being alone is not that bad

Hallo meine lieben!
Hello my  darlings!

Another bankholiday here
and the last one till my 2 week
vaca in august.
It's gonna be
a looong time.
since we changed our weekend
plans i am stuck here.

getting a visitor i tried 
to avoid for some time now.
do u have people in ur life
who suck u dry? 

Emotionally drained.
my daughter always suggests to bill her
since i seem to be her therapist.
Ithers would say piss off u are getting
on my nerve.
i say... oh of course i have time for u.
ih somebody help me with that!!

Honestly i love having company
but i also love to be alone. 
Does somebody understand?

So i would rather work on my
extremecouching skills than listen over
and over to the same whining.
oh gosh i sound like a bad friend.

pffffffff i am gonna spread some love
i promise.
send me some positive energy my darlings.

with love,

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