along with some nice words can do wonders.

He meant getting a blow job means being accepted as a male, letting go as a man, without loosing his manliness. Guys have a hard time being ready for action all the time ( yeah sure lol) and perform until their partner is satisfied. They got performance fears.

Oral stimulation is like starting a motor, if its running, hop on!
About swallowing cum he said, its already in the bible that the seme should not drop to the ground (AT, 1. Moses 38). And u girls dont want us men to go to hell for sinning?

yeah right, i think we girls with a healthy self esteem dont buy that right?
Love and reason, since why do they go together?

No no never...

Do u guys know the european song contest???
Well dont wanna comment this years winner. terrible.
The contest is not what it used to be.

but i did like the German entry. a group called texas lightning ( yeah i know lol)
Like the lyrics of their song... i think u all know why? hi hi

My love is stronger now than you'll ever know
and it won't ever let you go
My love is wider than the ocean can be
and it’s deeper than the deep blue sea

My love goes higher than a mountain can rise
and I see it there in your eyes
My love gets tougher when the going gets rough
and believe me,
I've got more than enough

Keep tryin' babe,
keep holding on
There's a place we belong

Where things are good,
where love is strong

I'm never ever gonna leave you to cry on your own
Never ever gonna not go and pick up the phone
I'm never ever gonna let you be chilled to the bone
No, no, never
No, no, never

I'm never ever gonna leave when you're lost in the storm
Never ever gonna not keep you safe where it's warm
I never ever will desert you when your heart is torn
No, no, never
No, no, never

My love shines brighter than a twinkling star
baby no matter where you are
And my love keeps burning like an eternal flame
you can feel it,
when I'm calling your name

Keep tryin' babe,
keep holding on
There's a place we belong
Where things are good,
where love is strong
I'm never ever gonna leave you to cry on your own...


Tell me why i dont like mondays, tell me why i dont like mondays.... la la la
remember that song?

well i love this monday, spent time with my man. Julia is at the movies. Finally talked to Jaff.
Jaff and me shared some pics. He showed me his love. but i am still his fave waste of time, he promised lol.
weather still not better. sigh

smsd a bit with teena ystd. was in the tub and had a lot of time lol. Hope i get to talk to her online, and then longer. Am going to her blog and read what she is up to.

Now i have to kill some time until scott comes back online.

everything will be fine


It's getting old...... Build a bridge

Hey Guys.
Just wanna talk about something that has been going on for quite some time now and is really starting to become something that most of you would consider pathetic. Perhaps even ridiculous. So much now that I have taken steps to have this investigated further and hopefully brought to an end. For good.

You are ( Well at least most of the regulars ) aware of Karen. the woman I left Angie for. The one I dont like talking about? Well.. For today only, I am gonna talk about her. Because even though I am no longer with her, Karen has not completely let go. She is still carrying on as if all this only happened yesterday.

She must think we, Angie and I, are the village idiots. She has left tags in the archives of Ange's blogs in the names of, Taylor, Lolly and even Vanessa. My ex. So funny. Really it is. These people she is masquerading as, dont give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about Ange and I. Well Lolly and Vanessa dont. That much I do know. The funny thing is, every time a comment is posted, its location is always recorded and kept for statistical purposes. and each time Vanessa, Lolly, or this Taylor bloke put in a comment, they all retreat back to the same service provider, and location of where they originate. Spring TX.

How funny is that? Lolly lives in England, and Vanessa, she lives in Australia, and as far as my geography goes, that is no where near Spring TX, or TEXAS!!! How fuckin pathetic is that huh? Its a joke! give it up Karen. Get over it.

Ange even gets E-Mails from Karen. saying all sorts of shit. Really upsets her sometinmes. But as the saying goes. Whatever doesnt kill you, can only make you stronger. And how true it is. Ange and I have been together now for 15 months. we have had our ups and downs, like all couples do. But we have survived and we will continue to survive. Nothing can tear us apart. Nothing.

So anyway. I read somewhere about this guy who lived in the states ( go figure ) and was the first person to be arrested and charged on harrasment over cyberspace. Apparently he sent hundreds of hate mail, via email to Asian students citing his displeasure for them and subsequently was tracked down and arrested. The first in the world for cyberspace crime.

