passwords passwords

hello my lovelies!
how are u doing?
i know i have been absent.
just no time to get my laptop out and blog.
and i couldnt figure out how to do it
through my phone.

and having all acct always open on my phone...
oh well... i forgot passwords.
my man got me the new samsung galaxy bla bla
and to install my email accts i need the passwords..
but... oh well.... i cant even remember the security question.
my favorite movie... errrr i answered that over 10 years ago 
and i forgot grrrrrrrrrrrr
so no access to my hotmail acct.

on other note...

its so cold. its not funny anymore.
what the hell is going on? where is the sun?
its so cold. and its not gonna change soon.
common may!!!
send me some warm thoughts!! lol

with love,

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