Being absent....

Hello darlings,
gosh i know i have been absent and i am sorry. just still havent figured out how to blog from my mobile. same excuse i know, i know. i changed the layout and somehow the written posts are gone?
pfffff see i come online and mess things up. dont know if i have enough time to fix this but bear with me. 
all is good here. we are one happy family. julia has grown so much and her big day tomorrow.
her big test in her profession. she is so nervous but i believe in her.
my hubby and me just came back from our vaca in mallorca.
it was the first and probably last time there but i try to explain in another post.
stay safe darlings
much love,

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Madness said...

Don't freak out. I stumbled over your blog. Gee, time flies when you're supposedly having fun!