This prompted me to investigate further and ask my brother what he knew about it. He wasnt fully aware of it but said he knoew some guys who worked for the AFP ( the Australian Fededral Police ) and would get them to look into it for me.

So this is just a fair warning to you Karen, and I know you are going to be reading this. Possibly already beginning to find a way to counter attack. But I dont care. You are an idiot. Just give up. Its possible that pretty soon, you are going to have the FBI or the CIA or even INTERPOL and the AFP knocking on ya door. I'm not joking. You have some serious issues. You need to get over it. Find a new hobby. Here's one for ya. FUCK YA HUSBAND!! And just leave Ange alone.

Well thats it from me guys. Gotta call my Angel. Talk to you all again soon. Everything is WONDERFUL!! Hooroo


This is so unbelieveable. I dont think I have felt like this ever in my whole life? Ange woke me this morning just before she went to bed, like she always does, and told me that she sent me pictures for me to look at. I was excited to see what they were. They were pictures of Julia. A very beautiful young lady she is too I may add. there was also a picture of her ex husband in there also. Why she sent me pictures of her ex I will never know but I appreciate the thought all the same

I have to go with Ange on this one. we are so in love. I cant describe how I really feel about Ange, but if I dont get my daily dose of her each day, surely I will go nuts. And yeah. I love here big boobs. lol. Just fantastic. not the reason why I love her so much. I loved her even before I knew how wonderful they were, but will certainly make our sex life more exciting. So if you are reading this Karen, sucks to be you. I'm in love with a real woman, not a fake wannabe without a brain in her head. I love you Angelica. Always.

Better go. things to do today. Talk to you all again soon.
Everything is fine. and always will be. Hooroo Scotty

Love, love, love...

My man is so head over heels, its amazing. I feel so fucking loved. We are going strong since 15 months now. And we have our ups and downs but we always work it out. We lost each other once and that fucking wont happen to us again.

He doesnt like to talk about that time a lot. He says there is nothing more to say. Karen was a mistake and he is sorry. It´s interesting to discover informations about that time. I never knew he went to my blog every day to see whats going on with me and if i was missing him. Behind karens back lol. We talked again behind her back. But i didnt take him from her. He saw what a big mistake he made and turned around. And he loves my real big boobs lol. Seeing me on cam is wow to him. He is so in love. Hard to explain whats goin on. We probably bore u ppl with our being so in love. But we are!!!!

I asked him today: what made u turn my way again? He said he heard me calling, in his mind he heard me calling .Nothing stands in the way of true love. We lost and found each other again.

He sent a message ystd: I WANT TO MARRY YOU!
i told him i just accept proposals in person lol. He said he didnt propose to me, he just told me what he felt and what he intends to do. Okay, cant wait for the real one. He said he will make it so very special. Well u all will know when it happend :)

Dear Jaff,
Sorry u couldnt talk to me, i am glad u are ok. Did u get my messages? Well at least u saw me on cam. Julia came later and we tried again but u were away i guess. Next time u see her. She is looking forward getting more postcards from you. I´ll mail you my adress again but i dont have a email addy from you !!! so u gotta email me:

mwah- your fave waste of time

so i gotta go-just put my man to sleep

love ya all

everything will be fine

Hey there guys.
It has been a week since I have been up here in the tropics visiting my mum, and I must say, the change of scenery has really benefited Ange and I. Our love for eachother has been so strong this past week. We miss each other more, and we have grown closer together. We really appreciate the time we spend together and we are finding ourselves looking forward to each others company.

I have to send a very big thank you to Ange's friend and neighbour, Sabine for allowing Ange to use her pc in the afternoons since Ange's died and has not yet been resurrected. So thank you Sabine for being so generous. things probably would have been more difficult without your help.

My Mum is doing well. Can't exactly say the same for my sister. We have encountered a few problems since I have been up here. Slowly but surely, we are working on them and endeavour to fix them. Although I only have one more week up here and still have so much to do. So I guess I better get moving.

Havent really got much else to say, so I'll leve it there and talk to you some more again soon. Til then, Hooroo! Scotty