Hey Guys. Scotty here. No doubt you have been witnessing the rather unusual postings in Angies guest book from Vanessa? Well let me just clarify a few issues. Vanessa never wrote any of those things. The relationship between Angie and I could not be better. All I can say is, there is a person out there who obviously has their nose out of joint... for what reasons I dont know, but for whatever the mission, it is failing miserably. None of those accusations are holding up. But I must admit, it does make for interesting reading. I think you should get into story writing. So I have a simple solution for all of this. Believe non of what you read and only half of what you see. As a matter of fact, Vanessa is 6 months pregnant to her new boyfriend, dare I say Fiance, and she is very happy with him. Congratulations to them both, I wish them all the best. Vanessa would sooner slash her wrists that take me back. ( Doesnt say much for me I know ) so why would she even bother with me when she is happy with whom she has already got? Angie knows this. She can see how humorously pathetic this all is. And she is starting to look forward to the next installment of gibberish. Well if any of you have any doubts to anything I just said, then remember this, If you try to please everybody, No body will like it. I know about my past. I did it. But that was then. This is now. I am happy with Angie. Angie is happy with me. Vanessa has a bun in the oven to a bloke who drives trucks and she is happy. And it seems a particular someone has a bee in their bonnet cause things just dont go as well as planned. Hooroo Folks. Sorry for the drama.
Scotty... A.K.A Madness

ha ha

Scott, what did we say? Ignore!!!

I love u too baby. U know i am not that stupid to believe all that bullshit. So u don´t have to worry. It´s all good. It was so easy to see through. They´ll give up sooner or later. Remember what we talked about on the phone today!

Don´t worry. i won´t leave u. so u really dont need to worry.

xmas over

morga ischt silveschter, scott und vanessa wörand sicher net zemma fira. und mit dar karen erscht reacht netta. dia blöde kuah. dia karen brucht so ungfrör zwanzg zanti. aber des kriagt si net. erscht reacht net vom scott. und wia sie des zum übrebringa wöt mit da vanessa, so luschtig. als ob i des net checka würd. des ischt so a lausige sach. aber mir seand jo net blöd.
Ha ha ha. vanessa ischt jo schwangar, aber net vom scott, des woass i ganz gnau. so ischt des luschtig zum leasa was für an scheiss dia do abloht. bis bald.

Allna a guats neus Johr!!

Rutschand guat inne.

da scott und dángie

xmas wishes

Merry xmas and a happy new year !!

To all of our friends. thanks for your support and love.

Angie and Scott

one more day

one more day to go. xmas is near. the kids are so excited. wrapped all the presents. the tree is up. got all my shopping done. Yahhhhh. am so looking forward to tomorrow. Scott has to work but will be home during xmas day. It`s all good.

Um es nochmal zu sagen, es ist alles gut zwischen Scott und mir. Eine gewisse person, Karen, versucht uns auseinanderzubringen. Aber es gelingt ihr nicht. So keine Angst!
Danke für eure mails und anrufe. Aber wir haben es im Griff. Wir ignorieren es einfach. Irgendwann wird es ihr auch zu blöd!!

Fröhliche Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! *****

Everything is ready for scott. Things are taken care of. He is so looking forward to travel. Its cute how excited he is. He will post more on this blog. He promised you and he will keep it. We will keep u updated on his journey.


I almost forgot.
To all the ppl who approached me, concerned about me and scott. Its all good.
Scotts said:

"i am yours.
U are mine.
I love u truly, madly, deeply!
Tough shit to those whom oppose!"


Ho ho ho!

Santa is coming to town. We enjoy our time till xmas. Lots to do. Work is crazy. But we baked 7 different sorts of xmas cookies this weekend. We are proud of ourselves!! ya!

It is still snowing. Hope the snow lasts till saturday. We want a white xmas.

Scott is doing ok. He had a hard day at work. Something happend and he is pissed off at himself. But it will all turn out ok. I am sure. He is working so much, too much. And i know why he does it and i cant say anything against that. He is a wonderful man. I love him lots.

Sami called yesterday. He wants to come and spend xmas with me. Hope Scott wont freak. Lately he seems to be getting more and more jealous. A side i hardly saw on him. But i understand that he is not feeling good knowing me being surrounded by men. But he knows i only have eyes for him.

so long... see ya soon.


wonderful xmas time!!!
i love xmas. i looooove presents. i love scott! looking forward to his present. yeahaaaaaa. got his one already. wont tell cause its gonna be a surprise. everything is going just fine.

julia had her first xmas conzert with her junior band. it was wonderful. she brings me so much joy. she plays the trumpet so well. Manfred, andi, my dad, my sis, byron were there too. i invited her to eat chinese afterwards. it was a fun evening. scott was with us in our thoughts. he wished julia good luck. he so busy right now. working to get more money. but time flies fast till march. his mom is not doing ok. he has a lot of stress right now. of it will get better. in february we´ll be together 1 year. wow. time flies so fast. and it was a wonderful year. many more to come.

gotta go. see ya all later.